My teacher kept me after for a reason... PART 4

Sorry for the long delay between the posts, hope this makes up for it.

Me and Emma have been a couple for 11 months now, it started with us having sex in the classroom, since then we've pretty much been dating, but we've kept it a secret, since she is 34, and I'm 17. She is still my Spanish teacher. I don't think anyone knows of our relation, but we've been close to getting caught a few times, since she gets so horny and grinds herself on me as often as she can. She usually wears a skirt with no panties under, just to tease me, so I'll give it to her even harder after class. We even fucked in class once. I walked up to her desk in the front of the classroom, which is quite big, so it wasn't possible to see anything, and sat on her chair and asked for her help with some sentence I didn't understand. She sat on my lap and grinded softly, while explaining the words, meanwhile I unzipped my pants and she felt her cock against her pussy, since she didn't wear any panties, she carefully slipped my cock inside her wet cunt, she moaned quietly and tried to continue explaining the words while slowly riding my hard cock. I felt the orgasm build up since I was so horny and this was so naughty, and after just a few seconds, I shot a big load of cum deep in her pussy, she felt it and came aswell. She made a nice moan and closed my book, then she carefully stood up and said 'Class dismissed, have a nice weekend!'. Everyone began to pack up their stuff and leave and I hurried to get my cock inside my pants again and zip them. I stood up and thanked for the help, with a big smile. When everyone had left and we were the only people left in the classroom I lifted up her skirt, there was cum running down her thighs and her pussy looked really hot and juicy.
- Stop it you pervert, we almost got caught, she said smirking.
- Yes, but we didn't, I answered and gave her a long kiss.
- Let's go home shall we? She asked me and put her hand on my groin.

When we got home to her I put my bag down took my shoes off, as we do in Sweden and walked into the kitchen.
- So what are we having today? I asked her and looked at her sexy body.
- I don't know, I don't feel like cooking, do you want to go out and eat? She asked me and smiled.
- Only if you dress really slutty, I said with a pervy smile.
- I always do, she answered and flashed her bald pussy.
- I'm gonna go take a shower now, care to join? I asked her and smiled.
- Definetly. She answered and followed me into the bathroom.
We quickly undressed and I couldn't help from staring at her tits, I always do, they are small, round and perky, I really love them.
She stepped in to the big shower and I followed quickly. I turned on the water and felt a sensation when the perfect tempered water hit my body. I kissed Emma long and passionate, I felt her nipples get hard since we were standing so close together. My cock got really hard and she knew it, she smiled and went down on her knees and kissed the head of my cock, I moaned quietly and looked in her eyes as she placed her lips around my cock and started sucking it, deeper and faster, until I was close to cumming.
- I don't want you to waste any cum, she said and got up, then she turned around and bent over.
- Fuck me hard, give me all your cum, she almost shouted, I heard she really wanted it and I didn't give it any second thought, I placed my cock between her pussylips and slowly pushed in, I almost came from just that, but I managed and began thrusting deep and hard, she moaned loudly and almost came instantly, she is such a horny slut. I thrusted as deep as I could and she moaned really loudly, I knew she was gonna cum soon, and so was I, so I gave it a few more thrusts and then I came deep inside of her, at the same time she squirted and her legs trembled hard, I had to hold her up. She turned around and kissed me hard
- I love you! She exclaimed.
- And I love you! I answered and pushed a finger inside of her.

To be continued...
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