Anoop fucking hot sister Anuradha

Anoop fucking hot s****r Anuradha

I am Anoop, a horny bastard, 20 years old, 6 feet tall and handsome guy. I have a 7 inch cock which has always lusted for my married s****r Anuradha. Anu's husband Grish is a skirt chaser and my s****r knows it. Now he is fucking some whore and my dear s****r is rubbing her choot and is dying for a cock.

I know that you should hit your cock when the choot is hot and my s****r's choot is hot now. I joke with Anu openly and this is how I got to fuck her."Anuradha, your mangos are so big and ripe. Only a lucky guy will suck on them. I wish I could be the guy. What if I am your b*****r. I have some right on my s****r's nice body. Cant a bhai be your hubby?

Make me your hubby for today at least. Grish must be fucking some hot girl out in the hotel room now. Why not give your horny bhaiya a chance to show how good he can be in bed, meri behna. See even my wife is out fuckinh I dont know who?" My s****r stared at me. She knew I wanted to fuck her and was saying so jokingly.

"You are getting very evil day by day b*****r, "she said with a naughty grin. "What evil did I do?"I asked. " It's not like I'm trying to snatch you from your husband. I only want you for one night. Can I can eat your mangos...and choot juice" My s****r was as naughty and horny as I was, "You can't bite my mangos Bhaiya You have to lick them. "

"OK Behna, I wont bite your mangos. I will only lick them as you want. But give me chance to feel them, run my tongue on these buds. Sometimes I feel so jealous of jijju whom you feed regularly on these fruits. Does he ever lick them?" My s****r smiled "No the fool says it is only k**s who suck on tits." I laughed," He is a fool.

I will show you what a man does with such juicy and mouthwatering boobs." I closed the door and began to unbutton her dress, and within no time she stood naked before me. I couldn't control myself anymore. Like a possessed being, I went to my s****r's gorgeous body. I kissed her nipples, while fondling her boobs.

My s****r was aroused beyond limit as she said, "They are all for you b*****r. You behana is yours today. Use your s****r as you want. I am yours, let my husband do what he is doing and we will do what you want. Bhaiya you can make me yours." She sighed when I bit her breast, and then said, "Today is the happiest day of my life. Use me any way you see t fit, b*****r.

I want to see you become a behnchod" I took Anuradha in my lap, taking her to my bed. I laid her on the bed, and kissed her neck, causing her arousal. Then I played with my s****r's boobs again, and kept kissing her lips and cheeks. I kissed her cheeks, face, neck, boobs and arms. She had hairs in her armpits.

I rubbed my face on her armpits and asked "Would I find the same type of hair in your pussy Anu? I love the sweet and sexy smell of these hairs..My dear s****r, see what you have done to your little b*****r......I am imagining myself with you as your hubby on honeymoon.....Be my honey s****r.....let your bhaiya fuck you today"

Anuradha shrieked in pleasure when I twisted her nipples. "Bhaiya, you can find out everything about my body and my hair. Undress me and se for youseklf as you are the owner of it your s****r now." Anu was wearing a white cotton shirt and blue jeans. I said, "Okay, let me take your jeans off then."

Without waiting for an answer, I pulled down her pants, and then took off the pink panties that my older, sexy and horny s****r was wearing. My hands trembled as I touched her creamy skin. Her pussy has now become bushy with black curly hairs which decorated that gateway to heaven. I kissed her inner thighs and felt her hot and swollen pussylips.

She moaned loudly," Bhaiya are turning me choot is leaking juice.....Anoop...your didi is flowing cunt juice for you bhai.....Ohhhh my wicked bhaiya.....make me your wife......Your didi wants to avenge on your cheating jijju.....fuck mee and take HIS place in bed with your dirty s****r."

Seeing the naked body of my s****r I felt an uncontollable lust overpower me. I undressed hastily, and then laid on top of Anu, my cock touching her pussy lips, making my horny s****r gasp by the hotness of my meat."

Aaaahaaaa Bhaiya your lund is even bigger than my hubby's.....he has never touched his lund on my choot......see your lund has made my choot cry and my choot is shedding tears of joy on your cock." My s****r was aroused by the continuous fondling and kissing of her chuchis, and the pressure she was getting on her pussy by my hot cock.

Being desperate, she said,, "Oh it.....chodo......der mat karo.....I cant wait.....fuck your didi..... I can't take it anymore." I grinned evilly and wanted to amke my s****r become brazen and shameless even more and so asked Anuradha "What is the thing that you can't take anymore? Say it out loud."

Still a bit shy,she said, "Please, mat tadpayo bhaiya....... Please put it inside my cunt..Put your fucking fat COCK, your LUND in my leaking hot and wet PUSSY, my FUDI.....CHODO APNI BEHAN KO BEHANCHOD. Is THAT enough for you? Will you make your DIDI your motherfucking bitch NOW, YOU BASTARD?."

She pulled her legs apart, she pulled my throbbing cock between her thighs and parting her hairy choot, she slid my lund into her lovebox, THE FORBIDDEN CHOOT. Hearing this, and seeing her action, I took my lund in my hand, and placed its supada in the opening of my s****r's shivering pussy, and started pushing gently.

My s****r was very excited indeed, and had her juice flowing. My lund entered easily inside her wet choot, and kept entering until lund reached her bachedani. Then I said, "Didi, you are going to feel my whole cock in your will love it stretch your choot a little more......Jijju doesnt know how to fuck a whore like you....I know how to pleasue a whore.

I promise that you will enjoy your bhaiya's ;und more than your husband's." I pushed my hard cock inside her cunt. Anu shrieked, and hugged me tightly, and put her legs around my hips. Now my cock was completely inside the warm choot of my didi. She kissed me passionately, and hugged me tightly. Her boobs crushed on my chest. I started to hump her.

Then increased my speed. My s****r loved my cock ramming into her choot as she thrust her cunt on my cock." Fuck meee bhaiya.....chodo mujhe....pelo apna loda meri choot mein maderchod.....didi jhadne wali hai....bhaiya tezi se chodo....oh...ahaha bhaiya chodo....behnchod....meri choot gayeeeee....jor se pelo...haiiiii." I knew didi was nearing her orgasm.

I fucked with a renewed fury. s****rfucking was even more sweet than I had thought it was.. I bite her nipples hard till she cried out,' Ohhhh Bhaiyaaaaaaa....main jhadeeee....chuso meri chuchi.,...chodo apni behn ko main mar gayeeeee...." I knew I was cumming too and fucked hard and then I came and so did my loving s****r.

Her cunt was twitching its muscles and I came inside her. After our steamy lovemaking, we both lay thereon the bed. My cock was still inside Anu's pussy. I said, "I wish I could fuck you like this FOREVER, DIDI. You are so fucking hot."

"You can fuck me anytime you like. But let me take a bath and rest a while...You have fucked me like a whole body is tired....You are an i****tUOUS b**st...BHAIYA." she said.
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10 months ago
Hello SWEET1003,
Do you really want to fuck own sister, O.K. You might to have a dirty thoughts, but can
you imagine yourelf when your hands keeping hard dick ready on thr sister's cunt lips
and then really you full sliding into her wet vulva pumpingo to her womb to make child!?
10 months ago
Yeah, you are really bastard... incest is disseas, what if baby would be done from your balls in sisters womb?