I had tasted what bottom sex was.

Iam from Rayalaseema in Andhra Pradesh. It was really happened at my early age. While I was 10 years, we used to live in old city of Kurnool. Near by my house there was one Subbanna aged 60 and his wife Sakunthalamma were residing. The old man used to work as servant in one shop and used to come at 10pm everyday. My name is Swaroop. I was very close to both. I used to play in their house. Once my parents got important work at Chennai and they thought that it was wasteful expenditure if they take along with me. So they have requested to keep me at Subbannas house for 7 days for which they had been paid. Everyday Sakunthalamma used to pour water by making me nude. She used to touch my cock now and then. One day she called Subbanna and shown me nude. He felt happy on seeing me nude and he touch my cock and said it was nice. My cock was some what normal. On that day it was Sunday and Subbanna was at house only. He got liquor to house and started drinking from 12.00 o’clock in afternoon by 2pm he could not able to control himself and fell down on cot. Myself and Sakunthalamma taken meal and reached the cot at that time Subbanna lungi was in disturbed position and his cock was visible to certain extent. I was astonished. It was nearly 8 inches without erection and also too strong. Sakunthalamma even she saw it, she has not shown any interest and observed my feeling. I do not know she was observing. I was attracted by it scene and I was seeing his cock. She laughed at me and said why you are seeing so much that cock had you not seen such type of cock previously. Had you any sex experience with male or female. Had you seen sex in between my father and mother, did I like sex first I was afraid to say answer. She encouraged me.

I said I too interested. Which type of sex she asked. I said I don’t know anything about it. She said there are two types of sex. One front side and second back side fucking. Both are enjoyable. But men are lucky because they can act as male while fucking female and female while getting fucked. She likes that type of sex both fucking and getting fucked and said I was lucky to take birth as male since I can enjoy both at a time. She had taken my hand into her hand and taken me to near Subbanna and asked me whether I am interested to touch Subbanna cock, I said yes. She kept my hand on his cock and made him nude by removing his clothes one by one. Now he was totally nude, his cock was too much bigger than to my cock. I myself compared that thing with him .without thinking, I don’t know why my mind getting number of ideas regarding gay sex, I tried to pressed his cock. Sakunthalamma made me press fully. Now I was fearless and acted freely. Sakunthalamma tried to wakeup Subbanna. After some time he wake up and understand the real position. He was happy and said to my how you feel on seeing my cock. I like you. You are too nice. Your cock is too nice. Your ass is too much I like. Then Sakunthalamma made me turn back, sit on my kneel and shown my asshole to him. Immediately he kissed my asshole and tried to clean with his tongue there. I don’t know what was happening and in that time only I was made to their slave. Sakunthalamma made me nude and kissing on my lips by rubbing my cock. Subbanna clicking my asshole and pressing my buttocks .now there was some movement in his cock position. It was erected to certain extent. Then he asked Sakunthalamma leave me so that I can suck his cock. She had taken his cock into her hands and removed his top skin and kissed it and there after asked me to open my mouth and then inserted in it.

It was full of my mouth, I could not able to suck it. He asked me try slowly so that I can adjust with it in no time. I myself taken his cock into my hand and myself kept it in my mouth to certain extent and sucked slowly. There by increased its length. It was entered maximum and there after it was not possible to me happily I sucked it . She is sucking my cock and it was also erected, but before Subbanna cock mine was nothing. I could not able to controlled. Some white liquid came out of it. Sakunthalamma taken in side her. She said to me it was too tasteful. She said to Subbanna to fuck mouth for certain time. He followed the directions and while doing so he cummed into my mouth. It was hot. Salty and mouthful. Soon after he released it, Sakunthalamma asked me take it inside. I did it. Then Subbanna went to bath room for urine and asked Sakunthalamma to come inside the bath room. She went there and came back. She asked me whether I was interested to take his cock inside my asshole. I said that I like it but I was afraid that it may not enter in it. She said don’t worry it will go inside easily. Then I said ok. She entered in bath room and get soap and water to me. She asked me to sit in dog style. I sat down.

She applied water to my asshole and then soap to it and slowly inserted her finger inside it. Slowly one finger entered fully and asked me whether there is any pain to me. I said no pain. Again she inserted at a time two fingers slowly step by step and made the fingers up and down, now the asshole was freely enlarged. Then she asked Subbanna come to take position. He was masturbating his cock and came to me backside and by applying soap water to my asshole kept cock top to my hole and tried to press slowly…. Pressing…it was entered then he get it back and asked her to get oil. She got it and applied to his cock fully and to my asshole inside. Now again he tried to keep it. Now it had entered nearly half. Sakunthalamma asked me how it was. I am not in a position to say answer. I was not here. I was in heaven. I asked Subbanna pl keep it fully. He then inserted slowly and now it was totally disappeared. I was actually in another world. Subbanna then slowly moved to and fro .now I could not controlled. I asked him to fuck f***efully. Sakunthalamma encouraged her husband by saying fuck uncle fuck… Your dream desire come to true Subbanna f***efully fucked and cummed into my ass and fell down upon me, I too like to sl**p below him and allowed to sl**p him on that night again Subbanna fucked me three times. Then after every Sunday morning I used to go to him and wake up him and get fucked with him.

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3 months ago
We all had to start some time. You were lucky to have such good friends.
8 months ago
Bet he fucked you good! HOT!
1 year ago
Nice reading about true stories.
2 years ago
after reading the story I wanted U to fuck my ass if U R intrested mail me to hydbigdick4@gmail.com I am also from Hyderabad.
3 years ago
love the story, very hot!
3 years ago
Fantastic storythe best yet i would love to meet you somre day you re such a sexy man thanks