A Nice Little Gang-Bang


I was working down in Clarksburg West Virginia for a few months. The way my job was set-up I was a troubleshooter for a branch of the company; I’d go where something had to be handled, stay in a motel for a few days a week (3-4 days) then spend the rest of the week at home. I was on a fixed expense account so I spent the money the way I saw fit.

During the first trip down I did some cruising and found a very nice new adult bookstore about ten minutes from the motel. The first time was the beginning of the week so things were kind of dead. I re-arranged my schedule so that I’d work the last of the week; if I got lucky I could spend the weekend there. There were some nice hook-ups, nice casual sex both ways on the first weekend, most of the guys were married which was good for me. That meant, if they were willing, bareback sex. About the third weekend into this I finished up on a Thursday afternoon and drifted down to the bookstore around seven pm. At first there wasn’t a lot going on; I watched a few movies and browsed a little just killing time.

Then, while watching a pretty good gay movie, a nice sized cock was pushed through the glory hole. I got on my knees, stroked it a little then started to suck. The guy must have been horny as hell; after a few minutes of moaning he blew a huge load in my mouth. I did the best I could but choked on it a little and wound up making a mess; it was still nice ‘dessert’.

About half an hour later I decided to walk outside and have a smoke. I went to my pickup, leaned against it and lit up. Someone else left the bookstore, went to his car then walked back toward where I was. We shared a greeting and made small talk for a few minutes then he asked if I’d been the one who blew him in the booth. There weren’t many guys in the store so I was a likely candidate. I told him that I probably was (I noticed he was wearing a wedding ring) and we talked a little more. He did ask if I was open to anything else, I answered that I always was; what did he have in mind?

He had a friend who was recently divorced and pretty horny; would it be possible for him to join us in the room? Both of these guys were tops. I asked for a little more info about his friend, was he a decent guy?...was he clean?...things like that. He assured me that he was okay and there wouldn’t be any problems. I told him that it would be fun as long as it didn’t get rough; he assured me that it wouldn’t, they just wanted to get sucked and fuck someone. I gave him the motel name and room number then told him I’d be there in about half an hour…waiting for company.

I had nothing to do for the next few days; this could be interesting.

Arriving back at the motel I found that there was a guy in the next room. He’d brought a chair outside and was having a beer. We exchanged greetings; he looked to be in his 60s and was well groomed as well as friendly. We were still chatting when the two guys pulled in; I excused myself and went to the room with them. Once inside the married guy told me that he had to be home in ‘about an hour’, that wasn’t a problem for me, he could be first.

As we shed our clothes and got friendly I wound up on my knees sucking him for a second time. He went from flaccid to hard as a rock in a few minutes; his friend stripped and I wound up sucking two cocks taking turns. The friend was very horny; he was rock hard when he took his shorts off and already dripping a little pre-cum. After a few minutes I lubed-up the first guy, gave myself a little then got on the bed on my elbows and knees. He was right behind me, mounted fast and buried his cock good and deep. In seconds I was being rocked hard as he fucked away. I couldn’t help moaning and gasping as our bodies slapped together; I got pretty loud a few times! His friend got on his knees in front of me, pulled my head up and shoved his cock into my willing mouth. I was getting filled pretty well from both ends.

The ‘friend’ was a little longer and I gagged a few times but didn’t shy away from him.

They came at about the same time. The guy behind me grabbed me around the waist, pulled me back hard and moaned like hell while driving in VERY deep! I was doing some moaning and gasping too! I managed to back away from the guy in front, keeping just a few inches in my mouth and let him give my mouth a pretty good fucking. Suddenly he groaned…shook like hell all over…and unloaded in my mouth. God what a load! When he was done I was a nice mess; there was cum running down my chin, out my nose and who knows where else. I was well fucked. But, there was no break.

As soon as the first guy went to clean up his friend moved in behind and penetrated me good and hard. That got a good squeal from me!

He hit bottom on the first stroke and kept going; he hadn’t become soft at all. Grabbing my hips he hung on tight and fucked away good and hard. I guess the blow-job had only primed him.

When his friend slipped through the door I’d grabbed the headboard of the bed, was holding on tight and it was getting slammed against the wall. He had me around the waist, taking long hard strokes and really giving it to me! We changed positions after a little while, the good old Missionary position, and he kept fucking away like a dog! With some stops and starts it had to last well over an hour. By the time he blew his second load I was flat on my belly and he was riding me slow and hard…I was raw and pretty worn out by then. It was a relief to have him pump a second load in my ass then pull out!

Laying there, with my gaping rectum leaking cum and lube, although worn out and sore…I felt damned good. Two blow-jobs and two nice loads in my bowels; a good night. We relaxed, talked a little, I turned on the TV then went to the toilet for a quick visit; he didn’t seem like he was in a rush to leave. When I came back we relaxed on the bed for a while and things returned to normal…for about half an hour.

I started to play after a little while and he enjoyed it immensely.

I woke up early – feeling used as hell and sore in a lot of places. One of them was my rectum, it sort of had a tingle. There was a spot way up inside of me that was a little uncomfortable, that’s where the ‘friend’ had been hitting bottom during sex both times. It didn’t matter, I had a nice ‘I’ve had my brains fucked out’ glow. The bed was a real mess, cum stains all over the sheet(s) and I’d been leaking overnight. It was a pleasant feeling. I made coffee, thought about breakfast but got a shower instead. During the shower the person next door left then returned as I was drying off. I made a second cup of coffee, got into a clean pair of shorts then a dorm shirt that covered me below mid-thigh. It seemed like a nice day so I grabbed one of the chairs, opened the door and went to sit on the walkway in the shade.

The guy was sitting there too, he’d brought out a table along with a chair. We both said good morning then he invited me to join him – there was a box of donuts on the table. We drank our coffee, snacked and talked a little until he finally offered that it sounded like ‘someone’ had been given a pretty good workout last night. I answered that ‘Yes, I had and was still feeling the effects of it.’ We both chuckled a little over that. The conversation sort of rambled about this and that until he asked how I felt about morning sex…

We spent the next few hours in a few different positions wearing each other out. We didn’t hesitate, once undressed I lubed up then got on the edge of the bed on my hands and knees, he mounted me hard and fucked away like crazy for a while. It got harder and harder until I was flat out on my belly and he was going at me good! I carried on like a little bitch while he screwed the hell out of me and loved every second of it. Toward the end he slipped out long enough for me to get in the missionary position then mounted again. As I rolled my hips and locked my legs around him he went back to work good and hard. I clung to him squealing and gasping while he tried to fuck my brains out!

He blew a nice load, we relaxed a little then he got hard again. I let him take a break hopped on and rode his cock for a while…he loved that. In the end I wound up on my back, my rectum glowing like hell while he drilled me good and hard before he loaded me with more cum.

We were still relaxing around noon when my cell phone rang then there was a knock at the door. I got into the dorm shirt and peeked to see who it was. It was one of the guys from the night before, I let him in and told him what was going on in the dark room. I also suggested that he come back later and join us; he said he’d call his friend and see what the plans were. He said he’d call and we made plans for about 6 in the evening.

He did call and we were all back in the room at close to 6 PM. This was going to be fun, a nice little gang bang. It was really nice because there were no games – we all knew what we were there for and I was probably going to have the most gaping well fucked asshole in town that night! It was simple; I sat down on the messy bed and started doing some sucking while one or two of the others watched, then they took turns for a little bit. I wound up on the bed, on my elbows and knees, to get all three cocks in turn then pushed down for one of them to finish…then another…then another. I ended up in the missionary position taking a nice big load after a good hard fucking from the divorced guy.

I rolled over to relax and someone was ready to mount me again. I was glowing back there gaping and a little raw when he straddled me and f***ed his cock in good and deep. By then my rectum was like a wet pussy…a sore wet pussy!

There were some occasional cramps but it was nothing serious. I knew that I was totally empty except for a lot of cum because I’d given myself two very big enemas in the mid afternoon. Anything leaking out of me now was just lube and cum.

We did take a break after a while, I was getting famished! We ordered some pizzas and one of the guys went for beer, I asked for a decent bottle of wine. When the pizza delivery arrived I went to the door then stood there in the dorm shirt with a little cum running down my thighs while I paid and the guy made change. One look and the delivery guy knew what was going on.

The rest of the evening was just a blur of cocks and cum, I must have sucked each of them at least twice and I don’t have any idea how many times I was fucked. I know they were taking short turns on my ass so there was probably a period of maybe two hours that my ass was full of cock nearly every second. By the time they started leaving my rectum was about numb, that had been a nice fucking session. I was laying in a mess of soiled sheets stained with lube and cum, legs spread and ass leaking, the dorm shirt up around my armpits. I was a mess too; a happy fucking glowing mess.

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19 days ago
In one of the booths i think the first one on the left after you make the right coming thru the double doors. I always has seen a phone number and it says I have a hotel room we can have fun. I wonder if that was you
19 days ago
i have been there many times
7 months ago
Super hot!
7 months ago
For some reason Clarksburg and Morgantown seemed to be good areas for M2M sex. I spent enough time in both areas that I made some very good fucking friends over the years. There were many weekends that I would just stay until the next work week because I'd found from one to a few guys eager to fuck and get a good blow-job. I'm in the process of remembering and putting together a story now of the biggest gang-bang I was ever involved in (alone). There were to be two of us but...the other person backed out at the last minute (after everything was set up). I wound up taking on everyone by myself.
7 months ago
that was so erotic I went and got out my dildo and fuck myself silly
7 months ago
Great story and very well written. You made the reader feel like all those cocks were entering him and it did bring back many memories of the evenings I would spend in a motel room being gang banged by many cocks or the times I was taken to a party where I was the party favor. With all those cocks pounding inside me in both holes at the same time, when they were pulled out you really missed them but you would feel very satisfied and you are right, there would be some sort of glow through out your body.
7 months ago
There will be more of this, I was on the road for the company for almost 7 years and loved every minute of it.
7 months ago
loved it
7 months ago
Loved this fucking story