I like Gaysex with milkman Part 1

Friends!I am Swaroop working as Government official in higher cadre.I had enjoyed my life in the official capacity upto this time.I was provided car, bungulaw etc by government.I am aged about 56 now. I got married and having c***dren also.They are settled abroad.I live along with my wife.I used to go over to hyderabad to attend official camps.Coming to the original story, I got love towards gaysex.But in my old days the people never come forward to enjoy gaysex and it is one kind of offence also. Even the desire is there, I couldnot enjoy gaysex.Fortunately, I succeded in my life recently. At my working place , once I had been to picture to theare for 2nd show.There I saw one person from that area aged about 18, sat besides me in upstairs of that threare.The film started and all are enjoying.The person who is sitting besides me , on seeing heroin on the screen, opened his zip ,dragged his orgon out side and doing musterbation to it.I saw it , and felt uneasy to sit there.For a while I stopped seeing film, and wants to leave the sit. meanwhile, intervel was given and all lights were on.I saw his face. He is in black colour and appeared as if student.It seems after cumming, he had adjusted his zip to its original position.On seeing his face, he seems to be innocent.I asked him what he is studying. He replied that he had studied upto inter and stopped studies and doing milk business.I told him i was so and so working here.Second half started. Again after half an hour, he started unzipping, holding his dick in his hands and musterbating continuously.I saw his dick in that dark light only carefully .Ohh it is too big in size, uncut.When he rubs his cock ,his upper skin going down and coming upper.I couldnot concentrate the film.It seems he had observed me seeing his dick.He stopped doing by closing his zip.The film was completed and all lights were on.Befere leaving, he saw me and smiled.I asked him what his his name and where he resides. He told me that his name is Ravikumar and he resides near by village.I asked him if he is having anyhelp he may approach me. Then we seperated and went to homes. After a gap of six months, I saw him in a temple .I was happy to see him and i asked him how was he. He told me that he had lost his father and stopped his milk business and serching for job to look after his s****r and mum.I told him to come to my office to talk about his job matter leisurely.On that night I wont get sl**p atall.Desires started one by one how I have to enjoy with him gaysex.I had desided that, under any circumstances I should get him under my control and should see that his presence should be there allways.Afer 4 days, he came to my office and met me and requested me to show any job for his livelyhood.I told him come in the afternoon at lunch hour so that I can talk with him leisurely.At about 1.45pm he came to me when i was doing lunch and on seeing him I asked him to take lunch along with me.He sats on the floor and the remaining meals he had eatten.He cleaned the carrier and plates and came to my rest room.I am eagerly waiting for his arrival.He came to me and stood before me.I asked him to sit in a chair in front of me and he sat on it.I told him that I am leaving to Hyderabad for three days camp and after coming here I will look into it and asked him is he interested to come along with me to hyderabad.He showed some interest and said where he has to stay at Hyderabad.I told him that he need not stay any other place and he can stay with me only in hotel room along with me. He felt happy.Slowly, I started sex talk with him stating that blue films availability at town and can he get them. He said that there are plenty, and asked me which type of cds are required by me. I asked him which type of cds are there to see. He told me Indian ladies, Arab,Russain mature woman,and ebony gay films.I catched his hand into my hands and asked him had he seen any gay films.He happily told me that he had seen number of black vrs white gay films as well as male and female sex films.I asked him wheather he likes gaysex.He immediately not responded but kept silent.I kept my hand on his thigh and while rubbing on it I said that I am interested to see gay film of negros.On hearing itself, his dick started growing and stood like a rod and there appears a tent.I asked him what is it and kept my hand.Ohh! It is not manly dick.It is really donkey dick.I unzipped it and get the rod out side.It is 3 inches thickness.Out of curiousity,I opened his trouser, underwear and the manhood out side.I am astonished on seein it. It is nearly 8inches uncut .The entire upper skin spread over the cock and its black head is came out side. His balls are too small and thick forest is ariund the cock.I saw the hole to the cock head and kept my finger in it. It isreally wonder that easily my finger enters in it.I meediately I asked him to come nearer and with one hand I myself kept that cock inside my mouth.As i had opened my mouth in bigger size, i could able to get inside.I started sucking slowly.He closed his eyes.i sucked his ballsalso and started sucked f***efully.I sucked the cock for 10 minutes but he had not cummed.I asked him that I want to taste his cum and stareted kissing his lips.He started hand pump for ten minutes and kept his cock in my mouth and released his cum step by step for five minutes.My mouth is full of his sperm and I swallowed it happily.I observed that while i was sucking his cock there is no reaction in my cock and it had become inactive

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3 years ago
very hot!
3 years ago
nice story
3 years ago
I liked this story...looks like real one..
3 years ago
Very good story.