My big old principal

One day in school i was noisy on a lesson and my teacher got angry on me, so she sendrd me up to my principal, mrs margot!
Mrs margot is a black 60 yo woman and she weight at least 130 kgs and shes very angry. And this time wasnt the first time i was upsent to her. This day she wore a short tight skirt and her red-painted lips were fat . She told to lay on the floor and i became totally suprised, but i fid what she told me. Then she took of my pants and spanked me hard and then i started to cry.then she took of her skirt and panties. She did put her big nasty panties in my mouth and totaly random she handcuffed me at her desk. She started to rubb her extremly hairy pussy to my body, and i coudnt do anything to stop her! Then she took out the panties from my mouth, kissed my lips and said: "its time for u to work, naughty boy".

She started to sit on my face and rubbed the hairy pussy to my mouth. I licked her but i thought it was discusting, she smelled like a cow. It was hard to breath to.

"Oooohhh yeeahh this feels so fucking GOOD!! she screamed, but she.stopped immediatly, because someone was opening the door'

"Yes, finally some help that can stop this freaking shit!" I thought.

My schoolnurse stepped into the room!

"WTF is going on here"! she shouted

"shutup and suck the boys cock, or youre fired !" my principal said.

My schoolnurse is a old busty lady with huge hangers and red hair. I think that she is horny too, because every time i visit her , is she trying to touch my penis.

in two sec dhe had take all her clothes off and started to lick my balls and suck my dick deeeep.
Then she tittifucked me at the same time i licked my black fat principal.

"Move your ass, Its time for me to ride that cock now!" my principal said to my schoolnurse and pushed her agressive.
She started to ride me and it actually felt good.
I had her massive tits on my face and they bounced when she started to ride me faster.
She rode me very fast now and started to scream because she got an orgasm.
The she stepped of started to suck my dick and my nurse joined her waiting for my cum.
I jizzed all over their faces. Then they released me from the hand cuffs

My principal throwed my clothes and a dollar on me and said
"now behave yourself, or i will punish u like this again, you filthy boy!

The End
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