Of Gags and Fire Alarms

So, late last week, there I was, unable to sl**p, so I figured I would throw on a ballgag, some cuffs, and do a little role playing; k**napped girl trying to get loose. I was down to my tee and panties, and slipped on the gag (medium sized, tight as always) and then put a scarf, over that, like an OTM gag. I had one cuff on, and the idea was that the chain would go behind the head board and the other cuff on my wrist. I sat on my bed and then laid down, worked the cuffs on the headboard, and was about to fasten myself for a little bit of struggling…

The building’s fire alarm went off.

I sat up and saw myself in the mirror, looking totally ridiculous. Cuffs dangling from one wrists and very, tightly gagged. I got as far as standing in front of my bed before realizing that I should…change my appearance. Cuff was easy, quick release, the scarf took a moment to undo and of course popped the ballgag out. Quickly changed and got my stuff together and as I passed the mirror again…two marks on either cheek from the ballgag straps. But I had to leave…damn fire alarm.

If anyone noticed, no one has said anything. But I knew the marks were there. I was somewhat embarrassed, but more than a little excited. I thought about it some more and wondered what it would be like if I had to go out the way I was? Felt my heart race some more. Then I though…what if I was with someone, just in my tee and panties, hands cuffed behind me, large ballgag in my mouth, having a collar on and being led out in front of everyone by a leash…

I felt my face turn very, very red and hot. I had to walk around the block to calm down a little. Touching the marks on my cheeks every now and again. The fire crews let us back in fairly quickly, it was a false alarm. I changed into my pj’s and fell right asl**p. I guess counting sheep and warm milk help some to sl**p…for me it’s the idea of public bondage and humiliation. Who knew? ;)
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4 years ago
Excellent story, explaining how someone discovered her 'nasty' need ... Imagine, she might have panicked, unable to get untied in time - and the firemen would have found her there on this false alarm ... False? She got smoking hot.
Next alarm, she'll stay inside and waits what will happen ... But, what if it's not a false alarm?