My Doctor Ruined My Pussy

I am Deepti from New Delhi. This is my second story on this site. Thanks a lot for liking my first story “My Driver and his monster cock!”. I got to know about this site from my friend so thought of sharing my experience with you all. This is a true incident which happened with me. Hope you all like it. Sorry for mistakes if I did any. Your suggestions are always welcome.

I am Deepti, 29 year old married lady, live in Pitampura, New Delhi. It’s been 4 years since I got married. I have one c***d. My husband’s name is Aditya, he is an industrialist and have his industry in Delhi only. He is a nice but remains busy with his meetings, clients etc. He is very good looking and great in bed. But due to work load he comes late at night and sometimes remains out of town. Our f****y consist of my Father-in-law, my husband, me and my son.

About me, I am a fun loving, crazy, naughty, adventurous lady. My vital stats are 36-32-38. I am very naughty from my school days. I lost my virginity when I was in 10th standard. I have been in a number of relationships in my school and college days. I have also changed many boyfriends. I like to do crazy things. When I was in college I used to smoke and drink but now I have left it. I am a cock lover. I love huge cocks. I have been fucked many times with different men. I have even cheated my husband after marriage (he doesn’t know about it). I love to expose myself. I love to do crazy stuff.

So by not wasting much time and coming to the story, this story is about me and my doctor. As I am very concerned about my health, so I use to visit doctor frequently. The name of the doctor is used to visit is Dr. Sandeep. He is very intelligent doctor and is known to our f****y since many years. We all use to go to him for our treatment. He is very nice and gentleman. He is an all-round doctor and we visit him for basic check-up of our body.

Whenever I go to him, I used to see a charm on his face. He always becomes happy to see me. As he is good looking and nice man, I was also attracted to him (not in other way). We both used to talk a lot and have great time together. He has his clinic in nearby locality. He lives with his f****y. He has his wife and two c***dren. This story is about 3 years back. I used to visit him once in month for my check-up. He also had nurse in his clinic, but whenever I go he himself checks me and don’t let nurse do things for me. First, I was surprised but then I also felt good. He was very caring. As the time passed and months went on, I was comfortable with him. I used to share almost everything with him. We both were attracted towards each other. We both started spending time with each other. I could easily see lust in his eyes, but I wanted him to take the initiative.

We were more than friends, but he was not able to take the first step. Then I thought of something naughty and made a plan, which actually worked. Then one day I went to his clinic and said to him.

Me: Hello Sandeep. I am not feeling well.

Sandeep: What happened to you Deepti?

Me: I don’t know. There is some kind of pain and irritation in my private area.

Sandeep: What kind of pain? Tell me where it is paining exactly.

Me: In my vagina. It is some kind of irritation from last night.

Sandeep: Did you have sex last night?

Me: No Sandeep. You already know my husband is out of station.

Sandeep: Then what? Did you take anything inside?

Me: Yeah! Yesterday night I was horny. So I inserted dildo in my pussy.

Sandeep: Oh I got it. Then I have to examine your vagina.

(I was more than happy thinking that he will touch it and I can proceed further). He took me in another room and said me to lie on the examination bed. I did what he said. He came near me and asked me to unbutton my jeans. I immediately unbuttoned my jeans. He helped me in pulling my jeans. I was in my top and panty now. Then he pulled my panty down and made me naked from bottom. Trust me, my pussy was already wet and swollen. He touched it slowly and pressed it. He took magnifying glass and examined my pussy. He started pressing my clitoris. I was enjoying. He inserted his one finger inside me and was fingering me slowly. I was in heaven. After examining for another 5-10 minutes he said that there is infection and you will have to come 2-3 days more for proper treatment. (I was happy to know that he is taking interest because there was nothing wrong with my pussy and he made me call for another 2-3 days).

On next day, I thought of doing something extra. I wore a one piece dress. I didn’t wore any of my under garments beneath my dress. My dress was like shorts from bottom and sleeveless and deep neck from top. I reached his clinic, he was happy to see me. He called me in his cabin and took me in same room as yesterday. At that time I was thinking that I will make my first attempt and will have a steamy session with him. He asked me to remove my dress. But as I told, to undress myself I have to first get my top down and then only my pussy will be examined. I thought of nothing and undress myself. He was shocked to see me. I was full naked in front of him.

I didn’t waste a single second and came close to him and kept my lips on his lips. He responded well as if he was waiting for this moment. We both were smooching like hell. My tongue was in his mouth, his tongue was in mine. We both were exchanging saliva. When we were smooching, I could feel his hands on my boobs. He was pressing my boobs. After smooching for 8-10 minutes, he grabbed my boobs and was sucking them like hell. He made my nipples swollen. He had gone mad while sucking my boobs. After that, I pulled off his pants and take hold of his cock. His cock was very nice and completely shaved. His cock was 7” long and was in my mouth. I was stroking it like hell. I gave him a great blowjob. He got his orgasm and my mouth was filled with his cum. I drank it all.

Then he took over my pussy. He was sucking my pussy. He was licking it so well that I got my first orgasm within minutes and his mouth was flooded with my juices. He kept on licking it and cleaned it with his tongue. Then he took no time, put condom on his cock and inserted into my pussy. My pussy was tight and swollen and it was paining. He started moving his cock to and fro slowly. I loved the moment. The pain also reduced as he increased his pace. I was moaning. Fuck me, fuck me hard, O you motherfucker Sandeep, Fuck me hard, Ruin my pussy, tear it. He was in full energy and literally ruined my pussy. He fucked my pussy so well. After our sex session, he pissed in my mouth and pours some on my body. I love drinking piss of my sex partner.

I cleaned up myself, put my clothes on and went to my home. But this was not all, our passion for sex continued and we had many great sex sessions after that too. Now he has shifted his home and clinic in Mumbai, so we don’t have sex now but we really miss each other. He was truly a gentleman and a great fucker too. We use to do sex chats on phones sometimes when we get time.

How do you like my story? I hope you all liked it.

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