A Night Of Going Cock Crazy and A Suprise


I went through a period in my life that I went completely cock-crazy. I don’t know if it was a change in hormones or what but I just started acting like a slut! I tried a bunch of different things that I wouldn’t have even thought of before but the underlying thing was I wanted cock…I wanted fucked…I wanted to suck…I was acting like a damned slut!

One of the things I started to do was dress and act differently (pretty gay), made myself able willing and available to almost anyone who wanted to throw a cock in either end and, at times, flaunted myself. The good news was that I seemed to know what to do and how to do it. I was single, no attachments of any kind and a decent job that I could almost set my own hours for. That meant that if I went too far and needed a day or two to recuperate, I could do it. It was almost just too damned easy to do.

One of the first things I did was to contact any and all friends who I’d had any kind of a relationship with and almost scream “Hey, fuck me!” Sometimes this worked, sometimes it didn’t, I took what I could and gave them pleasure. I began to frequent middle class bars to get picked-up and also started to frequent those two bookstores a little more. Sometimes my judgment was good, sometimes it really sucked – it all came with the territory.

I also ran into a few guys who wanted me to wear women’s lingerie for them and this blossomed into me trying my hand as cross-dressing. I found out that, if I approached it in a serious way, I could almost ‘pass’! After a while I tried going out that way at night then, became bold enough to try it in the cold light of day. I got better as time went on and could seriously ‘pass’ as some average looking forty-something gal! Hell, I was proud of myself!

One thing I did do was always be a little more careful when I went out; especially at night.

The one guy that got me started ( about 20 years older ) also turned out to be a pretty steady boyfriend as well as a damned good lover. Although I didn’t know why at the time; I could experience some very nice orgasms while he was making love to me…and…some flat out almost kill me multiple orgasms! I’d had orgasms while being fucked in my life but, with him it was almost every time! I loved it!

There are a few stories in our relationship…

The down side to all of this is that, unless you just want to be very casual with it (and I got serious about being a slut) it’s like a part time job. You don’t realize that until you decide to get serious about it then, it’s probably way to late.

About 6 months into my ‘slut’ period I found myself with a weekend to burn and no one to play with. Since I knew this by Friday morning I took the day off, fuck-it; I wanted fucked period.

The plan was to go to that adult bookstore outside of town and whore around to see if I could pick someone or a few up…just have some fun. And, I felt like dressing to get fucked. This meant that I had to prepare and that took some time if I wanted to do it right – which I did. I was finding out that ‘dressed’ caught more fish and a better class of them and, the better I looked…well, ya know.

Or…maybe you don’t…
The decision; what to wear. Get in the closet and dressers, dig around and decide on something that’s tasteful and stylish while screaming ‘FUCK ME, I’M EASY!’ Shave, remove and wax everything that shouldn’t have hair or stubble…then do it again…the face and beard are last. Eat a lot because you only get one meal…early in the day…make it good. Do the hair; wash it, condition and put it up or curl it.

Early on – a nice warm soapy big enema followed by a relaxing bath. I wanted to be there and open for business by maybe 8 so I ate and started getting ready about noon. After the above try to relax, slow down and do everything right; iron anything that needed it, make sure everything is in the purse…little details. I shaved about 4 and gave myself a second nice warm (clear water) enema then started doing my makup and hair. By 6 I was getting close so it was time to slowly get into a bra – this night I decided on a garter belt, very brief boy-short panties, stockings (all black) and heels. I went-out as about a 36B. I’d picked a white blouse and a nice black A-line skirt that stopped at mid-thigh. Normally I put everything but the top and skirt/slacks on before finishing my makup.

That night, as I was finishing my makeup, there was a knock at the door. I peeked then asked who it was the answer was “Mimi” the mother of the guy who lived in the next apartment. He worked all the time and was straight as hell. I opened the door and said ‘Hi’…
She looked me up and down, blinked a few times and said “Bob…er…?” I replied “Yeah hon, what’s up?”

She stammered a little, looking me over again then said “Do you maybe have…a bottle of red wine…or… Shit, you look pretty good!”

She was average looking but sort of cute, a few years older than me.

I thanked her and walked away – putting a little wiggle in it – and said “C’mon sure, I have a bottle somewhere.” I heard her chuckle “Daym, you have a nice wiggle there ‘woman’…you handle heels better than I do.”
We made a little bit of small talk as I found the wine; she was making dinner for her son. She asked where I was going, I just said ‘out’ and left it at that, nothing special. We said good-bye she left and I finished getting dressed. Once I’d slipped into the blouse and skirt I did a final check; a few dabs of perfume a little touch up here and there and I was ready to go.

I parked about a block from the place and walked/flounced the rest of the way. There were more cars than normal which was always promising. A guy who was on his way in actually held the door for me and I thanked him, he gave me the once-over. Once inside I browsed for a little bit; videos, magazines, toys, other things. I noticed that a few of the patrons were looking and some even feigned browsing to get a closer look at me. I went for the lower shelves a few times; bending well over and squatting nice and low. I was even brash enough to make sly little adjustments in my ‘undies’ like the garter belt and bra. At one point I put my foot up on a lower shelf and adjusted a stocking top just a little. The clerk gave me an appraising look when I went and asked for tokens then…with an appropriate amount of wiggle; strutted slowly back to the video booths.

I took my good old time looking titles over on a few then found one near the rear (no pun) went in, closed the door and dropped a few tokens. One guy entered the booth on my left, hastily dropped a handful of tokens and peeked through the glory hole. I however, took my bitchy time cleaning off the seat, putting my purse down then getting a few things out. Oh yes, he was glued to the hole.

I gave him a little flash of leg along with some garter, a quick peek at my ass and sat down. For a few minutes I pretended to watch the video while getting my hands under the skirt and rubbing a little – there was some bumping around next door. Someone else entered the booth on my right and dropped a few tokens; he was peeping too in a minute. I spread my legs, pointed my toes in, slid the skirt up a little and rubbed more.

It didn’t take long; as I watched the hole on the left the guys’ cockhead peeked in a few times then a little more cock. When I’d seen enough to get me interested I stood, reached up under the skirt and slipped the panties down to my knees. I then got the tube of lube, opened it and applied some to my rectum and crack – the cock was still there so I gave it a dab too. I hiked-up the skirt got my ass in position and backed up. Moving around just a little I got his head in position and pushed…he helped…I bent my knees a little and pushed back hard against the cold wall.

Damn! He had a little more than he was showing!

It was nice; I was suddenly pretty full, pushing back good and hard and, he was fucking away like a champ. I did some gasping and blinking then noticed that there was a cock protruding from the other hole. The booths in the rear of the shop were more narrow; by straightening up just a little I could touch the other wall with my nose. I moved a little, worked up some saliva, kissed the head of his cock then opened wide and got the head in my mouth. Suddenly there was a loud moan from that booth!

I thought that I was doing the right thing (judging from the moan) so I kept sucking.

He must have been VERY horny! About ten minutes later – while I was still getting a very good fucking from behind – he exploded in my mouth. His cum just gushed a little while I sucked harder and swallowed then grabbed his cock to milk it and get everything I could. I tried to dig in my purse for more tokens and drop them while using the other hand to push against the wall harder…the guy I’d just blown was down watching the show…I had to hike the skirt back up…I put both hands up and flattened my ass against the wall while making sure my ‘hole’ was in the right position…I grabbed with one hand to pull my panties up just a little…

Just about that time the guy in my ass groaned like hell, gave a few very hard thrusts, slammed against the wall and I felt his cock twitch…hmmm…nice!

Once he went soft and pulled out I dropped a few more tokens, pulled my panties up a little more and sat down. The one guy had left a nice taste of cum in my mouth. As I sat there, ‘fluffing’ my skirt to cool off, I could feel the cum slowly running down the walls of my colon then, a little leaking out of my rectum. That really felt sexy as hell to me. Both of them had left.

In a matter of minutes there was a guy getting into the one booth. I saw him peeking in, he dropped a couple of tokens, I grabbed a few and slid to the side so he could get a good look. Soon there was a cock sticking through the hole…a nice one. I got on my knees, grabbed it gently and started to suck, he got hard as hell in a few minutes and bigger. I sucked for a little longer then got up and backed up to the wall hiking up my skirt. He penetrated easily and slipped right in; since he didn’t hit bottom I put my hands on the other wall and pushed back hard. He reciprocated by hitting bottom a few times but not hard.

No one showed up in the other booth so I gave him all of my attention. I also tried to find my G-Spot so maybe I could have an orgasm too. I could only move so much to it was more miss than hit. I got some cramps after a while but they went away about the time he exploded in my bowels. It felt like he was giving me a cum enema!

When he left I pulled my panties up, grabbed my purse and headed for the toilet; I really had to pee! While I was there I took a few minutes to straighten my clothes, fix my hair a little and do a quick makeup repair. I was looking a little ‘shop-worn.’

Returning to the same booth I was teased by a guy in the one to the left. This time, when he started making noises like he was about to cum, I backed off a little. I kept stroking until he came. When he did I made sure the first shot hit me in the face; right above my mouth then let it run down. I aimed his cock so that the rest hit my neck and my blouse. I then leaned back a little so anything (there was a lot) running down my chin would land on my blouse then, rubbed it in a little so it made a nice wet stain. When he left I gently blotted my face with a few tissues.

Over the next hour or so I sucked a few more cocks and took at least one more up my ass. I was very well loaded with cum, ‘glowing’ all over and leaking. At least two more guys had cum either in or on my blouse. It was well stained; there was dried cum on my face, neck and chest along with the dried cum on my stockings and panties. Some of the loads had been nice and big!

It was time for a break and a smoke and some fresh air. I slowly left the store, moving so that anyone looking at me could see the stains on my blouse. Outside I picked a place where there was little light; leaned against the wall and lit up. The evening air was nice and cool…much better than the heavy smell of Lysol! I was leaking and there was a growing wet spot in my panties; there was a little running down one thigh. Someone pulled in and quickly killed their lights. I could see him sitting in the car watching so I lifted the skirt a little, reached down and scooped the cum on one finger then lifted it to my mouth and sucked it clean.

He didn’t leave the car so I went back into the store, got more tokens and went back to the booths in the rear; after looking over some of the other patrons. I wound up in the booth I’d started in. One guy had followed me back there.

As I closed the door the one following me took the booth to the right; there was someone in the one on the left. I dropped a few tokens then peeked through the glory hole; he was jacking-off to a movie…nice. I put my purse down then sat but, watched both holes. It didn’t take long. Pretty soon someone was checking me out through each one; I moved around a little then slipped the skirt up a little, raised a leg and acted like I was adjusting a stocking. About 30 seconds later a cock appeared through the one hole; I reached out to stroke it a little, it was throbbing and hard…nice sized too! I then stood, slipped my panties off, tossed them near my purse, hiked up the skirt and backed up to the hole.

I didn’t need any lube, I was loose as a goose and dripping. As I got in position and started to apply a little pressure against my rectum the guy helped. He was rewarded by a moaning gasp as the cock filled me – damn, it took my breath away! This was a nice one! Placing my hands on the other wall I pushed back hard as he buried himself in me. Shit!! he was nice and big…he was filling me!! I took some long deep breaths, moaned like hell and enjoyed it (there were also a few quiet squeals in there, he was NICE!). He was also thrusting so hard that he was moving the damned wall with each one! My kind of guy. While he filled my ass the other guy watched intently for a few minutes, he was getting a good show.

I became a little vocal about how it felt; just loud enough so that hopefully only they would hear it. The guy watching us moved away then his cock appeared in the glory hole. I moved a little, bent more, worked up some saliva and went down on him. He moaned pretty loud then shoved it all through the wall so I could get a nice mouthful. Both of them dropped a few tokens…I fished in my purse found a few and did the same.

My rectum was starting past the ‘glowing’ feeling, it was now going a little towards ‘raw’ or ‘used’. There were a few little cramps but I relaxed as much as I could and they went away over time. I was flattening my ass against the wall, concentrating on getting my mouth well fucked when the door opened a crack! I’d been so intent on cock that I hadn’t locked it! A guy stood there with his cock in his hand watching me – that was a nice little turn-on – for both of us! He watched, my body rocked back and forth a little while I got it in both ends…how cool was that? Then, suddenly, both guys finished at about the same time! The one in my ass started to twitch like hell then stopped and groaned like crazy while he pumped his load. Within what seemed like seconds the guy I was blowing gasped and moaned then filled my mouth…I mean he really filled it! Damn what a nice load! I backed up and swallowed, choked a little then finished him – I had a little running out of my nose, down my chin, it was nice as hell.

As I backed up and straightened up a little the ‘watcher’ pushed the door open and stepped into the little booth. He winked at me in the dim light, locked the door, dropped quite a few tokens in the slot then, put his hand on my shoulder and turned me toward the back wall while pointing at the seat. Okay…this was new…I’d never been screwed in a booth before!

There were signs all over that said ‘Only one person to a booth.’ I guess he couldn’t read, he did however, have a nice hard cock.

I got on the seat…on my knees…quickly hiked up the skirt and pushed my ass out. There was cum now running down both thighs, down my balls and off my cock. I was also now gaping more than just a little; baby, I was wide-open for business!

As I spread my knees he put a hand in the middle of my back and slammed me against the wall! At the same time he found my rectum and penetrated me fast hard and deep; it felt like his cock was gonna’ come out of my navel! I pushed back, arched my back and put one hand over my mouth to cover the first of quite a few squeals…this guy wanted to do me HARD!

He wanted to fuck the bottom out of me!

He grabbed me at just above my waist (once we got the position right) I helped by arching my back more and pushing back; he drilled me good. The best part of it was that he was hitting my G-Spot on almost every stroke! I was squealing like a girl, there was a little discomfort where his head was poking me deep inside, his hitting my G-Spot was really working and I was cramping up like hell – there was a lot going on – and; I was still getting slammed against the wall…HARD! Suddenly, as the cramps hit their peak, my orgasm started to build. Way down in my toes.

I was out of control and it began to feel like the biggest wave in the world was going to hit hard…real hard!

Everything happened at once. To say it was blinding would be a real big understatement! I relaxed as much as I could, let some air (I hoped it was only that) and cum blow past his cock…my orgasm built fast and then went off like a bomb…I covered my mouth with both hands and screamed into them long and loud then, fought for my breath…he buried himself in my ass deeper than ever (another lung-emptying scream) and filled me with cum…I had a second gut-wrenching orgasm…he slammed even harder and kept cumming…he grabbed my hair, twisted my head around and back then kissed me (that hurt like hell)…gave one last and very hard thrust then pulled out…I came again. Sonofabitch!

As I leaned against the wall, feeling my knees slip slowly apart, he thanked me, gave my ass a slap, wiped his cock off and left. I quickly locked the door, dropped a few tokens then sat down and farted…a very wet fart.

I was a total and complete wreck. I was literally seeing spots dancing in my vision, my head pounded, I was trembling like hell from head to toe, my cock burned, my rectum was on fire and my eyes filled with tears. It took me some time to collect myself…collecting my feelings would take even longer. When I calmed down a little I got my panties back on (this was one time I needed a panty liner) then made my way to the toilet to lock myself in. As I stood there attempting to make repairs cum ran down my thighs. I finally left; attempting to strut back through the store and into the cool night air, walking on legs of rubber and still shaking like hell! Once outside I went to that previous spot, dug in my purse for a cig and my lighter, lit up took a long drag and exhaled…my eyes were still tearing and I was still shaking like hell but now my nose was running. FUCK! What a night!

I dug out a tissue to dab the tears, blew my nose then took another long drag on the smoke. There weren’t a lot of cars in the lot; I did notice the one car, sitting where it had been before and someone was behind the wheel. I bent a little, adjusted my stockings garter belt and panties then lit another smoke. As I did I leaned back against the wall and put one foot up…damn…I was still shaking. I pulled out a stick of gum and popped it into my mouth. As I did the light came on in the car I’d been watching then, he got out and walked in my direction.

We both said ‘hello’, I looked him over as he did me. He made a remark that it looked like I was having fun and that it was about time for the store to close. I told him that he didn’t know the half of it and we both laughed. Damn…I really needed a panty liner bad.

He was older, relaxed and casual. We made more small talk. He asked me if I was interested in going ‘somewhere’ to have a little more fun. I asked him what he had in mind? His answer was that ‘we could go to a place to park and mess around a little; he knew a nice private spot.’

I thought about that then replied “Right…you want to **** me then kill me.”
He laughed a little “I might try to fuck you to death.”
Was he gonna’ bring me back for my car?
“Yes, of course, I wouldn’t leave a ‘girl’ stranded.”

At that exact moment all of the lights went out except for the light above the door. I tossed my cig, took his hand and said “Okay, let’s go hon.” When we got to the car he held the door for me. That was very nice. He drove, I tried to relax and we talked a little; I was also watching where we were going. I put a fresh stick of gum in, he was watching my every move. After maybe ten minutes he pulled into a back road then into another then a dead end and we turned around and stopped, he turned everything off and we sat in stillness for a few minutes.

I made the first move by sliding across the seat a little and placing my hand on his leg. He turned a little, covered my hand with his and I slid closer. As I did I put my arm on the seatback and rested my head in my hand. He turned a little more, squeezed my hand, I slipped mine away and traced his lips with a finger. With a little hesitation he asked “Can I kiss you?”

I replied by sliding my ass a little closer, kept tracing his lips with my finger then lifted my head and went for the kiss. Our lips met, parted a little, I tilted my head to one side a little and we shared a very nice passionate kiss. I then slid closer, moved back in and we kissed again; this time it got very wet and passionate. We opened our mouths at about the same time and tried to devour each other. I pulled away breathless!

During the kiss he’d put his hand on my leg. As it went on he’d slipped it up over the stocking, over the garter then cupped my cheek with it and given a pretty good squeeze. It felt nice. During the drive and this petting/kissing I’d been trying to discreetly release some little puffs of trapped air (along with the cum that came with it) while easing through some little bouts of cramps. He was going to find some very wet panties – not to mention a wet spot in my skirt. Impulsively I got up on my knees then swung over his legs and straddled him; as I sat down his bands cupped both of my cheeks. He pulled me closer then put his arms around me as I put my hands on the back of his head and moved in again. For the next few minutes I got groped as we ground our bodies and lips together in a VERY long and passionate kiss! When it finally came to an end I put my lips close to his ear and whispered – in a very breathless voice “I think there’s more room in the back seat lover.”

That shuffle took no time at all and the petting got popped-up a notch or two.

I wound up sitting in his lap again, with my skirt up around my waist, as we both groped and undid clothing. I’d found a VERY nice big bulge in his crotch! It was pointed sort of sideways and really straining to be free. While we kissed I worked at getting it free – what I finally got my fingers around was beautiful! I did find, in some of the ‘protected’ areas what seemed to be a little bit of ‘slickness’…I wondered?

“Has your…uh…friend here…been somewhere ‘else’ tonight?”

I gently squeezed and stroked, he smiled and answered “It was in your cunt about an hour ago.”

I squeezed very hard and said “YOU tried to fuck me through the damned wall!”

He pulled me close, his one hand shot up my leg and into the panties as I lifted my ass a little so he could find that spot again. His other arm pulled me close and we kissed again…very hard and long. When the kiss was over he hissed in my ear “I’d love to try that again.” Then, slapped my one cheek good and hard. What’s a ‘girl’ to do? I ground my body against his then dismounted, got on the seat on my back and spread my legs wide.

He about ripped the panties off.

When he was ready I did everything to give him easy access then took a long deep breath. It came out in a long squeal of pain as he penetrated hard and went deep inside hitting bottom! While driving my ass down into the seat he bent and covered my mouth with his. I got my legs as far up his frame as I could then locked them around him while wrapping my arms around him tightly. Finally…when our lips parted and I could get a breath I croaked something like “Fuck me…oh god just fuck me!”

I simply turned into the proverbial ‘bitch in heat’.

Following a few minutes of his trying to shove his cock all the way through me he slowed the pace a little; we picked up a nice rhythm and started working at it together. I had some nasty cramps off and on but, as I tried to relax more they went away. I was left with what I’d call ‘twinges’, I clung to this guy and got a nice long ride. Although he wasn’t hitting my really good ‘spot’ I started to get the feeling that I was going to have an orgasm. When it came at me slow then began to peak I urged him to take it slow and deep but keep riding. He did and in another few minutes my cock sort of spurted a little while the nice gentle feelings washed over me from head to toe. It left me trembling and gasping a little…god it was nice.

He did slow after a good while and told me that he was wearing out. I said that it wasn’t a problem ‘You sit up and I’ll ride you for a while…it’s the least I can do’. We changed position and I can assure you there was enough to ride. As I lowered myself on his cock I pushed him back in the seat and told him to just relax; I’d do the work. I did, for probably half an hour; first facing him then turning around and getting it better…deeper. That way I could also straighten out my aching legs! Facing away from him was a very nice position. I could control where his cock went inside; I not only found my G-Spot but massaged it good a few times. I didn’t have another orgasm but I was very close once or twice – I was more intent on satisfying him.

My ass was about worn out when he finally moaned that he was right on the edge (thank god!). A few more good hard bounces was all it took and he pumped another nice load in me. Both of us, now pretty worn out, moved around and got into the spoon position on the back seat. We just relaxed and got our breath back for a while. I took stock of my ‘condition’.

I was a total mess now – hair, makeup, clothes, everything. A lot of the buttons were popped on my blouse, a couple of garters were hanging loose and everything down there was pretty well twisted. I was a little sore all over – there was an uncomfortable spot or two way deep inside of me, my urethra burned from the violent multi orgasm earlier, my shoulders ached a little and my knees were sore. My rectum was raw a little sore and tingling like it was on fire and gaping. This had been one very nice night with the climax being this nice session in the back seat of a newer Buick.

I looked a little but never did find my panties.

Before we left we spent a little time in the front seat just talking. He gave me two business cards which I put right into my purse. I found out a little bit about him which made me feel happy and more at ease. He’d been with a few guys before but never anyone like me. He couldn’t believe my sexual eagerness nor my versatility in total enjoyment and he liked that; he’d taken a chance and was glad he did.

By the time we started back I was all misty-eyed. The nicest thing was that he ‘asked’ if he could see me again. Jack was a very nice guy in many ways. We had a six year relationship so I will write more about ‘us’ as time goes on.

When he dropped me off we shared a good-night kiss. I drove about a mile down the road then parked; for about twenty minutes I just sat and cried.

100% (9/0)
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6 months ago
Great story and like you I went through a period (which lasted 3 years)of being cock hungry. I never dressed as a woman, I never swished when I walked but somehow the men knew I was available for whatever they wanted to give me
6 months ago
What a really HOT story
6 months ago
what a fucking incredible story you made me cumall over myself I even used my 8 inch dildo to help