Anonymous Midwest Cock, Part 1 (bi, m4m)

I'm a 48 year old, married guy who just happens to enjoy sucking
cock. My wife lets me play, as long as I follow a few simple rules.

This afternoon I had a few extra minutes before I had to be somewhere, so I
went to one of my favorite adult bookstores. I had had sex twice with my
wifev in the preceding twenty-four hours, but the cocksucking
opportunities don't happen often, so I took full advantage of a spare half

This particular bookstore has a dark arcade with booths that have room for
two or three. No gloryholes. This place can be hit or miss, so I drove by
the parking lot first. There were several cars and a few pickup
trucks. That was encouraging, so I pulled in and paid my admission.

I walked into the arcade, and my eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness as I
walked from booth to booth, peeking in the open doors to get a lay of the
land. There were a couple of closed doors, indicating that a few of the
guys had already paired up. The guys who were cruising were older and
bigger. That's good news for me. I like guys that way.

I looked in a booth showing a straight video, and a guy in his mid 50s was
stroking his cock, which stuck out from his shorts. He didn't try to hide
anything as I stood in the doorway, so we made eye contact and I slipped in
the room and closed and locked the door behind me.

Not a word was said; I dropped to my knees and took off my glasses. He
slipped his shorts and underwear over his shoes, revealing a nice, smooth,
plump cock. I also caught the flash of a wedding ring. Bonus. All things
considered, I'd rather suck off a married guy.

His cock was average, but sweet. I dove right in, softly taking as much as
I could into my mouth. He grabbed my hands and put them on his hips. I slid
my lips over his cock again and again, and I could feel him getting
hotter. He pulled away and told me to lick his balls. He was already
getting close to cumming and wanted to slow down. I gladly complied,
licking each ball lovingly. He moaned and whispered how good it felt. I
slipped my tongue up underneath the base of his cock and slowly moved my
mouth there until I was softly chewing that spot.

He pulled away again, took off his shirt, and asked what I wanted to do. I
replied "eat your cum." He sat back onto the bench seat, and I went to
work, putting my right hand to work, pumping his cock into my mouth,
letting my thumb slip over the sensitive underside, milking his cock for
his sweet cum. I felt him stiffen, then start to convulse as he filled my
mouth with cum. I raised the back of my tongue to prevent the squirts from
gagging me, and the cum pooled under the front of my tongue. I got every
drop. I looked up at him, let his cum ooze over my tongue, and swallowed
every drop. He handed me a paper towel, but I had nothing to clean up. He
didn't, either. We thanked each other, and I left the room while he

The booth across the hallway was cracked open, and I peeked in. There was a
chubby guy hunched over an older, trim man in his 50s who was sitting on
the bench, naked, and pumping his six inch cock furiously. I stepped in the
room just as the guy came buckets onto the floor. As his chubby cocksucker
stood up, I groped at his shorts, but he said he had to go.

I told the trim guy how hot that was, and stepped back into the hall, where
I started cruising the booths again.

A few minutes later I found the chubby cocksucker again, in a booth showing
a straight video, cock in hand. He nodded his head a bit, and I closed the
door behind me. Again, I was quickly on my knees. He had a small cock,
maybe four inches, and it was dripping pre-cum. I took it in my mouth for a
few minutes, then he took off his shorts and sat down. I noticed a wedding
band, and smiled a bit to myself.

He closed his eyes and turned his face to the ceiling as I did my magic. He
got harder and a bit longer, but I could still take all of him in my
mouth. It didn't take long before he whispered "I'm going to cum." Although
I appreciated the warning, I had no intention of letting him pull out. I
doubled my efforts, and was quickly rewarded by a few spurts of hot
cum. Then a few more, and more. I could not believe how much this guy was
cumming! I took every drop, and reluctantly let his wet cock slip from
between my lips.

I swallowed as he raved about how incredible it had felt. He squeezed a few
more drips out of his cock, and I couldn't leave them alone. I gingerly
licked them off the tip and he groaned.

Again, I slipped out as he got dressed. I was hoping for one more before I
left, so I cruised the booths again. I found one bigger guy who I think I
had sucked before. If it was him, he had huge balls and a nice, thick cock,
but he had smelled a bit like ass, so I passed him up. Nobody else looked
promising, and I needed to get going, so I walked out with two loads still
warm in my belly.
93% (19/1)
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2 years ago
We are fellows in the same trade! Very nice.
2 years ago
Hot fucking recount!
2 years ago
Thats why I enjoy adults arcades sometimes you can really hit the jackpot and you can suck and get fucked 2 tro 4or 5 times and others you won't get anything
2 years ago
i love guys like you :)
2 years ago