I like gaysex with molkman Part 2

Friends!I am Arun kumar working as Government official in higher cadre.I had enjoyed my life in the official capacity upto this time.I was provided car, bungulaw etc by government.I am aged about 56 now. I got married and having c***dren also.They are settled abroad.I live along with my wife.I used to go over to hyderabad to attend official camps.Coming to the original story, I got love towards gaysex.

But in my old days the people never come forward to enjoy gaysex and it is one kind of offence also. Even the desire is there, I couldnot enjoy gaysex.Fortunately, I succeded in my life recently. At my working place. His name is Ravi kumar.Already I enjoyed sucking his donkey dick and tasted his cum.

As he is inneed of job since his father died and there was responsibily to look after his mother and s****r, and also he was interested in gaysex, he obeyed to come along with me to hyderabad on my official tour. I asked Ravi to come bustand night at about 9:00 pm nd I reached there. He was already there with is bag.

We catched bus at about 9:30 pm and it started. We both sat in two seater and acted we dont know each other upto light off.At about 10.00 pm the lights were closed and dark was prevailing. I simply kept my hand on his shoulder and draged the person to nearer.

I was confident that no person was looking at us. I turned his face towards me and kissed his lips. He cooperated in giving his tounge and I sucked it f***efully. I opend his zip and get his donky lund in my hand and pressed slowly and also moved my hand up and down so that his uncut skin coming up and down. There was wet in side his skin and after rubbing for certain time I smelled it keeping my hand before nose. Wow!

On smelling it my small cock erected and I had taken his hand in my hand and kept it on my cock. He too started pressing my dick. I was kissing on his face, and rubbing his cock like anything f***efully. Now it is like iron rod and not bending for my hand. I adjusted myself and come nearer to his cock, kissed it and mounted it in my mouth and cleaned his cock removing his skin and tasted the wet there and as he pressing my cock hardly, I cummed in his hands.

I had taken his hand with cum into my hand and placed it before his mouth and without saying anything he swallow it. I tried to eat his cum but he dont responded. I hugged him and sat and slept. Morning we reached Hyderabad and went to a lodge known to me since 20 years. As I had to attend a meeting, I finished everything and before going to my office, I told Ravi by giving sufficient amount to him that I may come back to room only after 6.00 pm and if he wants he can go into city for seeing.

I had returned to my room by 7.00pm with wisky full bottle and Ravi was there seeing TV. I asked him which the places he had seen are but he replied that he was in the room itself because he dont know the city and alone he cannot go outside. I finished my bath and asked Ravi to bath. As he went inside bath room, I opened full wisky bottle and completed one round before he comes.

He came outside with his underwear. I was already removed my underwear but wearing lungi. I asked him to wear lungi but it was not there with him. I asked him to remove underwear and cover with towal.He did it and came to me. I asked him can he take drink but he said not having practice to him. I poured one round in glass and mixed with water and taken the glass into my hands and with another hand catched his cock and it was dipped fully into glass and kept his cock in mouth and sucked for a while and then completed second round.

I asked him what was his problem. He said that now he wants job to protect his mother and s****r. I said can he join in my office as an helper with total remuneration of Rs4000/ per month. He happily agreed and asked me when he had to join. I said that he can join soonafter we return to headquarters but on two condition that he had to be available for me at any time when I demand. He agreed.

He had to satisfy my sex desires. He agreed for that also. I asked him come and sit besides me and as he sat, I removed the towal. Now he was nude. I asked him to be free immediately he removed the lungi of me and I too became nude. Both slept on bed and hugged tightly. I asked him whether he licks me or not. He kissed me and said you are my Queen and I am your King.

I hugged with f***e and asked him whether he had any gaysex experience. He kept silent.I said if he was not interested no need to reveal it. He closed my mouth by putting his donky dick in it and pressed deeply inside and said his past experience stating that his master and he got connection since 5 years when he was still teenager.On seeing his dick his master also became his slave and likes his fuck regularly.

Even today also he got that connection and asked me is there any abjuction from my side. I said he had to disconnect herein after and fuck me only. He kissed me deeply and asked me to suck till him, cums and then he wants to fuck me. I agreed to suck, but I said that he wont have any previous practice in fucking and also as his cock was too big in size it may not enter in it.He said that he got one ointment along with him which he already brought it .I requested him get that ointment immediately and fuck me hard, I will become his queen. To be continued.

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