Unwillingly Seduced, Part Four

A week passed by and true to his word, the asshole never called me. Never texted me. Nothing. Not a thing.

I should've said something, but his back was already to me. I was keyed up. I wanted more. I always want more. All I got was his back. His back. Nothing else.

He left me standing there, outside of the bar. Newly wiped off drool on my hands, stupidly standing there. I thought there would be more. I wanted more...

The whole week, I kept the cell in my pants pocket. Hoping to feel the buzz. A long and intermittent one meaning a call. A shorter one meaning a text. Nothing.

I would go home and keep checking the cell. Wondering if perhaps I missed his call. Nothing. Just a vision of his smug smile. A very satisfied smile. Then his back when he walked away from me. Just like he promised he would do. Leave me alone. Leave me wanting. Bastard.

Fuck him.

I went online, called up my trusty Fetlife account. It had been awhile since I did any directed self-bondage. I used to make a post, fill it with options; dress, gags, restraints, etc. Let other posters vote and go with the majority. It was time to do it again. The post took me only a few minutes to write. And with a click...it was posted.

I waited just a day. I tallied the votes and started to get my gear together. This time was a little bit different. I decided to use an old Yahoo Messenger account so that people could message me in real-time. Once I set up the time and date, I sent Mr. Asshole a text to find the proper chatroom.

I wanted him to see. I wanted him to read the messages that told me how they wanted to bind and gag me. Calling me names, filthy names. How they would grab me, k**nap me. Control me. Fuck me. I wanted him to see what he was missing out on. I sent the message.

And that was the exact moment that I realized how stupid I was being.

After all, didn't he already abuse me in the restaurant? Assumed I would lick his boots in the bar? Smugness over the fact that we both knew I found him attractive. Giving in, letting him control me, a picture of me being so slutty on some unknown man's laptop, a fantasy victim?

I groaned. Too late. The votes were in and I promised to bend to the will of the majority. I did my usual ritual and cleaned my gear. And washed the outfit I was going to wear. Then I waited for the following night at midnight to do my little self-bondage act.

I pulled out the fuku I had bought at Otakon last year. It was a cheap thing, really. But it does the trick. It makes the boys stop thinking and certain girls to start to thinking. Basically your Sailor Moon-esque costume. Next I brought out my nice, white socks and brown loafers. Keeping in with the Japanese schoolgirl theme, I pulled out my Hello Kitty panties.

I brought out my lengths of soft ropes. White and comfortable. I use them when I know I'll be in bondage for a longer amount of time. Next, I got my wonderful Hitachi. A woman should never go through life without one. And lastly, the gag....

The gag that was chosen was a wiffleball ballgag. Doesn't muffle sound worth a damn, but certainly makes one very drooly. Plus I like to play with it with my tongue. And the strap was designed for a small person like me; I can get it very tight.

Almost showtime.

I dressed up in my fuku. Wore a headband to complete the look. I brought my gear, cell and laptop into the hallway inside of my apartment that led to my door. I sat down, close to the door. I set up the laptop, one click away from entering the chatroom.

I wrapped the rope around my ankles, nice and tight, cinching the knot. I needed my knees unbound so I could bring the Hitachi in between my legs. Normally, I want my legs very tightly bound. I wrapped rope over and under my breasts, tying off behind my back. The required a certain flexibility on my part, and after a couple of tries I got it. I wrapped rope around my ribcage and tied it off in front of me. There was just enough room for me to eventually fit my arms through.

I brought up the gag. I looked at it. I closed my eyes and with the tip of my small tongue, I gave it a small lick. I pulled it in, past my teeth, as deep as I could get it without choking on it. I pulled on the straps, making it tight. *Tight*.

The submission started creeping in from the sides. Wanting the helplessness. A delicious numbing and electrifying feeling....

...make me do it...like I always wanted all of you to do...

I pushed my arms into the ropes. The ropes crushed into the crook of my elbows, crushing my sides, making me gasp. I slipped the handcuffs on. Cold steel on my wrists. My breath quickened. I looked at the door, closed and locked.

...do it...

I pressed my back against the wall and pushed up with my legs. It was hard, bound as I was. But I wasn't afraid of falling. I slid up the wall until I was fully upright. I stood there for a moment, staring at the inside lock.

I shuffled the five feet. Hands bound in front, a little, naughty schoolgirl making her little way to the door. I caressed the latch with a finger. I turned it slowly until it made a loud snap.


I shuffled back to my laptop. I looked down, realized that I was a minute late. I brought my back to the wall again and slid down. I looked at the laptop, the messenger just waiting fro me.

I turned on my side, legs curling up. I reached for the button and clicked it it. I was in. I told everyone I was in the chatroom, that I was bound and gagged for them. Ready to use my Hitachi for them, to be their little schoolgirl, bondage slut.

The replies were instant. Hello's. Hi's. Call me on my cell fuckslut, NOW! Hey, baby. Did you cum yet? You're a whore aren't you? I love you. You r sooo cute! Drool for me! Beg for my cock! I wanna **** you so bad! Take my cock, TAKE IT ALL!!!

I told them that I was bound and gagged, ready to cum with my vibe. Call me names. Tell me how you will fuck me. **** me. All while I'm getting off. And, oh, by the way, my door's unlocked. I'm all bound and gagged and ready for you, if you can find me, you get to keep me!

The replies were endless. Sexy, erotic, vicious, scary, needy, damaging, loving, murderous devotion. The men giving vent to their desires, sadistic and lovely. The women being catty, mean, and deliciously feline in communicating their wants.

My Hitachi increased in power. I guided it over my wet panties. Feeling the vibrations inside me. A building pressure. My body undulating. Making soft sounds, whimpering. Finally moaning.

The drool tickled as it dropped onto my chin. Then a thick and slow warmth as it cascaded over my chin, hitting my arms. My head turned into the wall. The pressure was about to break.

It caught me by surprise. The orgasm made my body convulse. My knees driving up and then down, my loafer slapping against the wall. Body pushing against the ropes, crushing. Waves drowning me in pleasure. Eyes rolled up as I yelled a plea to fuck me, to take me, to kill me, drool a torrent, covering me as my please and moans turned into whimpers that almost sounded like sobs.

I slumped to the floor. Watching the comments march down. All the loves and degradations. None of knowing my release.

I fumbled for the key. I unlocked my cuffs, letting them fall off my wrists. I was still panting. Achingly, I slowly pulled my arms out of the ropes. Too tired o take the gag out.

Exhausted. I could barely type that I had came. The comments slowed down, becoming softer, telling me to just breathe, relax. Saying to me call me, baby. I want you beside, darling. I love you. I won't ever let you go.

I unlatched the gag and let it simply fall out of my mouth with one last strand of drool trickling down my cheek. I closed my eyes. Periodic beeps of incoming messages. No thoughts. An aching that I always have I after I cum, after I cum alone.

I opened my eyes and looked to the side of the laptop, where my cell was.

...you didn't call me...

I sighed. Felt the lump in my throat.

...I wanted you to pay attention to me...

I closed my eyes. I had to type something soon. Talk to those who came to me online. Wanting the the electronic whispers to kiss me. Wanting one particular set of ghostly lips.

...why did you walk away...

After chatting for a little while, I turned off the lap top. I undid the ropes. Looking at the unlocked door.

...I wanted you to find me...

I locked the door and walked back to my bedroom. I threw the cell onto my bed, took off my clothes. I was naked looking at myself in the mirror. Pulled the headband off. Wondering why I was this way.

I looked to the bed, crawled under the covers. I placed the cell phone on the night table. I clicked off the light. I closed my eyes for restless sl**p and heard my cell buzz quickly.

I snatched the cell, sat upright in my bed and read the message. My heart thumped loudly. I had to blink my eyes. My mouth dropped open. At this time of night!?!? And how did he know where I live!?!?!? I read his text out loud in amazement and a little bit of fear.

“You little bitch. I got your message. I saw the comments online. I'm in the alley. You have my attention. Come to the window with your cell and call me. NOW!”

(end of Unwillingly Seduced, Part Four)

13th Floor Bar, a place you might find me at... http://13floorbelvedere.com/

Oh, yeah...the annual, k**nap Suzy at Otakon is coming up soon!
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