Cleave gag

I open wide and a soft, silk scarf is put in, gently pulled to the corners of my mouth. I bite down, the scarf over my tongue,press up against it,my small and pink tonguecan't move over it.

Thepressure begins as Ifeel the knot on the back of my neck.The silkhissing as the knot is pulled tighter and tighter. My eyes roll back and my eyelids come down, eyebrows arching, chin lefting slightly and a moan comes out of me as the scarf pushes against the corners of my lips.

The knot is suddenly and brutally cinched, my head jerks a little and a small, gagged, "Oh!" escapes me. The scarf presses on my cheeks. Teeth automatically clamped down. Tongue trying to move, so good...hurts a little and I like it....

Slowly open my eyes. See myself in the mirror. The blue scarf past my teeth. I just make little noises.No words. Lips closing and opening. I finally speak, I finally say "yes", and a little bit of drool splashes on my breast....
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4 years ago
One single silk scarf can do wonders for a woman, who knows what she wants from it ;)P