Soft Cuffs on the Couch

So, last night, decided thatI was up for a little self bondage. Stipped down to a t-shirt and panties (light blue for those who want to know), chose a DVD (Ballista 2, an older one) and went to the couch. While standing up, I put on soft cuffs around my ankles adn on my thighs. Could shuffle aroudn if I had to but wasn't planning on it. For a little stimulation, bent over and inserted a small, vibrating anal probe, letting the control dangle from the panties waist band, didn't turn it on.

On then went a collar with one ring, very tight, left me gasping just a tad. Chose a medium sized, red ball gag, putthat in, past my teeth, cinched it tight.Pressed play on the remote. Slowly sat down and then put on the cuffs, the quick release ones, wrists behind my back. Fumbled for the anal probe control, put it on a pulse setting. Stretched out on the couch, turned on my side to watch the movie...

Pretended I was the girl inthe movie. Being groped, tied up in difffernet positions, tortured, f***ed to suck and have sex... Writhing on the couch, ass being vibed, I changed the setting to continuous vibe, which made me squirm evenmore. Trying to get free, moaning and begging in the gag. Drooling, whimpering, begging the bad men to stop (not wanting them to), finally rolling ver on my stomach, clenching my ass cheeks over and over again, moving my hips up and down, eyes rolled back into my head whenI came, opening my mouth widethe ball moving further in while drool rushe dover my chin as I let out a big "ooooohhhh!"

Laying there, panting,shaking a little, undid the wrist cuffs. When I pulled the vibe out, I had another smaller orgasm. Undid the buckle behind my neck, pushed the ball gag out. Collapsed and waited for a bit before undoing the other cuffs. Legs a bit weak and shaky. In a good way.

Just another way to pass the night....
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4 years ago
Fascinating to read how you know to handle yourself in restraints.