That Wheeling Feeling!

I was sent down to Wheeling on a job that was to take two weeks, it took almost five but, I wasn’t upset. The first week I was down there I hooked up twice which made it very pleasant.

The first guy was an older salesman who was two doors away at the cheap hotel I was staying at. The second night I was there I found that there was a small bar just past the motel. When I came from work I stopped in there for a drink or two. It had been a late day so it was past seven by the time I got there. The place was empty except for a few locals and a guy down the bar in a suit; he was older and not bad looking. I looked…he looked back…the next time I glanced his way he was looking again. I caught him looking at me in the bar mirror then, a few minutes later he picked up his drink and moved down the bar. When he asked if he could join me I smiled and said ‘yes’ then looked right at his crotch.

Normally, when a guy moves in on you he’s interested.

We chatted for a little while before he apologized then asked, “I don’t want to offend you or be too forward or anything but…are you...uh…” I stopped him right there. “Yes, I’m a fag…I’m a bottom and I’m horny as hell. Does that answer everything hon?”
We both laughed a little then I added, “Wanna’ go fuck?”
As I asked him that I slipped my hand down in the dim light and put it on his leg. He didn’t pull away but he did look around before looking back at me. I sat up straight and gave him all of my attention, we talked a little more and found out that we were in the same motel. He ordered another round. As we drank I told him what room I was in; I also suggested that if he could give me about twenty minutes my door would be open and I’d be ready to be fucked…all he had to do was bring a hard cock. We parted and I went to get ready. Once cleaned up a little I put on a little perfume, slipped into a pair of tap pants and a sheer wrap, poured myself a glass of wine and got in bed. A few minutes later he pushed the door open.

Not more than fifteen minutes later I was on my back with my legs up around my ears while he eased about eight inches of rock hard cock into my rectum. He rode me like he’d rented me for maybe fifteen minutes before he came. That’s what I wanted/needed! I was still horny as hell but he’d been good…I was tingling back there and ready for more. We relaxed a little and talked, I sipped a little more wine then excused myself to pee. When I got back in bed he asked me if I kissed; I said he should try and see. Our lips met and parted for a wet one; his hand started roaming my body, I slithered one down and started playing with his cock and balls. We kissed a little more, he played with my legs and backside then started finger fucking me slowly…I spread my legs like a slut and found an ear to nibble.

Damn…he was hard as a rock again in no time!

This one was my treat. I got him to just lay there and relax while I mounted him, gave him a nice hard kiss then slid back found his cock and eased back on it. We both did a lot of moaning as I took him good and deep then started to ride nice and slow. I wiggled my ass around until I found my G-Spot then used the head of his cock to rub it good and hard; I applied more pressure until it felt like I really had to pee bad…maybe five minutes or so then sat up straight, leaned back and had a nice orgasm! One of those nice medium sized ones where you see a lot of fireworks, stop breathing and turn to Jello – quivering like hell all over! Then, still shaking like hell I suggested that he try to fuck me to death again. He tried.

I wound up on my knees with my ass in the air and my head buried in a pillow while he slammed me against the headboard and slammed the headboard against the wall…for the better part of an hour…
When he finally exploded deep in my bowels we were both worn out and I was a little sore. I was also glowing all over like a happy well-fucked slut. He went to his room – I ordered pizza. When it was about time for it to arrive I brushed my hair, slipped into a bra to match the tap pants and pulled the wrap loosely around me then turned on a light so that it would be shining through the wrap. The driver took the money gave me the pizza looked me over and left...oh well.

I sat at the table and ate. There was a wet spot in the front of the pants and I was oozing cum, it felt nice and slutty. Would have been nice to have another good hump before bed but oh well.

The next day I didn’t have to be at the job so I had shopping to do and some other little things. I did some asking about an adult book store and was directed to one! I drove out there and did some browsing; it turned out to be a nice one, fairly new and pretty clean. When I was browsing through the toys I found a beautiful 8” non-slip butt-plug! I did have a 6” but this had a little bigger plug and stem plus two more inches; more is usually better. I returned to the motel and just had to try it.

I did have a little trouble getting it all the way in. In the end I sat down on a hard chair, spread wide and sat down hard! There was a hot flash of pain and it was suddenly seated deep…damn, it took a minute to get my breath back…when I did I was nice and full. I wiggled a little then stood and walked around; it wasn’t going anywhere, even when I tried. I sat down again then wiggled into a few different positions, back and forth then, with a little twinge, found what I wanted. When I sat back and pulled my legs up it not only hit my G-Spot but put a lot of pressure on it…this was gonna become my favorite when I was alone. I got dressed and went for a drive – back to the bookstore. By the time I got there I had a wet spot in my panties and it had started to show in my crotch. I’d had a nice little orgasm on the way and my head was still swimming when I walked into the store. Over the next two hours I got the knees of the slacks dirty, had another orgasm and sucked four cocks. My ‘dessert’ was spotted in my hair and on the front of my blouse. When I sat to pee in the bathroom the plug restricted the ‘flow’; it burned and hurt a little but, in some ways, it felt like another orgasm! Back to the motel.

I did have a bitch of a time getting it out – next insertion, Crisco!

Once I had the plug out and got a nice long shower I felt better. I slipped into some comfortable lingerie and relaxed while thinking about dinner. Maybe I could get lucky with a delivery guy? If not the guy from the night before was still here; at least his car was. I threw on some clothes and checked the room, no answer so I walked over to the bar. He wasn’t there either so I had a quick drink. I was looked over but nothing serious; I finished my drink and went back to the room.

I decided to order a small pizza then go back to the book store. I could try to have some fun there then, if nothing serious happened, just come back to the room and relax. The delivery guy was in his 40’s maybe and gave me a nice looking over, I gave him a decent tip then left the door open as I walked away…he watched.

I didn’t kill myself on makeup but I still looked decent enough to go out. I wore an off-white blouse and a nice short straight-cut black skirt that stopped a little above mid-thigh. I had black 5” heels to go with it. Anyone who really looked could see the contrasting black bra and the skirt was tight enough to show panty and garter lines; I carried a small bag with a strap. The book store was much busier at a later hour so I got some tokens then just walked around browsing for a little while. As I picked up some lookers I moved back, slowly, to the area of the booths…I was being followed. I browsed the movies that were available, like I was interested, then picked a booth and went in. After dropping some tokens (and making sure I was being watched through the glory holes) I heard the guys in the booths dropping some tokens too; I posed a little then sat down. The booth was too wide to take two at once…damn! When a decent looking cock appeared in the one hole I looked for a minute then hiked the skirt up and got down on my knees, licked kissed then opened wide…WOW! did I hear him moan!

I worked on him until I figured he was about to cum. As he got close I backed up and used my hand, opened wide and stuck out my tongue. A few minutes later I was rewarded with a nice shot in my mouth then I moved his cock and me so that he splattered my neck and blouse. I wanted to leave there looking like a real slut. After milking him dry I turned and there was another decent cock in the other hole. I gave him the same treatment and got about twice the load in the same way. This time, as I milked him, I shoved the head into the top of my blouse and made a nice sticky mess. They both left and pretty soon there was a very nice cock sticking out of the one hole. It was white but had to be at least 9” – not too thick but a little longer.

I got back on my knees and went at him with pure lust. At the same time I grabbed my purse and found the lube. I tried to keep sucking while I hiked the skirt up far enough to get to the waistband of my panties then put my knees together and pulled them down to my knees (almost). I quickly lubed myself a lot then backed off and turned around. As I did I reached back and got a hand around that cock to guide it in I backed up…right on target. The head popped inside of my waiting rectum, I pushed back and strained like I was having a BM to take it all. Once he was buried I pushed back against the wall and hung on while trying to meet every one of his thrusts. That one went on for a good while and I had an audience in the other hole. As soon as he felt/sounded like he was getting close I tried to squeeze my ring of muscle around his cock good and hard. Yes, that worked and I felt his cock twitch hard when he started to shoot his load; I pulled away but kept him between my cheeks while he finished. The rest of his big juicy load wound up running down the inside of my thighs and over my stockings.

When he pulled out I hurriedly pulled my panties up and got back on my knees in front of the other glory hole. When I finished blowing him I sat down for a minute.

I savored the taste of the mixed loads I’d swallowed, enjoyed the feeling of trembling all over and the way my ‘cunt’ just tingled as I sat there. The last guy had shot a little on my face as well as the blouse which was spotted and stained. It was sticking to my bra, my chest and even in the dim light I could see the wet stains on it. I could feel the cum on my stockings and was sitting in a wet little puddle. I grabbed my purse and strutted through the store to go outside and have a smoke in the cool night air.

Dropping the tailgate on my little pickup gave me a nice seat. I lit up and waited for the trembling to go away…I didn’t want the feeling I had all over and that tingling feeling to stop; I was glowing.

A guy came out of the store, looked around then walked over to me. We talked a little and I found out that he was the one I’d given a nice ride to – the longer one. He’d enjoyed it and wanted to know if I was interested in a little more fun. I couldn’t think of a reason to turn him down. I offered that I had a motel room but he suggested that we could drop my truck there then go ‘parking’ because he knew a nice quiet place. That’s what we did.

I relaxed while he drove to a nice secluded area and parked. It was a nice warm spring night so we rolled all of the windows down before we got in the back seat. By then all of the cum I was ‘wearing’ had dried but I was oozing cum and lube from my itching ‘cunt’. I wouldn’t need any lube now. It began nice and slow just touching and feeling each other; he started up my legs under the skirt then got up to my panties and did a lot of fondling there. Once he slipped them down a little he stopped playing with my cock and went for my ‘cunt’. I was nice and wet so finger fucking wasn’t a problem at all; I became instantly hot as hell! I was also playing with his cock which I’d liberated from his pants and it felt like heaven to have my hand around it. Once we started to kiss things went crazy. Between kisses I was moaning at him to please fuck me; I wanted fucked good and hard.

I helped him get his pants and short off while I got the skirt up around my waist and kicked my panties off. With one foot up on the back of the seat and the other dangling over the side of it I pulled my legs and knees way up to help him mount me. He eased in slowly, buried a little of his cock with a few thrusts as I tried to spread good and wide then gave me every fucking inch as I squealed my head off and wiggled my ass around. Oh fuck it felt good and I told him so with screams of passion! He was just long enough to gently hit bottom once in a while and I was in a position that he was rubbing my G-Spot on about every other stroke – Damn did it feel good!

We went for maybe ten minutes before I felt my orgasm start to build. It came on very slowly, almost so slowly that you begin to really want release but just the initial feeling of it coming on also feels so damned good! I moved a little as he pounded away; making it easier for his cock to hit just the right spot then…with a blinding grinding flash it enveloped me totally! I arched my back hard, pulled my legs way up then straightened them out and just screamed like hell as I went off! It was like being struck by lightning and it just kept cumming and cumming!
I have no idea how many I had but it was so intense that I couldn’t even fucking breathe…one after the other! They were a few seconds apart and I was so totally consumed by them that my partner stopped fucking and just watched me. When I finally did get my breath back I was shaking like hell from head to toe, just really shaking and taking very big ragged breaths. The fireworks were over but my vision was blurred and my mouth was bone dry.

I pulled him down and kissed him long and hard grinding our lips together then asked, “Please…don’t stop now…keep on fucking me!”

He did and maybe fifteen minutes later as my rectum screamed for relief he stiffened moaned like hell and his cock pumped another nice big creamy load in my bowels…I got my arms and legs around him to hug him tight and close as he unloaded his sperm in me. That was some fantastic sex!

In two days I’d had at least five terrific orgasms; two had been multiples! I was in for another yeast infection soon.

Now I was totally worn out for the night. My whole body ached but I was happy and glowing all over…I just tingled like hell. We lay there then sat up then cuddled then kissed then…just relaxed and talked. It was dark as hell and we were alone in a very secluded spot that was just for us; it was also completely quiet. Every once in a while a big shiver would shoot through my body – the built-up post-sex quakes that happen when you’ve had some fantastic sex…boy did I have it that night!!

My rectum was also gaping a little and totally relaxed so I was leaking. Not only were my panties soaked, my cum had wet the front panel, but the skirt was as well. What didn’t help at all were little puffs of air that escaped once in a while. With one final kiss I suggested that he take me home (I did explain that I’d be there, in the same room, for a few more weeks) and he agreed to that. I leaned against him during the trip and enjoyed the way it feels after being fucked really, really well.

At the motel we shared what I thought was a good night kiss. It turned into him asking if he could maybe have me one more time…when I checked his crotch I knew why he’d asked…

…damn three times in something like 4 hours, this guy was horny. I agreed to service him again but I really had to pee first. I left the blouse and panties in the bathroom the walked to join him in bed. We didn’t waste any time.

After just a little foreplay I found myself in the missionary position, mounted again. We switched to a few others during about an hour of constant fucking until I wound up flat on my tummy. By then, as he straddled me and rode away, I was squealing and moaning like hell, I knew my rectum was not only gaping but now about fucked raw. Tonight the headboard of the bed was really getting slammed against the wall and he just kept going! After what seemed like forever he really went in deep and extra hard then I felt his cock start to pump another load…and pump…and pump! This guy knew how to fuck a gurls brains out – it was actually a relief when he pulled out and got off.

There was a little after play but he finally got dressed and left. With a final kiss I asked him to turn off the lights and lock the door on the way out then rolled onto my stomach, spread my legs and just lay there leaking onto the sheet…glowing all over once again.

That had been one hell of a good night; I’d be walking funny the next day!

100% (8/0)
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5 months ago
Wheeling and Morgantown were two of my favorite cities in WVA to spend some time in. There was never a shortage of horny guys to please and many of them were nice black ones with well above average cocks.
7 months ago
that was such an amazing story so hot and nasty i love it. i jerked off to it once but i am still horny so i am going to again