The First Big Black Cock

These weren’t my first black cocks although, the one guy was my first BIG one. I had a black friend in junior h/s that was my first black cock, he was great! We both learned a lot from those experiences.

This was in August of 1967, I was in the Navy and had just arrived in Da Nang, South Vietnam as part of the original military buildup. I was working as a storekeeper and back then the town was wide-open. During our time off there were few restrictions on where we could go; it was small back then anyway. I had a favorite restaurant/bar along the river where I could be found on my time off. The woman who owned the place was very nice and, in my position, I could re-appropriate a lot of small things that made her life nicer or, she could sell/trade on the black market. Mai and I became very good friends quickly.

Just like everywhere else there were rooms upstairs and she had about ten girls working for her…she was doing very well.

One night I was relaxing on her veranda when all hell broke out upstairs! There weren’t a lot of customers so the place had been kind of quiet until the shouting and screaming started! In the end two black guys were thrown out. I talked to her later and found out that the problem was a matter of ‘size’ and the wrong hole – the one guy had insisted on fucking a girl in the ass…he’d ‘f***ed’ the issue (that’s when the screaming started) she was left with a torn bleeding rectum and maybe worse. Mai was all upset because the girl wouldn’t be working for a while. I thought about this for a while…what could go wrong…maybe everything??

If anyone found out it meant a ‘Section 8’ discharge.

I’d never had a really big cock. I saw the two guys on the way out and, from seeing them in the showers once in a while, the one guy was hung. His cock hung about half-way down his thigh and it wasn’t a skinny thing! That mother-fucker was a monster; I could only imagine how big it was when rock hard and fully erect! The thing was, I was interested.

I thought things over for the next few days, I saw them from time to time. Every time I did I’d start to shake a little all over and break out in sweats; damn, I was interested, excited and scared about the whole thing.

Yes, I did go back to the bar and so did they. Mai just wouldn’t let them near the girls so I knew they were getting horny as hell…so was I.

I went over to the bar on my first free morning and had a talk with Mai. I’d come up with what I thought was a pretty good ‘plan’, a way that I could get stuffed and she could make some extra money while not risking one of her girls. It was simple but would have to be ‘arranged’…
She spoke some English and my Vnese was getting better.

I had to be disguised to pull it off, I didn’t want to be recognized. I wanted someone to be a safety person if I needed any help and I had to do almost everything there. Makeup, some ‘girls’ clothing, a little perfume and some lube – actually a lot of lube! I explained everything to her then told her that she could charge whatever she wanted and keep it all…I’d just do the ‘work’. Although astounded at the proposal she agreed quick enough and told me she would pass it on then let me know. Also, so there wouldn’t be any unwanted ‘surprises’ she would tell them that I was a ‘cyclo boy’ – a few days later she told me that things were set-up and that I should be ready on a certain day and time. I would be only taking one that night…the monster cock. Ouch!

She was charging about $50; ten times the going rate for a good hooker.

As soon as I finished my shift I went to the barracks and ‘handled’ one very ‘important’ thing, got cleaned up and went to the bar. When I arrived she hooked me up with a girl and we went upstairs. Half an hour later I looked like a semi-attractive working girl, complete with padded bra and a pair of skimpy panties. She’d given me a long Asian style dress that fit pretty well, the lighting in the room was very low and I looked almost presentable…almost…he wasn’t there for my looks.

By then I was beyond nervous as I sat on the edge of the bed waiting.

When he entered the room it was like an electric shock, I actually jumped. He walked over, sat down beside me and looked me over in the dim light…ran his hands over the dress…up over the bra…then down to feel my one leg then…up under the dress. I spread my legs to give him full access and very soon found us laying on the bed with his hands all over me. Ok…that was the idea anyway. I did some playing of my own. While his hands fondled my cock balls and backside, feeling me up good, I rubbed his cock through his pants then started digging for it. In a few minutes I had that semi-hard monster in my hands, it was a real handful of cock! We were both moaning but as I started to stroke a little he was moaning a lot more. I wiggled around, hanging onto his meat, got in a good position, opened wide and took a good mouthful then, tried to work up some saliva so I could lick and kiss it. He was more interested in gagging me with it; he put his hand on the back of my head and shoved me down on it. My mouth was open about as far as I could manage and I had about four inches of his cock in my mouth; I kept working at it…there was a lot left!

There was no doubt about it…I was a bundle of nerves and shaking like hell! All I could think about was that this was going to hurt…it was going to hurt like hell! It would be a lot worse than getting my anal cherry popped the first time.

There were moments of cuddling hugging and kissing, I was being treated like a whore anyway. I found my voice during this and asked him to just please…please…take his time and be gentle at first. I didn’t want my rectum ripped apart and I really didn’t want to explain to some Navy doctor how my colon got ruptured! I sweetened the pot by telling him that; if he treated me decent and, didn’t tear me up, he could have more in the future…steady fucking! I mean he was too big for almost any of the local Vietnamese girls cunts and really too big for anal…he’d ruined the one he’d tried it with.

I wound up lubed, his cock lubed, on my knees on the edge of the bed with him behind me. The dress was up around my waist and the panties were hanging from one ankle; I tried to relax as much as possible while he slapped my cheeks with his cock then (even though he still wasn’t real hard) pushed the head against my waiting rectum and started to penetrate me. He pushed slowly, I took a few deep breaths and let them out slowly – trying very hard to relax back there! There was some pain but it was manageable, then a blinding white hot pain as I got a LOT of cock. As I remember a few things happened at the same time…the intense pain in my rectum…world class cramps…and him hitting bottom deep inside of me…and of course (good thing my hands were covering my mouth) a muffled howl for him to stop!!! And, my eyes tearing up…can’t forget that!

All of that exploded in my brain at the same time – I took my hands away and begged him to just stop – give me a little time to relax and get my breath and – pull myself together. Through the pain and the cramps I could feel his heartbeat from his cock; Jesus Christ I was full! We both waited a little, I flexed my rectum as much as I could and prayed for the pain to go away and…my rectum to relax just a little more…just a little. He was nice enough to be patient. Now I was really shaking like hell all over!

After a while the cramps started to go away, he was asking how I was and if things were getting any better. I know I was having trouble breathing and probably told him that it was going away but please just wait a little longer. One thing I do remember clearly was him telling me that there were only a couple of inches of cock left…I’d taken almost all of him. If I had to estimate I’d say there were about ten inches of (now) rock hard black cock buried in my bowels…it felt like two feet!

I did ask him to pull out a little because there was some pain way up inside of me – use more lube and start again. I was breathing like hell as he pulled out some, then it felt like he was pulling my insides out. As he started back in I sucked air and pushed like I was having a BM…I pushed like hell…it only helped a little. He did take his time (which was both good and bad) he was making it last, taking it easy on my white ass but…making the pain last as well. There was just no way around that and the occasional gut-twisting cramps I was having. He dug his fingers into my cheeks and slowly fucked away enjoying the hell out of it. I dripped tears, kept my hands firmly over my mouth and squealed like a bitch but, I was taking him, almost all of him. For some reason that made me feel proud. Every time he slowed or stopped I could feel his bl**d pounding in his cock!

Part way through the fucking I had an orgasm. It wasn’t big or anything because even that was painful! The feeling just sort of popped up; I pumped a little cum and clinching my rectum around his cock hurt. The cramps kind of settled down, the slow painful fucking went on for a while until he moaned that he was coming. That was one where I felt everything happen. He pushed in again until he hit bottom (a little more gentle this time) I felt his heartbeat when he stopped and I felt his cock pump hard as hell…I also felt his cum shooting way deep inside of me! I’d never felt anything like that before!

Then, after he’d loaded me good, he very slowly withdrew that monster. I was never so glad to have a fucking come to an end! I collapsed in my little puddle of cum, he lay down on the bed beside me. After a few minutes I remember him saying that I was a pretty good piece of ass.

He did thank me, asked if he could visit me again, patted my ass and gave me a kiss before leaving. The girl rushed in all worried about me. She found me sprawled on the bed, legs spread wide with a gaping, bleeding rectum – not a lot but I was bleeding a little. I’d have trouble on the toilet for about the next 3 or 4 days; not only did I have sudden bouts of cramps but I had a supreme case of the ‘scoots’. I was also walking kind of funny for a few days.

Still…I’d taken a lot of that thick black monster cock and satisfied him. There would be more in the months to cum…come.

Almost ten years ago something interesting as hell came out of this. I began exchanging chat and email with another guy who was there at the same time; he was also bi but a top. He asked me if I’d ever heard the rumor about a white guy who was working at the Bamboo Bar as a whore for a while. It seemed that his only clients were black guys and some officers who were kinky; he dressed like a girl and used makeup to hide his identity. I told him that the rumor was true, it was me and I loved it most of the time. He about shit!

He knew both of the black guys and had seen the one with the huge cock in the shower. He also elaborated that there was quite a bit of discussion about me. They both thought that I was one fine piece of ass (for a white guy) and they loved tearing that little ass of mine up as often as they could get it!

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6 months ago
There is a follow-up on this and maybe 2. I started then did it for a while just to have fun and some black cock. We'll see what happens in the future.
6 months ago
that was awesome