Last Sunday's Self-Bondage, Unlocked Door Ses

(not a story, rl event)

Last Sunday evening was intense.

I took my time getting my karada right. Otherwise, I didn’t have much on, tan stockings and that was pretty much it (a request, yes I do some requests). When I got online, there were about ten of you waiting, plus a few more joined in later.

My tie was simple; handcuffs behind the back. My legs were tie with ropes. My gag a bit more intense, packed my mouth with panties (used), held in with tape, and the word “SLUT” written over the tape (another request and it was duct tape). I was completely vibed…an anal plug and one right over my clit. The controls were taped to my wrists so that I could control them.

I was standing at first. And yes, I tried typing with my hands behind me. Very, very difficult. I switched to the front for my hands just to make communication easier. Found myself kneeling shortly after that. And then after that, lying on the floor, watching the IM’s come in.

You all told me how much of a slut I am. A whore…undeserving of even punishment. You told me how you wanted to pull my hair, tease me, deny me an orgasm…one person even wanted to bag me!

Finally, I wound up at my door, wrists behind me again. Vibes on max. I leaned against the door and shouted loudly through the gag. Begging to be fucked for real. Screaming when I came. I had cum so many times, that this last time really hurt.

Once I got under control, I talked to some of you. I still need to catch up to some of you, and I will. It was a very intense couple of hours…and yes, I slept withmy gag on…

That night was a little bit different for me. Instead of desperation and need…I was being satisfied…and feeling very much the slut. A certain sense of greediness. Yet at the same time, losing my sense of self. I didn’t care…just fuck me. Enjoying seeing what you would do to me. It was as if, my only purpose was to cum and cum and cum….

The price of course was barely being able to walk the next day and going to work…

Part Four of Delightfully Evil will be coming soon!

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2 years ago
very good
4 years ago
That make my pant get narrow... why i read that at work?