Alan, Julie, and me. MMF, bi

A true account of the events of 1/8/2013

The day started off early when, around 2AM, I awoke to find my wife's talented mouth wrapped around my cock. She said I was stroking it in my sl**p. I knew she was mostly right – I was only slightly awake and thinking of how today's threesome might progress. I enjoyed it for a short while, but had her stop so I could go back asl**p – I knew there was time for much more later.

I am 48 years old, married, and bisexual. I'm a lucky, lucky man; my wife gives me permission to play. I have two regular girlfriends, and enjoy the occasional man or woman outside these other relationships.

After the daylight came I dropped off my wife for work and made contact with Alan, the man who first introduced me to Julie. He has been looking forward to getting attention from both of us. He said he had just picked her up and asked me to meet them by the airport. When I arrived I hopped in his car and we drove to a nearby budget hotel. I talked to Julie a bit as he went in the office and paid for the room.

When we got to the room I slipped him some cash to help with the room and he started a bath for Julie. We began to disrobe and I got a nice warm hug from her as she made her way to the bathroom.

She brought her “bag of tricks,” some vibrators, dildos, and ropes. Alan had wanted to tie her up today, and he busied himself setting up the ropes and sent me into the bathroom to hang out with her. I kneeled at the edge of the tub and we talked until I felt him behind me. I got up and let him pass. He stepped towards her and slipped his short but fat cock into her mouth.

I watched for a minute and then returned to the bed to finish preparing the space. I laid out the condoms and lube that I brought, and examined Julie's toys, noticing that the vibrators all had dead batteries. “She has been busy,” I thought, amused.

They came out of the bathroom and Alan told Julie to get on her back on the bed and told me to grab a dildo. He was a bit clumsy as he inserted it into her pussy and began fucking her with it. I took advantage of the situation and held her down by her wrists and fed her my cock. I reminded her that if I did anything she was uncomfortable with, to just let me know. But she was one happy slut.

After a while Alan told her to turn over. She happily complied and he started to put the dildo in her ass with no lube! I stopped him and took the dildo, telling him I'd get it well-lubed. Julie was grateful. I greased up the dildo and rubbed lube into her ass. I watched him fuck her ass with the dildo and I took a couple of pictures with Julie's camera.

He told me to take over, and I took a much more gentle approach. Unlike Alan, my goal was to get her off, not just amuse myself. I turned her back over onto her back, grabbed a different dildo, and went to work on her with my mouth, while Alan had her start sucking his cock again. I slipped in the dildo and could feel her building to an orgasm. As she came, she squirted a bit and it flooded over my hands and I could taste the alkaline taste on my tongue.

She kept her mouth on Alan's cock and I switched up my methods, choosing to stimulate her G-spot with one finger while sucking firmly on her clit. It took her no time to come a second and third time.

I got up to wipe off my face, and Alan took my place between her legs. He began to fuck her roughly again with a dildo. I got on my knees and took Alan's cock in my mouth, and used my wet lips, tongue, and hands to work it over. It didn't take long and he grabbed my head and pushed it down all the way. Thankfully his cock is short so I easily took it all. He ground my face against his pubic hair and came in my mouth. I pulled off and used my hand to extract the last few spurts. I swallowed what he deposited and turned to Julie and said, “He just came in my mouth.” I moved up to her head and presented my hand covered with cum. She licked off every drop, and then I kissed her deeply.
Alan was suddenly done and ready to go. He didn't have the chance to tie her up. LOL. I had left my car at a different location, so we got dressed, he took me to my car, I stopped at a convenience store to buy some batteries, and I returned to Julie.

Back at the room I loaded batteries in her two favorite vibrators, then used them, my mouth, and hands to get her off another five or six times. My favorite was kneeling at her head with my cock in her mouth, pressing one vibrator against her clit, and one in her pussy. I love it when a woman cums with my cock in her mouth.

Finally I told her to get face down with her ass in the air. She quickly complied. I slipped on a condom and fucked her hard from behind. I grabbed a vibrator and held it firmly against her clit while she came again while I pumped in and out.

I checked the time, and realized I didn't have much time before I had to pick up my wife for lunch. I showered, took a grateful and happy Julie home, and continued my day.
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