The Beginning of a Fucking Friendship


I’d worked with James for about 6 months. He was a very nice black guy, about the same age and we just got along very well together. I was single at the time but he was married – had been for something like 4 or 5 years then. We shared a lot of things, as closer friends do, and it became apparent that he was having some problems with his wife. Nothing really bad but a lot of little things that became larger when they added up. I won’t go into it all but she was just being a royal pain in the ass.

The one thing that stood out was that she had a habit of denying him sex…this seemed to happen a lot. I’d noticed a nice ‘bulge’ in his pants; how could any girl in her right mind not want a nice sized cock? I guessed she wasn’t in her right mind?

I gave it a pass for a while.

Anyone who’s been there knows…you think about it (especially with black guys) you begin to want it…then you just have to throw caution to the wind and take action. That’s what I finally did. I figured we had a pretty decent friendship so I just took a chance.

We were having a few beers after work one Friday night…James was bitching about not getting any for a while…I sucked it up and took the initiative. For a while I was very glad I did that!

As it turned out his wife was away for a few days visiting f****y; she wouldn’t be home until the middle of the following week as I remember. The timing couldn’t have been better! As the conversation went on I finally jumped in and said something like ‘I’d love to handle that problem you have…’ That stopped everything for a minute or so, there were random thoughts in both of our minds. James fired it back to me as a joke…then…it got serious. Not deadly serious but a little serious. Most of us ‘experiment’ with other guys when we’re growing up; I certainly had and found out that he had too; it’s common. We then spent some time making small-talk about what would be involved…how we would handle it and things like that. Him just making sure.

That part was encouraging because it showed that he was indeed interested. We spent maybe an hour talking it out – James became more and more interested – that became obvious as hell. That was a good thing because, as time went on, I was having a real craving myself!

I was being such a slut!

The question of ‘when’ was (my suggestion) tonight. Your place or mine was simple…make a mess in my apartment…

He wanted to go home and get a quick shower; I needed to (judging from what I saw in his crotch) do that and handle something else. We agreed to meet at my apartment in about an hour and a half.

I was ready early, James showed up a little early; that was a good sign. I’d also given him a little to do, not much but a little. Boy-shorts and a dorm shirt, nothing fancy or hard to work with (get off) easy. I’d also taken the time to shave, put some music on and had a cold beer waiting for him. There wasn’t much conversation, it was pretty simple, we were both horny and he really needed a good lay. It was my pleasure to service him.

We started out slowly, cautiously (at least he did), I let him set the pace until he fondled me a little then started to play with my ass. Once the finger-fucking began the pace picked up a little. I’d emptied almost an entire tube of KY jelly into myself so I wasn’t only well lubed but leaking a little; once he started to finger-fuck me I was like a bitch in heat – juices flowing! James seemed to like that and, from what I felt in his crotch, I was going to need it.

I had been doing some exploring of my own and, after maybe half an hour, had a handful of nice black cock! My friend was about eight inches, a little thick and un-cut…about the perfect size for pure pleasure! Once I had my package unwrapped I changed position on the couch and dove on him. I licked kissed and sucked him all the way to his balls then started at the top again; he moaned, I opened wide and started sucking like crazy while stroking a little (also taking some time to caress his nice fat balls). His ‘musk’ was driving me crazy too!! We never made it to the bed…the first time.

I wound up kneeling on the couch with my head jammed in the back corner of it, my one foot on the floor. James moved in behind me, found his ‘target’ easily and began a nice slow penetration. By the time he was buried I was squealing like a girl! He wasn’t long enough to hit bottom but he damned sure hit everything else. After the first stroke…his cock covered with lube…I relaxed completely and just enjoyed a great fucking! We adjusted our positions a little, he seemed to get even harder and really gave me a good pounding for a while. I kept squealing, he fucked away like a monster, lube ran down my legs cock and balls making a mess on the couch after a while – then – all too soon; James moaned that he was about to cum. Boy did he cum! After a few more good thrusts he slammed in all the way and his cock started to pump away…I got loaded with it!

With a couple of sighs and some heavy breathing we both stretched out on the couch. I pulled the dorm shirt down, jamming it between my cheeks, to stop or catch what I was leaking. I was tingling all over and my rectum had that nice feeling of just ‘glowing’ after a good fuck…and that had been a good one!

I’d made so much noise that he was afraid he’d hurt me; I assured him that he hadn’t…I was just enjoying a good fucking. After a while I suggested we go to the bedroom and get comfortable, he agreed. I stopped by the bathroom long enough to grab a towel and some more lube then joined him in bed where we relaxed and got very comfortable for a while. Very comfortable indeed. We talked a little, played a little (mostly me because I had a hard time keeping my hands off of him). There were a few hugs, which seemed to get harder and harder then, a nice surprise.

James was hugging me very tight and suddenly kissed my shoulder, then again. His lips moved up and he nuzzled then kissed my neck; it was nice, he was kind of a romantic guy. I followed by kissing his neck…his cheek…then his lips. He moaned and it was a good kind of moan. He did say something like ‘That was really good.’ and it was, for both of us. He was relieved of his sexual tension and I was well fucked; still had that after sex ‘glow’ going on and loving it. I thanked him, found his lips and we kissed again, he opened his mouth and tried to gag me with his tongue…I opened wide and helped get gagged. His hand slipped down between my legs then back to my rectum, I spread and moved a little then reached for his cock…he was getting hard all over again…his cock grew as I pumped a little…I showed that I was more than willing and ready…

…I moved onto my back, he followed, I pulled my knees up and spread nice and wide while rolling my hips and he mounted me penetrating slow and easy. I gasped and moaned, he did too…I worked my legs up his back then locked them around him…he went balls-deep again. I moaned a little more…he covered my mouth with his and we shared a very nice long wet sloppy kiss. I said something breathless like ‘Fuck me baby…fuck me good and hard!’…I then started squealing and gasping as he did, he really did!

It took him something like an hour to finally unload in me again. Somewhere during that time I experienced a blinding – crashing – screaming orgasm that left me pretty well wasted…it was one to die for! And, like his, it lasted for a good long while! We relaxed for a little while and then said good-night, I collapsed in a heap on the bed. The next morning there was a knock on the door way too early.

The neighbor next door (she was about our age) was checking. She wanted to make sure that everything was okay because she and her husband had heard a lot of noise coming from my apartment last night? There was (at times) a hard steady pounding on their one wall that came and went as they were watching TV.

I made us coffee and made a mental note to move the bed a little; didn’t want them worrying too much…

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6 months ago
great styory you can do that to me too
6 months ago
Oh my god! Great one!!
6 months ago
Thanks, he was just the right size and the right kind of guy to make it very enjoyable the first time and every time. Writing is also remembering ;)
6 months ago
Excellent story
6 months ago
I've taken a lot of black cock in the past robin 48...and loved every second of it!! ;)
6 months ago