we are driving down the road and your hand is resting on my lap. you start to rub my inner tight and feel a bulge grow, i smile at you. with a devilish smile on your face you unzip my pants and slide your hand in. my hand leaves the wheel and i rub your neck and slide my hand down the back of your shirt. i fumble with you bra hook and pop it open. you look at me with a now what look and i say" take off your top." you rub my cock a couple time before removing your top. now with your top off you bend down and open my pants and say fair is fair as my cock springs up into the open, but not for long as you bend down and take it into your mouth. my head goes back a little as you tease my tip with your tongue. i tell you it feels good and moan a little as you take me all the way in you mouth. my hand is kneel and pinching your tit as you give me a tongue bath. i slide my hand down your back and into your pants which i find open and say "you little tart you know i was going to do that" and in response you suck harder on me. my hand find your waiting pussy, it is wet, and i slip one finger in. i rub it around like a little dick and you start sucking me faster. you take one of your hand and play with my balls, you feel them get tight and you know i am close. my finger is working your wet pussy and now my middle finger is rubbing against your clit. the car starts to slow down. you find out why as i start to cum and i cum alot. as you head comes up you notice we are in a road side rest area. we stop and i get out of the car and walk around the car to your side, just like i was in the car. i open your door and pull your pants down and get on my knees and start licking you than i stop look up at you and say "fair is fair" with a smile. my fingers are now back in you and this time there are two. my tongue is licking your clit and i suck it in my mouth, biting down on it likely i pull it away from your body till it pops out. one finger hooks up in you and i twist my hand around, in and out, twisting around. my hand moves faster and my mouth is suck hard on your clit. your back aches and i know you are about to cum but i don't stop as the first wave hits you i just keep lick and fingering you. now i slide up on you stop to suck on your tits and i give them each little bites and i move up and nibble on you neck but by now you can feel the reason i stopped going down on you as my hard cock pushes against your still quivering pussy. i kiss you and my cock slides into you. my hands slide around and hold on to your ass. i pick you up and we move on to the car hood. my cock is driving hard in you and my hands play with your tits. your back is aching off the hood. i pull out of you and turn you over so you are now bent over the hood and i slide back in you. my hand slip under you and i rub your clit. my cock fills you up with deep stokes. my balls start to get tight again and i go faster and i pinch your clit. i start to cum in you and with one final push i lay my head on your back but not long because someone drives into the rest stop. i put you back in the car and we start down the road again with smiles on our faces.
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