As Master Ordered

After You said goodnight to me .. I shut down my computer and gathered my toys..
I quietly went out to the dining room... climbing into the big overstuffed office chair. I wiggled around till I got comfy..
Tossing my legs over the arms of the chair.. Spreading myself wide for You Sir..
I take the lube and massage a nice amount on Your whore's asshole..Thinking of You Daddy as I do..
How Master would enjoy watching His naughty whore following His instructions... How it would make Him grow.. Mmmm... The thought puts a naughty smile on my face.
I take the largest ass plug that we have here... rubbing it slowly around the tight ring that circles Daddy's whores asshole..
Then applying pressure and pushing it into me.. A small whimper escapes my lips as the large plug stretches my tight little asshole...
I wiggle once more.. trying to re-leave the pressure inside me..
My mind goes back to Daddy... I think how pleased Daddy would be to see this plug in his naughty lil girl..
How I do need to please my Master/Daddy.. I think of how Master would use His 3 hole cunt with His magnificent horsecock.
My heart pounds in my chest.. My breath quickens..
I reach my hand down between my still spread wide legs... My hand searching for Your cunts swelled throbbing clit.
I easily find my little bud and and circle it slowly.. round and round I rub my precious spot.. Feeling so privileged to be Owned by Master/Daddy/Sire...
Thinking of my sexy Daddy.. of the picture I catch myself drooling over again and again..
Thinking of His piercing intense eyes..His massive delicious cock.. . Makes my whole body twitch...
I run my finger down my slit... My slopping wet cunthole so inviting..I start to slip a finger inside...
When Sadie May (Your cunt) takes over... Sucking my finger in deep and fast... chomping and chewing... as my finger moves in and out..
Mmmm... Master how excited You make her/me.. Your cunt has an a****l that hides inside.. How You awake the naughty within...
She/I humps madly against my palm.. The wild c***d unleashed.. Bringing out orgasmic convulsions that can only be described as sheer bliss.
Again and again she/I erupts.. In warm rivers of sweet nectar.. Splashing against her/my vibrating walls.. Dripping out Your whores cunthole..
Running down to the still plug filled ass... The pleasure making me grind the plug deeper inside...
After the climax peeked and my body begins to relax...
A content smile on my face.. still panting.. I giggle to myself... looking at the unused toys still laying on the table.
Thinking to myself... With Daddy around I will save on batteries.. :)
I reach down and ease the plug slowly from Daddy's now aching asshole.. Going to the restroom to clean myself up..
Heading to bed with Daddy on my mind..
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Posted by sweet_sharona
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3 years ago
who knew? :)
3 years ago
3 years ago
I like ur blogg, very erotic and beautiful
3 years ago
so hot!!!!!!!!!!
4 years ago
Mmmmm damn horny story
4 years ago
Just call me daddy lil girl.
4 years ago
What an amazing sexy naughty story ! What talent you have. You are making me so horny.
4 years ago
Awesome story, Just wish it was me you said goodnight too.

SMG xxx
4 years ago
well, that sure got my cocks "FULL" attention,
this girl knows what she wants, only wish it was me she was thinking about while she fucked her self :)
great story. more from u soon please.
4 years ago
Like to be one of the toys or be there to find a new and different one. Awesome.
4 years ago
very sexy :)
4 years ago
that wAs awesome
4 years ago
excellent wonderfully done