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Hello readers! I am swaroop from Hyderabad.i am aged about 25 years and got married f***efully by my elders. I am not interested to get marriage since I got my own doubt I may not be suitable marriage life. I got job as asst engineer in private company with good salary. My relatives brought match to me and my parents accept it without my knowledge. Finally, with great difficulty I was made to accept it.

After my marriage, my elders celebrated my first night and I slept separetely. My wife came to me and requested me that am there any mistake of her. I told her that I might not be suitable for marriage life since my cock is too small. She told me that sex is not depending on the size of cock and it is only love makes them to live happily. I got courage and I shared my life with her but I got my own dissatisfaction. I moved my f****y to Hyderabad. Days are going on. In my office compound, my office guard is residing with his aged father who is widower having age of 50. He got drinking habit n and now and then he drinks fully and he put quarrel with his son and he threatened to leave the house. Several times our office members went to his house and pacified the issue. I too among them to visit his house such times. On one occasion, while I was in his house I saw him half-nude in d***ken position. His cock was just like a black cobra sl**ping. I could not able to shift my eyes from that sight. On that, night I could not slept thinking the scene. On one day, I saw him on the road walking to his house. While I was going to office. I stopped my bike and introduced myself as the employee of that company and asked him to get in. he was in sorrow mood and not shown any interest. I kept my bike there and taken him to bar café nearby, and asked him to have bear. He happily said he takes hot drinks. I said to him if he comes along with me at evening, I will offer hot drink or otherwise take bear now. He agreed to take hot drinks in the evening. We went to office and thereby he went to his house. In the evening, I saw him waiting outside the office for me. I paid him certain amount, asked him to get drinks to his house only and have it in his house only, and advised him not to put quarrels with his son. He happily took the amount and left. From then he became my friend and we moved closely after some time. On Sundays, I used to take him to bar along with me and have drinks with him. While in d***ken position, I used to touch his tool now and then. Finally, one day I said to him stating that uncle your Lund is big. I like it. He happily smiled and said he is interested in me. I had taken his Lund in my hands and started pressing. It enlarged like anything. I invited to my house and said to him to behave properly took him to my house and taken him to my room in upstairs and made him half-nude from bottom and taken his cock in my mouth and sucked like anything. It enlarged too big and my mouth could not in a position to take it. Partially I sucked removing his forskin. He told me fifteen years back he lost his wife and since then he was away for this enjoyment. I told him if he keeps me happy looking me as his second setup I show him a woman to enjoy. He smelled the issue and asked me is that woman is my wife. It is surprised me and asked him how he is saying like that. He simply laughed at me. He made me nude, sucked my asshole like dog, inserted his first finger in it, and made it up and down. After some time he felt it has become loose, he inserted his two fingers in asshole and fucked with them time. Again, after some time he pressed his three fingers in asshole and f***efully fucked with fingers. He concluded as if now it is fit for fucking. He asked me to take dog position and became nude. He applied his slit to my asshole and rubbed his dick to it.

I felt an unexplained joy has closed my eyes and give him the way to enter. He kept his meat slowly inside my ass and slowly pressed it and it entered half of it. I thought it might not go completely. All of sudden he pressed f***efully and it disappeared completely making me to feel as if it came up to my mouth. I could not shout since I am in my house. I controlled my pain. After a while, I feel as if I am in heaven. I asked him slowly to fuck my ass hard raja. From today onwards, you are my raja and I am his property. He fucked me very hard and finally he cummed into my asshole a large quant of salt juice. He stayed on my ass for a while and removed his cock, which is wet with his juice. He inserted his Sulla in my mouth and asked me to suck. I sucked for 15 minutes and again him cummed in my mouth and completely I drank it. He sits for some time and left to his house saying that can he come tomorrow. I said yes’s came up to doors and send him to his house. Then my wife came out side and asked me who is he. I told her he is our distant relation and I will introduce him at proper time. He used to come tomorrow also and every day to our house since he is alone. She said if it is matter why not ask me to stay him for dinner. I said he takes dinner every day with us. She is silent. Next day I brought drinks to my house itself. He came at about 7.00pm and taken drinks and fucked me two times and when he is ready to leave I told him I want to introduce my wife to him and asked him to be not d***ken position and talk with her in relation capacity as uncle to her. We got down, called my wife, and said to her he is uncle to her .she says namasthe and he said Namasthe. She asked him to take dinner and left. He said he comes tomorrow and left. Next day I stayed at my house and brought sweets, drinks, flowers, new lungs, and new sari to my wife. On seeing all my wife asked me why I brought all there things. I told that he takes drinks. She should be neat and looks like queen.

At afternoon I had taken drink in her presence only and told the fact that, he fucks her everyday with his snake dick and it may help us to get c***dren. She protested like anything. I told her I became his slave and since two days, he was giving joy to me. First, she cried a lot in bedroom up to and came out side. I tried to impress her. She silently went inside bathroom and came out side with hair bath. She decorated herself in neat manner and asked me when that relative comes. I am happy on seeing it. Finally he came. I taken him to bathroom and asked him to complete bath son and come. Meanwhile I arranged table drinks, sweets, and asked my wife to prepare egg omlet. On coming out side, I gave him new lungi and asked him to wear and I too already weared new lungi. He decorated himself and came to table. We sat comfortably and I called my wife. She came in a decent dress as bride and stood before us. I asked her to pour drinks in two glasses and get egg omlet. She got them, we slowly started drinks. I asked my wife to come and sit with us. She felt shy. I removed his lungi and catch his cock in my hands and shown to her. She on seeing cover her eyes with her arms. I brought her near to him, made her to sit before him, and kept her left hand on his half-erected Lund. On touching with her hand, it jumps like a bull once and stood like a pole. Once again, she closed her eyes with her hands. I f***efully opened her eyes and asked her to enjoy everyday .I went to him and sit in front of him and started sucking his Lund. My wife on seeing it she too came and sit with waiting and me for her chance. I kept his cock in her mouth and said to her here in after we have been together had to share him. She sucked him slowly asked her to suck harder. She slowly enhanced its speed. Now she became free and without any shy, she joined with us. I made her nude by recoming one by one and asked him to remove sari. He stood like dussasana and pulled her sari f***efully. She rolled like a doll and fell in his arms. He kissed her lips and taken lips inside his mouth and sucked .I entered his tongue inside her mouth, rolled it, catch her tongue, and sucked. I poured second round and we completed. He had taken her in his arms, laid her on bed in our bedroom, and opened the public area.

It was with full hair up to yesterday but now it is too clean. He opened her pussy lips with his fingers, entered his tongue fully inside it, and made it roll like anything there and after some time he started sucking. She had closed her eyes and enjoying like in heaven. I was besides them seeing. He asked me to join with them and happily, I too joined sucking her nipples. He rod became hot pole and not in a position to stay outside. I made him to come for fucking position and made her to lay down opening her pussy in front of us. I rubbed her pussy with his hood, kept it in correct position, and asked him to shot. He pressed his cock towards her it enter only 1/4th of it. I asked him to fuck hard, stood behind him, and make him to enter. By f***e, he inserted all of a sudden, for that movement she cried loudly. It seems it had entered 3/4th of it. He slowly made his cock up and down for a while and when she is in a position to bear the pain and enjoying, again he pressed fully in to her. She is not in a position to bear it and started crying contenouly. I tried to say something to her but she refused to hear. He started fucking f***efully without caring her. Slowly she came to normal and enjoying the fuck. He fucked like that for 20 minutes, gets back his cock outside, and asked her to suck. She is without saying anything started sucking his wet cock. I said to him not to cum in the mouth but already him cummed in her mouth and by removing his cock; he kissed her without giving chance to through his cum outside. Both of them ate his cum. again one round we completed asked him to fuck me. He inserted his wet cock inside my mouth for sucking. After sucking while again the rod comes to original position and stood like iron rod. I made up my mind and asked him to fuck my my wife and cum there only. He asked her to take dog position and from back, he inserted his Lund in her cunt, fucked like a dog, and by taking her into his arms f***efully he cummed inside. When he got up, the cum is falling like waterfall from her pussy. Again, we take one more round. He fucked my wife thrice on that day. Finally, he slept keeping his Lund to my wife asshole. At morning, we I wake up, I saw there in no one there. I went to hall. There my wife is seeing TV. I asked her where is he. She said that he went early in the morning by fucking one more time. It had continued for three months. My wife became pregnant. My parents came and taken her to my native place. I was become his second setup from there onwards.

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3 months ago
As I too am a cuckold with a small penis my wife also seeks sexual satisfaction from other men. I now enjoy watching them fuck and do the clean-up.
10 months ago
Wow I like you're hot story
3 years ago