My soulmate came again .

It was sunday, I was watching TV in my house with my f****y members.It was 3pm afternoon.There was a call from out side..Sir...Sir.I went outside and saw Ohh it was Kumar (fake name) with him mum there.Here I need to introduce who was this Kumar.He was studied upto xth class and given up studies due to his f****y dificulties.I met this boy at a play ground at 5.00pm two years back.He was watching the football game there.He was normal guy aged 18 black in colour.I was oberving him carefully.At last he saw me.I smiled at him.There was no response from him. Inspite of it , I was interested in him.The ground prevailed dark every where and the game was completed. All players and viewers were leaving the ground.Kumar started moving from that place. I had followed him.At one place he stood and turned back and saw me. Again, I smiled at him.He moved to a tea stall and ordered cup of tea for him. I too went there and I too ordered tea for me.By taking tea I reached to him and wished saying how are you.He said that he dont know me and said who I am was?I said that I came here recently and working in private company and presently I was staying in my office only.He asked me whether there were anyone other than me? I said no.Both reached to my office.I asked about him and he said that he was Kumar, unemployed having both parents and s****r.He was searching for job and asked me can I help him in that matter.With out saying any answer,I asked him pl open your pant.By turning himself he opened his pant up to his legs and bent himself as if he was ready to get fucked. His ass was very nice.I too opened my pant and hugged him from back so that my cock get contacted his ass hole.I pressed him keeping my hands covering his chest.I turned his head towards me and kissed him.He surrendered me completely by cooperating me in kissing me my face and sucking my tounge. At one stage, as he was in bending position showing his ass towards me, I kept my hand and touched his cock.I was wondered.I took his cock into my hand and measured slowly.It was too huge and too strong. It may be 8 inches and 3 inches dia.What to say...I was in shocking position.I moved my hand up and down on cock.With my action it was erected fully and became too big.I turned him towards me and saw his cock...Ohhh...My God..My cock was half in its size and thin where as it was too big and strong and stood like iron rod.Till upto one minute I want to fuck him and on seeing his cock I changed my mind.I said to him ,it was nearly 8.00pm and I had to go hotel to had my dinner so let us leave this place immediately and I my self dressed and came from that place.He too came outside and both moved upto hotel and with his permission I went inside to take my dinner.I couldnot able to get sl**p that night. Only his cock was in from of my eyes through out night.Next day again I went in search of that boy to play ground. But he did not come.I watched for him one week fully but he was not there.One day night, I was thinking about him. I was not actually gay but likes gaysexIn the absence of my f****y members with me I tried to have sex with one student but he had not cooperatedAgain I got the oppertunity because my f****y members were not with me since I came to this place recently.Even my f****y was not interested to come to this place since it was not city but town.Days were passed, I took one room for me.One day I went to cinima and occupied my chair.The theare was not filled so far.To my surprise, that boy Kumar was searching for his seat.I called him loudly Kumar...Kumar He saw me but not shown any interest.I approached him and requested him to sit along with me at one place.There certain boys calling him and talking with him.I could not able to do any thing.Finally he sat with me and the film was running.I kept my hand on his thighs and seperated them slowly. He himself opened jip and got his manhood outside and placed it in my hand and he was seeing film without giving any importance to it.I pressed and pressed like any thing upto interwal.When lights on, he went outside along with his friends and came before film start.He asked what was my name and work.I said that I was Suraiah, aged 52 working as an officer in a private firm, and thinking to take him on temporary basis in my office and he will be paid upto Rs 3000 pm. He felt happy.Again film started and he kept his cock in my hand and enjoying film.The was show was completed and both came outside.He was moving towards his house and on seeing he said I will be with me for 30 minutes and had to go home otherwise he will be beatten.It was about 1.00am in night.As we were going we come across one high school.He entered into the compound and reached to corner room and soon he enters in it he removed his trouzer and bend himself ready for getting fucked.I could not able to fuck him on the other hand I could not move further.He saw my position and dressed himself and came out of the room.I too followed.When we were moving on road, he asked why was I following him? If I got any interest, he said he want to fuck me.We reached outshirts and it seems his house was near.It was dark and open field ment for house plots.Again he opened his zip and brought his cock outside and asked me to bend myself to get fucked by him.I was not having that practice of getting fucked.We stood for a while and he said he will come to my office tomorrow and went away.I returned to my room and I could not able to get sl**p.Even I close or open my eyes, his huge cock appearing for me.I was not dare enough to get fucked or not able to fuck him.Finally ,I decided to enjoy with him sucking his cock as many times as it possible.Next day at about 11.00am he came to my office and met me.I asked him to come by 1.30pm so that , it will be convenient for me to contact my higher office persons.He went away and came by that time.I went into guest room .He too came.I asked him to lay down on sofa and open his orgon.He laid on sofa and kept his gun outside.I kept his cock in my mouth and sucked slowly.He removed his cock and made his upper skin go back and inserted in my mouth.I was smelly.Inspite of it I liked it,He fucked slowly in my mouth and it was erected to its position.He fucked f***efully for 5 minutes and cummed huge quanty of his load in my mouth.It was salty and silky.I dont know to split it outside or to swallow.With him arms he closed my mouth and made to swallow completely.That was the first time that I sucked a cock and swallowed cum.We both came to my room and I contacted my head office on my cellphone and requested them to allow me to place my boy as temporary basis so that he helps me in my personal mattersat office as if he was my assistant After a lengthy discussion, they accepted me to appoint the boy.Kumar was witnessing the entire issue.Happily I told him from this movement you are my personal assistant and look after my desires.He felt happy.He requested me to come to his house once and inform that he had been appointed in my office.In the evening both we went to his house.It was a farmers house, old one constructed with mud.He introduced me to his parents and I informed them, he was my assistant in my office work and he should be with me always.They happily agreed.As I was returning from his home, Kumar informed his parents that he may come back home after I complete my dinner at night.Both reached my room and kumar went to hotel to get my meal. Mean while I took my bath and waiting for him.finally he came and went into another room which was my bed room.After a while, he called me inside.I went there. To my surprise , he was with a brany glass in his hands ,with having any cloths on his body. He offered me the glass and said that, he was giving me partyin this happy occation.But I was not in the habit of drinking.Even then to satisfy him, I too the glass and consumed slowly.After 5 minutes again he had given another glass.I got some giddiness. He f***ed me to drink. I completed it.He came to me, and removed my cloths one by one.He rubbed his cock on my face, sucked my cock and then my nipples. He kissed me and took my tounge into his mouth and sucked it.I want to suck his cock. But he f***ed me to take food.After its completion ,he kept his cock in my mouth and aloowed me to suck.I had sucked the cock for a long time.He had given another glass of drink.I refused to drink it. Sir, pl have it. You can enjoy a lot.At last, I took it.I was in full drukn stage and I dont know what happend next to it.I got up by 7.00am in the morning.My ass was full of cream.I could not get up easyly. Some pain was coming from inside.I tried to recolect the things which were happended. But I could not able to imagin.Finally I came to conclution that ,I was fucked.Kumar came to my room at about 9.15am. He smiled at me. He came very near and said that my ass hole was very tight and he fucked me twice in the night.I was afraid and said why you fucked me with out my knowledge? It may leads health problems.He said, dont worry. Nothing will happened.I was not happy.On that day, kumar said he got some work and he wont come night to my room.On that night, I tested my ass. Now there was not so much of pain. It seems it was coming to normal stage.Next day, Kumar came to office by 11.00am and said that he could not come to office with in the time because his old teacher entrusted some work to him.On that night kumar requested me to allow him to fuck. I refused saying that there was still pain.He had given me a tablet and said that ,pain relief will get soon and advised me to take rest and went away. .Continued
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