Slut wife (continue)

I hugged my husband and said, let's go to the hotel. I asked him, do you think if we went to Olim, I was fucked five or six man. Of course don`t you know, as it is here. We were kissing, he stroked my ass. We quickly got to the room. I immediately got out of his trousers dick and took in mouth. He took me by the hair and put on a dick. I took the dick to eggs, dick was in my throat, I had nothing to breathe. He fucked me in all hole within two hours. Then finish on my face. He knows that I like to lick the sperm, take it with a finger and licking tongue. I rested for about five minutes, and said, I want to fuck, I want to be a dirty bitch today, I want you to give me to some stranger. He looked at me, do you really want it? Yes, yes, I want to fuck, I want to get me fucked as a dirty bitch, please think up something, give me someone. PLEASE, PLEASE , I beg you. Thank you for letting me be a bitch in the club, but I want more, I want this night to be fucking humiliated, mocked, if you cannot do it, I'm going to find myself adventure. He stood up, walked over to the cabinet took the bag which usually are stored my sex toys. He took the two things, and I threw them on the bed, dress up. These were leather collar with a chain leash and butt plug with a horse's tail. I put the collar itself, then bent like a cat, spread my ass and inserted the butt plug in the ass. I looked in the mirror and saw a lustful female with ponytail. He took my leash and led to the door and we went outside. We walked along the path towards the sea, the road was poorly lit, I was completely naked, only at the highest heeled shoes wore on me. Soon we reached the boulevard, which was along the beach. Husband put me on my knees, I put a hand on the ground and bent doggy style.
My ass climb up , boobs touching the ground. He was walking me, as the doggy, the dirty bitch. Five minutes later, out of the bushes came a security , who saw to it, that people don`t go down to the beach at night. It was Osama, we met with him earlier in the day, when we walk around the grounds. He asked us what we're doing here at night? Husband said, and led the bitch for a walk, she flows and wants to be fucked, and pulled my leash. I looked up and said softly please fuck me.
(Not a great retreat, I did not understand what had happened to me, at that moment on I found something. I like to have a good time, have fun, tease men, but which I have never reached. Now I want to be a dirty bitch, a whore to be fucked in all holes, humiliated, beaten, called dirty words. I wanted this.)
Osama went around me,, approached from behind and began to play with my tail. He quickly pulled out a butt plug inserted back, slapped on the ass, laughed saying great whore. My husband took Osama aside, they talked about something, looked at me completely naked, laughing . A few minutes later, they came to me, my husband took me by the collar, Osama' took for hair and put me on my feet. Osama turned my head and spat in my face, went dirty white bitch. We went down to the beach. They threw me on the sunbed, put on knees, ass up doggy style. Osama was standing in front of me, I saw that his dick tear trousers if it is not released. My hand reached for his trousers to get dick. No early. Osama took my hand. He hit me in the face, you're a whore will beg me to lick my hands and feet, to ask me to fuck you. My husband was sitting near to another deck chair and looked, I saw that he wanted Osama humiliates me. Osama came up from behind, pulled the plug and put it in my mouth, suck it bitch. His hands pushed my buttocks and he rudely put two fingers in my ass. His fingers moved faster and faster, and the entrance to my ass deeper. I was writhing, moaning, stick my ass on his fingers, asked him to shove else two fingers in my ass else.
He took his dick out of his trousers and began to masturbate herself. Dick was very large, about 12 inch, and very thick. He pulled his fingers from ass and thrust his huge cock in my ass. Dick entered for eggs, I'm not moaning, I screamed. I yelled that the white whore wants to be fucked, slut wants to be f***ed open. Well said, I like to fuck dirty white whores like how they scream, bitch, with one hand he grabbed me by the hair, and the other by the neck and began to choke me. He fucked me very hard his cock tearing my pussy. He quickly cum inside my ass, cum flowed from the ass, he offered his hand and took a handbreadth sperm, pulled my hair turned back and smeared sperm on my face. I opened my eyes and saw his ass over my face. He hit me in the face by a dick and told me open my mouth, fucked slut, take my dick in your mouth. I opened my mouth and tongue licked the remnants of sperm from dick and swallowed it. Osama lifted my legs and put two fingers in my pussy. He fucked me with your fingers, they went deeper and deeper. My pussy was getting wider and wider, and soon there were four fingers in my pussy. I moaned with pleasure, sucking dick. Dick was getting longer and longer, thicker and thicker, and since hardly fit into my mouth. I began to caress my fingers ass of Osama. One finger penetrated into the anus. I fucked my finger Osama`s ass, he fucked my pussy with his fingers. Orgasm followed for orgasm, I squirted from pleasure. Osama took out his huge dick out of my mouth and required to lick his anus. He could not order me to do it. I myself wanted to play with Osama`s anus. My tongue was playing, caressing, deep into the anus. Then he quickly get up, yanked leash to put me on feet , and told me to fuck yourself by hand. He held my leash and walked around me, hit me in the face, tits, twisted my nipples, said fucked whore, dirty bitch, fuck yourself, spit in my face and laughing. Then he pulled me to him from behind and put the dick in my ass one of the hands picked by the collar and began to choke me with his other hand grabbed my boob and began to twist my nipple. his dick was a very big, dick pierced me through and through I screamed, fuck me, fuck dirty bitch, break my pussy, fuck slut, bitch wants to be fucked. He fucked me very roughly, beat on tits, face, pulled out dick of the ass and inserted in my pussy and return.
I looked at my husband and I saw in his eyes that he likes as fuck his wife, wife whore, wife bitch, wife slut, fucked wife. He stood up, walked over to me and asked, do you wanted it. Yes my darling, thank you, do you love your whore? Yes baby, touched my face and said continue fucked slut.
Osama continued to fuck my ass his huge a dick, thrust his fingers into my pussy, I was his doll, he doing with me, all that he wanted. He hit me on my tits, my face, my ass, throat, spit in my face, putting off my nipples but I enjoyed it.
After some time, he grabbed me by the hair, spun and dropped me to my knees. His dick was in front of my face. He started to cum on my face. Sperm spread over the face, neck and tits. Osama rubbed the cum on my face, my makeup mixed with sperm. I licked the last drop of cum from dick Osama`s, at that time he discussed with my husband me, fucked slut. They laughed and called me a dirty whore, slut, bitch. Then my husband took the leash and dragged me to our room. Osama was behind and constantly slapping me on my ass, and said a excellent whore, fucking bitch, I'll be waiting for you the next night I'll be to fuck a white bitch, or do you want more cocks, well I call my friends
Early morning we left the hotel.

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1 year ago
да. история канешно впечетляет. браво!
2 years ago
top story, true?
2 years ago
2 years ago
после вервой части я даже не ожидал и не представлял такого продолжения...Света ты просто мечта...такой подход...такая открытость....муж наверное был просто в восторге..!!!!)
2 years ago
sexy story!