First Time Adult Theatre Cum Pig

As I put my clothes back on, the Hispanic man, who just dumped a huge load in my ass, watched me. He would randomly call me a slut or a whore and ask me if i was ready for more cock than I could handle. I smiled at him seductively, I couldnt wait to see how great this would be.

We arrived at the adult theatre about 30 minutes later. It was in a real shady part of town, and I was a bit nervous. We went inside and it was setup almost exactly like an old movie theatre. We walked in and there was porn playing on the screen. I looked around in the dark theatre room and could see men playing with their cocks while watching. There were probably 30 men in the room all different ages races and sizes.

The Hispanic man grabbed me suddenly and pushed me to my knees. In one foul swoop his cock was in my mouth while we were right in the aisle. I began sucking it and licking it and he waved over other men from around the room. His cock tasted like a mixture of my ass and his cum, this turned me on further. I pulled my pants off and began playing with my ass. It was still well lubed from the load he had given me earlier.

Random hands began feeling my body up. Cocks began rubbing my face, so I obligingly sucked them all. I felt a tongue enter my ass hole. I let out a loud moan from this and the Hispanic man asked me if I liked that. I told him I did. He then backed away from me and yelled that I was a bareback slut and wanted to be bred by each guy tonight. This alarmed me a little as I had gone into the entire gay sex thing with the plan to play safe this time, but he was right, I was a bareback slut and all I wanted was cock and cum in my ass.

Within seconds of him saying that, I felt a cock shove into my hole. It was not as girthy as the Hispanic mans, but it was longer. I felt it travel deep inside of me and I moaned in satisfaction. I told him to fuck me hard and give me his load. He was happy to do so, and slammed me for about 2 minutes before depositing his seed in me. All while this is going on, men are taking turns letting me suck their cocks. More cocks enter my hole and fill me with cum. It feels like an endless supply of cock and cum, this was my slutty gay heaven.

A very hung black man laid on the ground next to me. I mounted his giant sex tool and began bouncing up and down on it. He was so big that even after all of the cock I had taken, he was stretching me further. Each thrust seemed to reach further into my hole, and each time, it sent ecstasy surging through my body. I couldnt even concentrate on the cocks I was sucking because of the wonder black stallion I was riding. He pulled my head towards his and he stuck his tongue in my mouth. We kept kissing as I felt his cock begin to throb uncontrollably. He flushed my insides with a wave of his seed. As I began dismounting him, I noticed a biohazard tattoo across his stomach. I stared at it, realizing what had just happened. The black man smiled at me and nodded his head yes. He reached his hand around my ass, and scooped up some of his cum from my hole. He then fed me the cum, and told me I liked his poz load. I stared blankly for a moment, but then felt my cock get even harder. I had officially given up all inhibitions. I told him I loved his poz load and wanted more. He then yelled out to the rest of the guys that I was a cum pig and wanted poz loads.

I climbed into one of the theater chairs on my knees with my ass in the air. I felt a cock enter me slowly. I looked back to see an older white man with a 70s pornstache. I looked him in the eyes and he asked me if I was ready for his poz load. I begged him for his load and he began to cum immediately. When he finished, he slapped me and on my ass and called me a whore.

My ass was becoming sore from all the fucking. I decided to call it quits as I had drained the entire room. As the Hispanic man and I were walking out, the hung black man from earlier grabbed my hand. He told me I was coming home with him instead, as he had some unfinished business with me. I immediately got hard again, thinking what it could be. I said goodbye to the Hispanic man and the Black man and we made our way to his SUV.
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3 months ago
Great story very hot.
3 months ago
I love to be used like that
10 months ago
10 months ago
mmmmm this made me cummmm so HARD!
10 months ago
YEA BABY SEXY,sweetie!
10 months ago
Very hot and horny now I need used too xx
10 months ago
well hot and horny
10 months ago
10 months ago
Great story and it reminds me of the many times I have spent in an adult movie theater, naked as the day I was born and having men use both of my holes for their sexual pleasure and then searching for my clothes afterwards.