Mom fantasy from a friend

Oh honey, I wanted to send this note to you because I've found myself thinking about what happened last Friday night when I came home from work. Your dad had just moved out a few weeks earlier. We hadn't had sex for months prior to his leaving. As I said, I was just getting in after spending a happy hour at week's end with some co-workers. I was a little high when I came in. You were just out of the shower and telling me about your plans for the weekend. I listened to what you were saying, but I could help noticing your hard, tanned body and the curve of your ass under the towel. I know I must have shocked you when I hugged you hello and grabbed you ass, but I also noticed you cock coming to life under the towel. You didn't help matters when you held me tightly and asked what was wrong. I know you was totally shocked when I pulled the towel off you and began to stroke that beautiful young cock of yours. You only half-heartedly attempted to push me away, but I could see you flush with excitement. Once I had your attention, I knew I had to have my way with you. When you returned my hard, urgent kisses and began to move your hips as I continued to stroke you it became apparent where this was going. I 'sealed the deal' when I dropped to my knees and licked your large cock head and tongued the length of your shaft. When you rubbed my tits through my blouse, my nipples nearly exploded through the cloth. You were hardly resistant when I lead you, with my hand still on your magnificent cock, into my bedroom. I have to tell you, though, when you began to unbutton my blouse and run your hand up my skirt, I was stunned and almost stopped our action. But when your fingers hit my clit and entered my soaked pussy, there was no turning back. Before we knew it, we were naked and kissing on the bed. You slid down to worship my tits and pay homage to my hard nipples. I moaned and you thrust two fingers into my quivering cunt. I came almost immediately. When you began to lick and suck my hot pussy, I went wild, remember, and came again. Now it was my turn to suck on your throbbing, veined glorious love muscle. I made you jump when I deep-throated you. I bet none of your girlfriends ever did that, did they?You began to fuck my mouth and hold my head deeper onto you cock. I pulled you out of my mouth and begged you to fuck me. You spread my legs and plunged your rock hard manhood to the hilt until our hips collided in ecstasy. I've never been fucked like that, even when your dad and I were first married. We changed position and I climbed on top of you. My hips thrusts brought you cock completely inside me. I pumped furiously until you spurted all your hot cum deep inside me. When you were spent, I climbed off and sucked you clean. You tasted unbelievably sweet. Your erection returned and you began thrusting into my mouth. I turned around and you mounted me doggie style. We fucked with urgency for another half an hour, changed positions and pounding away. Finally you said you were going to cum again. I whirled around and took you load in my eager mouth. I clamped my lips around your throbbing shaft and milked your load into my mouth and down my throat. I just can't help remembering the best sex of my life, and to think it was with my own son. Oh, I hope you will remember it forever too.
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