Our First Encounter

I knock on Your door and wait nervously for You to answer.. Trying to control my breathing I bite my lower lip as the door gently opens..
The sight of You drops me to my knees.. I look up in awe of You.. So honored to finally get to meet the man I know as Sire/Master.. A smile that crosses Your handsome face puts me at ease..
You take my hands and invite me in... Walking over to Your couch You look at me and say...
Why don't you crawl over here, lay down on My couch and spread your legs for Me like a good little whore....
I drop and crawl over to your couch..
Pressing my whole body against it as I slink onto the cushion
Laying back... And spreading my long tan legs..
Pulling my black skirt up slightly exposing my silky white panties..
Playfully running my fingers over the insides of my soft thighs
Asking you...
Would you like the panties on or off Sire?
You don't reply verbally, but rather come over and tear the panties from my body.
My heart races as I see you come towards me.. The look of lust on your face.
Thinking to myself.. I must have teased him... A smile emerges across my red lips.
Pleased with myself.. to have unleashed the b**st...
I gasp as you rip the silk panties away from my excited pussy
One quick motion and I am completely exposed..
I feel your hot breath as You mount me,
Grabbing my wrists and pinning me down as You enter me with such f***e that the couch skips a bit across the floor.
So strong and powerful.....
Your hot throbbing cock pushing against my sweet wet pussy.
In one great thrust you are in deep.. Fucking me hard... harder
The f***e of you... Makes my head spin..
I try hard to catch the wind that is pushed from my chest..
Panting in your ear... Oh my Sire... You are my Master
Filled with You.. I am complete..
Use me for your pleasure... Please Sir
Please don't stop...
Your rigid Cock impaling me hard and rough.
You hear my words of surrender and abject submission and decide such a slave needs her ass fucked to be fully used.
Then Master... quickly stopping... Removing his man-meat..
Flipping me around like a mere rag doll...
Your large hands easily position me.. Pulling my ass into the air
Then spreading it open with your large cock.
I whimper and wiggle slightly as you enter... My pussy juices helping...
But still Masters cock is so huge..
Slowly you move in my tight ass... Holding me by my hips
Making me stay put... Stay in the position you put me in..
Filling my sweet ass with your massive dick..
I feel your hand reach around me.. Your fingers teasing my swelled clit.. I melt under your touch...
unable to control myself I hump against your hand. My asshole massaging your cock still buried deep in me..
I hear Your voice echo in my ears... Remember slut, why you exist... Do NOT writhe so much for your pleasure that you forget what you are...
I hear your warning.. gathering my senses.. I manage to finally speak..
Please Sir... believe me... I know what and who I am.. I am your whore, your slut, your fuckmeat.. Here for your pleasure..
But please Sir... Do not fault me for the pleasure I get from You. I would be foolish if I didn't find you appealing.. You are so sexy Sire..
How could I not enjoy your touch. Enjoy your closeness..
Still Master.. I know I am here for Your pleasure
For Your use..
I know that my pleasure is because of You
You are the one that permits it
The one who summons it
You Sire control me completely..
My words of complete admission and understanding of who and what I am intoxicates You...I feel your motion change... Your body tense
Leaning back... Pushing my ass against you
I feel the warm splashes of cum fill my tight hole..
I sway my hips to help increase your pleasure
Your thrusts hard and deep
When your grip releases my round hips and you slide your dick out...
I dutifully turn and begin to lick you clean.
I run my tongue up and down your glistening cock
Licking and cleaning your balls one at a time..
Sucking your dick deep... When I am sure you are completely clean
I look up at you with want in my big brown eyes
And I beg...Please Sire
Please let me cum for You
Please help me Sir...
Thankfully.. You push me back. I watch you closely as you reach for a vibrator. My pussy throbbing in want... in need of Your attention.
A shiver runs down my spine as you turn it on low. Rubbing my pussy with the other hand.. stroking my swelled clit.. Spreading my soft pink lips.. You slide the vibrator into my wet cunt..
I gasp...As you start to move the instrument deep inside me.
Flicking and pulling on my clit... Working the vibrator in and out..
I wiggle uncontrollably... My whole body alive... unaware I reach up and start to pinch my hard nipples... Arching my back in pleasure.. Humping wildly under your touch..
I hear your voice.... Don't you dare cum without permission.
With that I beg and plead... Oh please Master... Please give me permission to cum for You
Please relieve me... Please Sire.. I am in so much need.
I rock madly under your touch... The feel of you.. making it so hard to control... I try to block you from my thoughts and what you are doing to me..
Try to block your fingers and the vibrator. The pleasure building deep inside me.. So ready to explode... I bite my lower lip hard..
Trying to regain the control.. Trying to hold my orgasm till You give the order.
I reach down and grab your hand.
Please Sir... I can't take much more.. You excite me so.. Please give me permission..
Or I am afraid I will fail you.. Please... say I can finally cum.
With a smile on Your face You say...
I see you choose obedience to your Owner over carnal pleasure for yourself. For that show of respectful submission, you may cum now, whore!
Your words of approval send me over the edge.. Moaning.. I grind my hot horny pussy against your hand... Bucking the vibrator deeper into my gushing cunt.. Fucking it like a bitch in heat..
Keeping my legs spread.. Letting you see the cum dripping from my pussy..
Your pussy Sire
Showing you what a good whore I am..
Cumming again and again as you had ordered.. When the spasms finally cease..
Laying there panting and spent....
I search for your eyes... giving you a tiny smile
I gratefully thank you for allowing me such pleasure.
Thank You for allowing me to be Yours..
Totally and completely content.
94% (16/1)
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3 years ago
Shit! Where is the tissue paper?
3 years ago
my trousers are round my ankles!
3 years ago
great story, hope you write some more,
4 years ago
Loved the story..exactly the way a hot woman like you needs to be used, babygirl..
4 years ago
Very hot
4 years ago
very enjoyable , you got me hard and look forward to reading more from you
4 years ago
Very exciting sexy story.
4 years ago
I so much enjoy reading your words, Thank You

SMG xxx
4 years ago
one real hot and horny story, and very well wrote,
you really bring the Scenario to life,
more of the same soon please :)
4 years ago
Would like it to be me and you there. Awesome.
4 years ago
keep on
4 years ago
wonderful excellent
4 years ago
keep posting . ;)