The Power of Sensations

Your finger is in me, twirling, flicking, teasing, hitting all the right spots. Your thumb is pressing hard on my clit, moving in small circles, making me shudder and whimper. Legs clenched, grinding my hips, wanting and needing more from you.My black heels, my only clothing, tapping on the floor with each twist of pleasure you give me.

I feel the brick wall on my back, my hands in steel cuffs, very tight.My mouth has a ballgag in it and a silk scarf serves as my blindfold. My head is constantly moving, trying to see, wanting to know more.I'm making small noises through my gag, I think I am saying please over and over again. A tickle of drool slides down my chin when you grab my neck and f***e my head against the wall. You just made me more excited.

Tiny hands clenching into fists, straining against the cuffs, it almost hurts. You squeeze my neck sightly and my body goes rigid. You move your finger and thumb faster, causing me to breathe more deeply. You hiss in my ear about how bad I am, how filthy I am, how naughty and slutty I am...and each time I try to nod. Tell you yes, I am a slut, I am bad and naughty, punish me, please...

You release my neck.My body slumps against the wall. My hips are moving on their own. So wet, I am so wet, oh don't you dare stop, don't you fucking dare....

Suddenly, I feel your teeth slightly bite on my nipple, tongue flicking at it. Your free hand is pinching my other nipple. My head falls to one side, one big moan causing drool to slide out from under the gag. The sensations are overwhelming. Pain, pleasure, pain, little sharp shocks. This is all I know now. I cannot see, just hear and feel. You pull away I plead through the gag. Why did you stop?Don't! Don't!

I feel your second finger jam its way in, taking me by surprise, I go on my tip toes. My hands unclench, fingers splay out, pulling on the cuffs even harder. Under the blindfold, my eyes roll back. My mouth opens wide and the gag goes even farther in on its own. Body totally rigid.I am not moving at all, body paralyzed by the overwhleimg sensations. I'm having a hard time trying to ride it out. My breaths are short and quick...I don't think I can do this...this is too much...I th-

Your mouth on my breast, suckling, licking, chewing on my nipple.Oh god..oh god...oh god...I can't breathe...can't feel my body...pleasure, so much...feels so good...I can't...please stop...I can't...too much...can't make air...pleaseIcan'tfeelssooowonderfulgoingtodiepleaseohplease...

The gag is ripped outof my mouth.Confused.Only feel you in me.Heart pounding. Mouth wide open. Can't see. Oh god, another wave, no, I love it but no, can't do it...pleasestoppleasestopdon'tstopletmedielikethisohgodohgod...

Kissing me, love it when you kiss me, finally breathing, screaming in your mouth, can finally feel my body again, shaking, out of control, won't listen to me, ohmygod, don't do that don't move your finger again...ohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodkissmekissmekissmedon'tstopdon'tstopsogoodsogoodyesyeysyesyesyesyesYESYESYES!

Blast of heat and warnth and drowned in pleasure.Legs give way, falling but you catch me and lower me to my knees. Gasping. Can't think. The cuffs are off now. Trying to raise my hands. Shaking so bad. Sniffling, trying not to cry. So good. Felt so good, so scary, but felt so good. Can't undo the knot, pull the scarf down instead. So exhausted. Sore, in a good way. Chest still heaving. Don't cry, don't cry, bite your lip, don't cry. Almost too much, but so good, oh so good.Throbbing a little.

Don't rub my wrists. Don't be tender. Don't. I'm barely hanging on, please stop. Brushing my hair back. Don't. Stop. Still feeling the aftershocks of what you gave me. I just cannot let you touch me. I don't want to fall apart. So weak, hands on your chest, don't hold me, don't, you are so good, but I just can't handle any more touchi-

Lips soft on my forehead. I look into your face. Everything is quiet. Your eyes. You kiss my forehead again. No. You know I love it. Stop. Don't. Yes. Feel a tendril of pleasure, hands on your chest, close my eyes. You kiss me again, you say something...oh god...oh god...

My arms go around your torso, up your back, clutching you, neck choked with small noises...I put my head in the nook of your shoulder and I cry. I clutch at you and I cry. So good.So good. Crying.I start to fall asl**p. I can feel you cradle me.So warm. Yes. Everything is fine. Feel safe. You can have me. Whenever. I'm yours. So content.

I love the way you destroy me....
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4 years ago
Beastiful - nice typo - beautiful story of love, conquer and complete surrender. First Suzy tells us how hot she got from the caresses... Next, that she's all tied up and gagged - has to take whatever comes to her ... Which makes her cum terribly at the end ;)P
4 years ago
Erotic and so realistic!