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A few years ago my husband and I traveled in one of the countries on the coast of the Red Sea. Hotel on the beach. Serviced staff only young boys. The road from the bungalow to the beach 20 m, of course no clothes, only a bikini, three small strips of hard cover up my pussy, and two strips on top of them fall out nipples. Came to the beach. Men are not blind, they catch the moment as with every step my nipple pops out of a thin strip of fabric. We went up to the sunbed , I remove the top. I always sunbathe topless. We lay there and discuss what we will do in the evening. A man came up to us. My name Olim, he said. I took off my sunglasses and looked at him, he was a man 28-30 years old, well built, high. We talked. He asked us how long we've come, how long we will be here, where we will spend the evening. He looked at me. One of my hand stroking my breasts, nipple stood the other hand slowly slid on his stomach to my pussy. My fingers were under the g-strings, and caressing pussy. I said that we would go to a night club in the evening. I saw his cock got hard. He said he knew a couple of good clubs and if we do not mind can join us. I looked at husband. He understood that I want to spend the night of threesome. I said why not. We are waiting for him in the 22 in front of the hotel.
We began to gather in the evening. I asked my husband what I wear. He replied that I was a smart girl who knows what to wear. I wore a little black dress. Under my dress was only the smallest black knickers. The feet wear sandals with high heels. I was ready.
We walked out of the hotel , our new friend was waiting for us. We took a taxi. My husband sat in front, and I with our new friend from behind. Batten down my dress to my pussy and small, black, lacy panties were opened to his view. Go to the club was about 10 minutes. He looked at me and put his hand on my leg, I smiled. He saw that I was not against it, and he started stroking my leg .. His hand rose higher and higher until it touched my panties. My pussy was already all wet, of course, he could feel it as my panties was wet too. My husband suddenly turned around and looked at us , he quickly took his hand off my leg. He looked at me, smiled and asked. Are you Ok. I nodded my head. I'm Ok. Then he looked at Olim and smiled and said do not worry and turned away. I took his hand and put it back on the leg near with panties.
Soon we reached the place. Came out of the taxi and went to the club. We walked on the street, the wind was blowing my short dress, exposing my ass. Men rolled up their heads and envied my companions. We set up at the club on the ground on the couch. My little black dress up again, exposing my legs up pussy, covered her tiny black thong. Everyone around could see it. I'm not shy, so here was dark. The waiter came up to us, while we make the order he did not take his eyes off my legs, staring at panties, we ordered some of drinks. We talked, our new friend looked as my husband caressed my leg. His hand moved slowly from the knees to the pussy and back . My husband looked at him, feel free to touch her legs, she likes it. He slowly put his hand on the leg closer to the pussy. My husband put hand under my dress and pulled out a tits, Olim did the same. I was pleased, I threw her head back on the couch, hands caressing my body, someone's fingers penetrated under panties touched the labia, someone kissed the nipple. My hands reached out to cocks. My bliss interrupted by the waiter "your drink". I opened my eyes in front of us was a waiter, with his eyes wide open, my dress was to batten down, boobs naked, panties shifted, opening pussy for viewing. We took a drink and not paying attention to him continued. They started playing with me more hard. Olim hand fully penetrated into my panties, fingers open pussy and two fingers into pussy. My hand went to his cock, unzipped, and his dick to break free. Dick was standing as the count, he struggled to fit in my fist. I took the dick a fist, fingers playing with the dick head. He fucked me with his fingers, he took out his fingers completely and abruptly inserted them back. sometimes they linger in my pussy, broaden pussy and penetrated another finger into pussy. I quietly moaned, roll orgasm. My husband sat on the other hand, his hands playing with tits, then strongly squeezing boobs, then gently stroked the nipple, beat on my tits, draw off , twisted nipples. Then he, too, put two fingers into my pussy, they fucked me four fingers , my pussy was stretched, there would enter and ten fingers, sometimes I piss with pleasure. I do not remember how long it lasted, how many people saw as they fuck lustful slut. But I was not up to it, i masturbated dick Olim, moved my hand faster and faster, soon came out of his chest crying, he cum in a fist. After a while we left the club. Security smiling and laughing as I walked to the door. We took a taxi and went to the hotel. We sat on the back, they again pushed my legs and play with my by a pussy, the driver could see my feet and pussy in the mirror, it is having fun. When we got out of the taxi, Olim offered to go to his flat. I looked at my husband, he told me, he thinks that Olim rents an apartment is not one, men five or six lives there and if I want to be ………….
I kissed my husband looked at Olim and said let's go …………..

to be continued

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2 years ago
начал читать и был чертовски заинтригован..такая шикарная девочка...темпераментная...страстная....просто прелесть...настоящая ебливая сучка..!!!!!
2 years ago
2 years ago
Sad.. left her hubby to become a slut.. :(
2 years ago
i would like to be secand Olim (((
2 years ago