At Grandmas

I came from a big f****y of cousins. Myself I was an only c***d. But my parents had 16 b*****rs and s****rs between them. We have familly get togethers alot. Summer vacations were spent at grandmas. She had a small farm outside of town. All of us enjoyed our summers there.

I was particularly close with two of my cousins. Johnny and Kathy. They are the same age and I am a year younger. We usually ended up at Grams the same weeks. We shared the same bedroom because at that time Gram only had one extra room. So Kathy and I shared a bed while Johnny slept on rollaway bed in the same room.

One night after watching tv we went to bed. We weren't in bed very long when we heard Johnny was restless in bed. We could hear him moving and groaning. We thought he was sick. Kathy pulled back the covers and we went over to Johnny to see if was ok.

We got a surprise that night. He jumped as we approached, but to startled to move his hands. We pulled back the covers to comfort him and gasped when we seen he had his hand around his cock. He told us his friends had taught him about jacking off last year and he does it about every night after listening to his mom and dad fucking at night.

I knew how he felt I had listened to my owns parents at night. I would hear the bed and them moaning and murmuring. I started to lay awake at night just to hear them. I would then finger my clit until I would cum.

My cousin Kathy asked him how his cock feels. He then smiled and said"here touch it" She looked at him for a minute then took her hand and he guided her to stroke him up and down. He told her how good it felt. His cock was getting harder and beads of moisture starting appearing. He was moaning and that got my pussy wet so I started fingering my clit.

Johnny looked at Kathy and said you might as well learn how good this feels so he pulled up her nightgown and removed her panties. "spread your legs wider" he said. He started fingering her pussy. We ended up with me fingering Kathy and Kathy jacking off John and John fingering me.

That summer we didn't even need the extra bed in the room. We all slept in the same bed everynight. We were a mess of tangled arms and legs when we got awake in the morning. Gram walked in one morning to get us awake and the three of us were completely naked. This is a story for another time folks.

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1 month ago
Love the story of your cousins. I also was sexually attracted to my cousin. I was almost 7 years older than her, so not much happened when she was small. But at a family reunion, when she was 14, she was always sitting in my lap and I would put my hands on her sexy smooth legs. She drove me crazy that week and I jacked off a lot in grandma's bathroom. When I saw her again she was 17 and moved to my town. We hung out all the time. She liked for me to give her massages, which eventually led to me sliding my hands up her shirt and bra. When I jacked off that night I came the hardest I've ever cum. It wasn't long before we were fucking three times a day. It was legal in our state and we got married a few months after she turned 18. We stayed together for almost 21 years. That was a lot of orgasms for me, but even more for her since she turned out to be a "multi" girl and could have one orgasm after another. Our record for one 6 hour sex session was 27 orgasms for her! She couldn't walk right for two days after that one!
1 year ago
waiting still
1 year ago
yes what more happened?
2 years ago
cant wait to find out what happened when gramdma walked in
2 years ago
I'd sure like to read the rest of the story...
2 years ago
what a Tease on this story :)