Please Fuck Me She Said

It was about 1 a.m and I was bored out of my mind so I decided to get on Black Sex Finder. After reading and responding to half of the message I saw a message from some one named "Sweet Pussy Pie". The message read,"You talk a good game in your in your stories, but can you back it up". Feeling challenged I respond,"Try me and find out". About 4 minutes after I hit send I got a response. The response read, "I think I will; whats your number". This kind of caught me off guard and I figured she was faking so I replied with my number. When the phone rang I couldn't n't help but laugh being that I didn't't believe she was for real. I thought to myself, "Fuck it; play along and see what happens". After about 5 minutes into the conversation I could see that this chick was dead serious. Something had to be wrong so I asked her to send me picture. I was speechless when the picture came through. She was a caramel complexioned woman with hazel eyes and I liked what I saw, but what was the catch I thought to myself? After she explained to me that she caught her boyfriend with her best friend, I knew what was up. After giving her the direction to my apartment I quickly began pulling out my toys and lighting some candles. About an hour later she called to let me know she was down stairs. When she walked through the door the smell of her perfume made me want to rip her clothes off. Be cool Supreme, "I said to my self while taking her coat". As she walked over to the couch my eyes were glued in on that ass! Would you like something to drink I asked politely. Yes what do you have? Just about anything you want. Okay Mr. what ever you want I will have a glass of Arbor Mist Peach. No problem! After a few drinks and some small talk I could tell she was ready to get down to business. Before we do anything lets be clear. This is a no strings attached deal she said with a big smile on her face! I agreed and stood up and walked over in front of her. I stood just out of arms reach and being slowly stripping my clothes off to the rhythm of the music. When I was completely naked I walked over behind her and placed a blind-fold over her eyes. With out warning I lifted her up from the couch and carried her into the bedroom. Once I lowered her to the floor at the foot of the bed, I placed handcuffs on each arm and handcuffed her to the long bed poles. She stood there silent as I undressed her with out saying a word. Her breathing was heavy and I could hear her heart thumping in her chest. Just relax baby I got'cha, I whispered in her ear before rubbing her down with warm oil. The candle light glowed on her body. I stood there for a few seconds admiring how sex she was! My eyes wondered from her body to all of the toys I had laid out on the bed. I reached and took a small vibrator from the bed and dropped to my knees. I began licking at her feet and worked my way up her legs to her navel and back down to her pussy. The warmth of my stiff tongue caused her to shiver in excitement. After a few licks of my tongue I rubbed the vibrator over her clit and then licked some more with my tongue. This caused her to squirm and twist. Then I slid two fingers inside of her and begin massaging her inner walls while licking her clit. Her moans sounded like music to my ears as her knees started to shake. Just when she could barely stand it I reach over and grabbed a long feather from the bed. With care I begin gliding the feather down her neck and over her nipples and then down between her legs. As I guided the feather I followed its path with the tips of my tongue and lips. By the time the feather reached the small of her back she begin to say,"please fuck me", "oh, I need that dick inside of me right now". I didn't't say word! I continued on my mission of erotic pleasure with the feather. As I rose from the floor I let my hard dick rub against her ass and then the small of her back. One by one I started to place soft kisses on the back of her neck while slow grinding my body against hers. She attempted to arch her ass up in hopes of guiding my dick in but I moved to avoid penetration. The sexual suspense was driving her crazy! With out warning I uncuffed her and laid her across the bed and handcuffed her hands above her head. I then opened her legs and tied them to the bed poles. Her pussy was now soaking wet and craving a SUPREME dick down. I moved towards her head and rub my dick across her lips until she opened her mouth and took me in. She begin sucking my dick as if she was starving! I slowly begin fucking her mouth with a gentle stroke! She opened her mouth wide to take me deep in to her throat! Watching my dick disappear in her mouth was driving me crazy! I quickly un cuffed her and rolled her in to the 69 position. Her juices immediately flowed over my lips. Her body stiffened as the hot creme cum dripped from my chin. Seizing the moment I pulled her from the bed and pushed her against the wall. She was still breathing heavily from the orgasm when I lifted her up! My dick slid in with easy and went deep! She squeezed tightly as I started to give her the dick down she had begged for. "Oh yes fuck me baby; Take this pussy!" As if on command I begin lifting her up and bring her down while thrusting my dick as deep inside of her as I could. The harder I fucked her the more she seemed to like it. Sweat was pouring from our bodies as I lowered her to the floor and bent her over against the wall. She placed her hands on the wall as I pushed my dick in her moist spot. She moaned like a cat in heat as I pushed in deeper. Spank my ass she said in a real sex voice. Grabbing a handle full of her hair, I begin pounding that ass hard and deep. As I neared my peak I motioned for her to drop to her knees and she did without hesitation. As if she was reading my mind she begin licking and sucking my sac while stroking my dick until my load oozed down her hand to her arm. I stood there exhausted as she licked the cum from her hand and arm until they were clean. After drinking a glass of water I joined her in the shower with a stiff tongue and fresh hard dick ready for some more action
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