After the gang-bang

After the Morgantown Gang-Bang…because I am a sucker for a big black cock.

Following a nice session Sunday night the white guy (Jed), said he’d leave me alone for a while and let me recover. I really appreciated that because all of my ‘equipment’ was wrecked. But…I have two problems. Most of the time, following a good fucking and, I’ve rested a little – I want fucked again. The other problem is that I am a real lover of taking big black cocks – I just crave satisfying a well endowed black top.

Hell I lived with a guy who was a thicker 9” for quite a while and he was always horny. He’d fuck my brains out at night and then, pretty often, wake up with a rock solid erection the next morning! I’d limp off to work with a gaping rectum wearing a panty liner and glowing all over while my gut gurgled and rumbled! I was a happy slut! I almost ruined a stint in the Navy because I WANTED the biggest fucking black lumber I’d ever seen to that point and I had to have it!!!
I mean I bagged the only nigga we had in our high school (when he was a virgin) because someone told me that they were bigger than white guys cocks…I gave him his first blow-job and his first piece of ass…I begged the one janitor to fuck me and promised him that I’d never, ever tell a soul about it…just to get a few quickies when no one was around...then bawled my eyes out while he wrecked my ass the first time.
The other thing about me is, and always has been, that I’m VERY vocal during sex – when I’m the one on the bottom. I don’t hold anything back at all. This applies to getting it with a normal sized cock and really escalates when I’m being stretched and filled by a beautiful big thick black one! The combination of total pleasure, lust and pain bring out squealing yelling screaming in me along with urging my partner on during sex. During a normal orgasm I let my partner know what’s happening – a multiple orgasm has had some of my partners thinking that I was having a heart attack or something.

I’ve had several partners who could bring me to a multiple orgasm. Jack was the exception; he gave me our first when he slammed me against the wall in the adult book store and went at me like he was r****g me. Everything was just right that time…damn was it right! I was a trembling crying mess when it was over and it felt wonderful – it also greatly intensifies the after-sex glow I feel after a damned good lay!
I found my G-Spot at a young age and taught myself how to find it over and over. Some guys have hit it better than others. The times that we found it together gave us both the added benefit of this bitch coming to a roaring screaming wrenching and sometimes tear-filled orgasm that would be off the scale. Yes, there were times when I cried after sex – there were times I cried during sex – sometimes every feeling just overwhelms you and your emotions just completely let go.

There were several times that, following a very romantic session in bed, I’d been found sitting on the toilet (after peeing) having a good hard cry. Sometimes wonderful sex…with the right guy…just does that to you.

The one black guy at the gang-bang was not only a little thick but all of 11”. He had me twice that I know of that night. Most of the other participants just stood around and watched while he plowed my whitey bitch ass good and deep. They loved the sight and sounds of me taking him and he bragged about it later on messenger…there were pictures of me getting it that I loved seeing!

He sent me a PM on the Tuesday following it.

I was still in pretty bad shape – for taking something that size – and asked him to wait until the next evening. He agreed.
There wasn’t much I could do except relax, keep myself lubed and take some Tylenol…I did. I wasn’t eating much of anything for all of the obvious reasons and had an irritated bowel anyway. Taking any meds at this time wouldn’t cure it because that also took time. In a manner of speaking – I was fucked. I still wanted that cock so the only thing to do was ask him to take it real easy. I started getting ready the next morning and took a little time to go shopping too. One thing I did need were two large tubes of KY. An hour before he was to arrive I finished dressing and put on my makeup after emptying one tube in me; I’d be ‘moist’ and leaking a little just for him. I’d decided to go all black, from bra to shoes; it somehow seemed fitting?

Yes, my stomach was full of butterflies, this wasn’t that smart but I still wanted it. I didn’t bother with a robe; when he knocked I opened the door, stepped back and let him in. There wasn’t much talk, he liked what he saw and we wound up on the little couch all over each other in no time. He felt and groped while I worked at his shirt then worked my way down to his pants to get that monster cock out. He was firm but not really hard…I could finish that job. I let him lay back and enjoy while I worked over his cock with my tongue, mouth and both hands. As I did he grew a little and firmed up nice. I crawled up and had a little talk with him.

He agreed to take his time with me because he knew I was still pretty sore and aching way up inside. If I asked him to stop and give me some time he would. He wanted to seed me pretty bad and leave me gaping again; he also knew that I had to work the next day. I’d go to work but, I knew I’d be one messed-up bitch again.

We moved to the bed, I sucked and played a little more trying to will myself to relax as much as possible. Once my tap-pants were off he played around then moved to my rectum (which was dripping) and started a nice slow finger fucking. I got covered with kisses along with some long passionate tongue-kissing. I moaned around those while he pumped away in my ass/pussy with a few fingers; that was just a little uncomfortable – the worst was coming. He moved us into the missionary position, I spread as far as possible while reaching back, grabbing my cheeks and pulling myself apart very hard.

It didn’t do much good; he was 2” or more in diameter and the head of his cock was a little broader. As the head penetrated and stretched my ring of muscle there was a searing pain. I had taken a nice deep breath which came out in a muffled scream as I attempted to push like hell…he gave me maybe six inches of that cock before stopping to watch my expression. By then I was breathing like hell, my eyes had teared-up and it really felt like there was a baseball bat being shoved into me. God the pain was intense! I tried pushing and flexing my rectum around his shaft but that brought more pain…he penetrated more and hit bottom…not hard but enough that I it hurt. This bitch was all over the bed under him! I was yelping and squealing like hell but…

…I found enough breath to ask him to stop, stay buried and give me a minute to attempt to handle the pain…

I was really ‘skewered’ on that beautiful black cock now! We’d stopped but both of us moved a little, I flexed my back and rolled my ass a little back and forth while continuing to flex my painful burning rectum around him. Eventually it began to subside just a little, I could breathe again, tears were running but I was managing it. At my insistence he began a nice slow fucking, very slow.

If anyone was listening to any noise they heard outside of the room they knew damned well that someone was getting a very good fucking in there.

While he eased in and out I squealed, yelped, moaned (very loud) and just became very, very vocal! As the pain went down a few notches I became aware of the KY not only moving around inside of me but the sounds it was making as it was being moved further up my guts – it was also leaking out around his cock (even though the seal had to be tight as hell!). I also had cramps that came and went but, compared to about everything else, that pain was mild as hell. Every stroke – either way – was painful but manageable. And, if you’ve ever had something that big inside of you, you know the feeling as it’s withdrawn. After a while it felt like he was sucking my stomach out along with his cock. He was going at his bitch nice and slow and loving it!

I was in pain but still loving it…I was taking eleven inches of thick hard throbbing black cock in my ass/pussy and he was enjoying it too!

It did get to the point that my pain started to get worse…a lot worse…and he just couldn’t hold off any more…he wanted to seed me bad! When he moaned that he was about to cum I just yelled at him to ‘fuck me…oh god baby…fuck me hard…give me your black seed…fuck me!!!’ And I kept it up while he did indeed fuck me…he pounded his bitch like hell hitting bottom over and over until he gave one last hard thrust and stayed buried. I covered my mouth with both hands and really screamed my lungs out while he pumped his seed deep inside!

Yes, I was glad it was over but, damn I was proud as hell. We both just relaxed for a while; he was happy as hell and I was sore but really glowing all over. I was gaping again, leaking like hell, still had cramps and rumblings in my guts (a lot) but no bad urges to run for the toilet. I just lay there spread nice and wide, flat on my tummy, and tried to return to Earth.

The playing started a little while later and I soon had my hand wrapped around a nice big black hard cock. This time I begged out because I couldn’t bear to take another fucking; I was now in really bad shape. I could and did work on him with a passion, hands and mouth, until I got a bellyful of his black seed. Not as big as the first load but still enough

100% (12/0)
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6 months ago
I had my cherry popped when I was almost 11, my first orgasm - while being fucked by a friend - happened a few years later. Finding my G-Spot was terrific.
6 months ago
Exactly! a trip to the other side of the fucking universe and the cause of many multiples ;)
6 months ago
Very nice--I'm a slut for BBCs too, and it's a pleasure to be taken because I cum *SO* hard as a result of having my prostate probed....
6 months ago
Sweetie just imagine what it's like for me, writing is remembering all of this shit. I've probably had at least 5 involuntary orgasms from remembering the feelings that i had during those sessions. The things about Jack bring back memories that are so intense they put me in tears most of the time.
6 months ago
O M G I can't stand it anymore I'm so full of cum it's all over the place