For as long as I can remember

That is how my story goes. For as long as I can remember I masturbated. I remember watching television at an early with my parents. My dad would have his hand inside of pants rubbing. Mom would be in nightgown reading a book and her hand would eventually go beneath her nightgown. I would get tingling sensation in my private areas and wanted to touch myself. Eventually after it seemed like a long time I would get ready for bed and watch televison with my parents and rub myself.

One night after we went to bed, in separate rooms. I heard them talking. " Do you think she is really making herself cum after she goes to bed?" my mother asked my dad. He said, "Well if she doesn't it would surprise me." he continued on "My cock gets so hard watching her I feel like I cum without touching myself." Mom laughed and said " I will take care of you now."

I lay there and listened to them moaning and their bodies slapping together and I got so excited. I rubbed my wet pussy and came at the same time they did. That is how I got hooked on masturbating and still do almost every day.

At different periods through my life I masturbated with both male and females. Online and in real life. Relatives as well as friends. Many different situations and stories that I hope to share here.
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1 month ago
Please...share, share, share!
1 year ago
good for you ---more please
1 year ago
good tell more
2 years ago
please share them all
2 years ago
please continue
2 years ago
Let's have skype sex! :) message me and you can see a pic of me
2 years ago
Sounds like daddy wantsed to fuck you.
2 years ago
Id like to masturbate with you maybe phone sex?
2 years ago
very good....
2 years ago
Great story sweetie,,hope to read more..
2 years ago
Great story!
2 years ago
Looking forward to hearing those stories