My first time with a MILF

The story begins 7 months ago when I got a job at a factory near my city. In my office there are 3 women and 3 guys. The womans are about 40-50 years old.
Being new there I was a little shy at first and started talking with the woman who sat in front of my office.
She helped me settle in and gave me advices on my work. She's a brunette, not to tall, about 5 feet 2", fit build. She has B-cup breasts. She works out once a week, keeps in shape.
Since we are colleagues, we spend a lot of time together in the office. We started to know each other a little better. She confessed to me that her husband is lazy and doesn’t work out and she doesn’t find him sexually attractive any more. In bed she does most of the work and wants a real man to fuck her good. After she told me this I started to get closer to her, touching her arm and putting my arm around her waist. She noticed and she answered back, touching my leg and petting my ass “by accident”. But nothing really happened and it all faded away and forgot about it. One day while on a break she saw me going out of the bathroom closing my zipper. I guess she got hot and called me over to talk about something. She was in the smoking area in our building.
- Hey I found that documents we were talking about earlier today. Come with me so I’ll show them.
- Okay. Let’s go. I want to finish with them as soon as possible!
- I hope you don’t do that with me! She said.
- What? I don’t understand.
Then she closed the door behind me and locked it. She grabbed my neck and started kissing me.
- What are you doing? I said. You could be my mom. It’s wrong!
- Oh I can’t stand it anymore, I want a young man to make me feel young again. Just kiss me
- I…I can’t. It’s wrong. I’m sorry.
- Oh..I see. Here let me wipe the lipstick from your neck.
And then she started to slowly wipe my neck and lips. As she did that I took a peak at her breasts who were sticking out of her bra and showing through the blouse. My cock started growing and a bulge in my pant started to show. She noticed it and she started going lower and lower on my body.
She pulled my zipper down and played with my cock though my boxershorts. I had now a fully erect cock.
- Can I kiss it? she asked me while she pulled out my cock trough my zipper hole.
- Ok, go on. Kiss it one time and then we’re finished.
- Let me show you how I kiss a cock.
She kiss the tip of my cock and then she swallowed it and started playing with it in her mouth. She pulled the foreskin down from the tip and softly bitten my cock. It felt awesome, I could fell the cum filling my balls. She did that for about a minute or so and then stopped.
- I think I’ll stop now. I guess it is weird to have sex with a young boy like you.
She kissed my cock once again and then she put it back into my trousers. By then in my mind I was already fucking her. I pulled up from her knees and started kissing her. I ripped the buttons on her blouse and her boobs were revealed. I started kissing them and biting her nipples. She moaned. I took her bra off and put her on the office desk. Her skirt was still on. I pulled her skirt up to see her pussy dripping through her panties. I took them off and started liking her pussy. She grabbed my hair and stared moaning.
- Don’t stop, please! Do it faster, faster.
I started fingering her while I was liking her pussy. She started to pull my hair and move her hips along with my tongue.
- Do you want to put my cock in you? Do you?
- Yes, yes. Slide that hard throbbing cock in me.
I started plowing her hard, so hard she pulled my cock out and started fingering and squirting.
- Fuck me like that! NOW! I haven’t had sex in months. It feels so good. Slide it in slowly so I can feel it good.
- I’m going to cum.
- Don’t cum in me! Cum on my ass.
And then she turned around with her ass right in my cock. As stood there with her ass waiting for my cum I put my cock in her ass and started having anal sex.
- What are you doing? Get it out.
- Don’t be such a bitch! You like it. Take it. Take it.
- No! It hurts. Get it out.
After 8-9 strokes of my cock in her ass she started to move her ass deeper on my cock. I slapped her ass a few times. I could feel her ass tightening on my cock. The pressure excited me a lot and I felt the cum coming out of my cock.
- I’m cuming!!
- I want you to cum in my mouth so I can taste that sweet cum o yours.
- Ok. Suck it now! It’s coming out.
- Hmm! So good. Thank you.

78% (34/10)
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1 year ago
way to rushed at the end
1 year ago
I Loved Your Story!
I got Stiff tingling Erection as I read it and I HAD to Jack Off & Cum afterwards!
I'm Johnny a Dirty Old Bisexual Man in America...
2 years ago
Enjoyed but a bit rushed at the end
2 years ago
thanks guys. hope you like my next one, I just post it.
2 years ago
not bad
2 years ago
Very good,,thanks
2 years ago
nice one
2 years ago