Ropes on me and under my clothes in public

(This spanned over two days, the first part is a post the night before I walked around with a karada tie, and hte second part is actually doing it!)


(12:46am, just started to write this)

So I am going to do something later on today (Saturday) that I am VERY nervous and excited about!

I’ve read about it before in stories and have often thought about doing. The problem was that my rope-work for self bondage has not been always that great. But I re-found this picture (as you can see here) and it made me think about trying it now. So after some practice…I’ve gotten a simple karada torso tie down.

Basically it is what you see in this picture, but a tad simpler (went to a couple of different websites to research simple karada ties for beginners). But what is important is that there WILL be a crotch rope with small knots in it and will have the same diamond pattern. The rope isn’t very thick, but not like twine either (and yes it is treated for bondage use). I still wear panties with the rope going over it, it’s more comfortable that way. You might be thinking: what’s the big deal? Well, it’s the first real Japanese tie I’ve done to myself. And…

I will be wearing the karada under my clothes in public for most of the day.

I will be wearing a dark, button down shirt, collar will be buttoned and a knee length, loose skirt. I will be riding the bus downtown. Walking around downtown, while shopping. And, I may try on clothes with it on. I plan to be mostly indoors because of the heat.

I’ll post as soon as I can about it sometime in the evening. Wish me luck!

(1:03 am now, have to post this now)

P.S. - Part Three of Delightfully Evil will be up soon!


It took two tries to get the karada right. It had to be snug enough on my body so there wouldn’t be too much slippage, but loose enough to breathe. The ropes around my chest were restrictive enough to affect my breathing; I couldn’t take deep breaths, but was fine otherwise. The crotch rope was just tight enough that it wouldn’t slip out of place, and felt pretty good. I got my clothes on and started for the door.

The first thing was that crotch rope worked its way a little bit deeper as I walked to the door. Felt VERY good. But I got scared and was debating if I should go out, I was afraid of having an orgasm before getting on the bus. I tried to take a deep breath and the ropes held my chest pretty much in check. There was pressure under and over my breasts. It almost felt like someone was tugging on the rope in back, reining me in.

It was around noon when I left. The walk down the hall was very trying. The knots were firm and with every step, I was rubbing on them. I bit my lower lip the whole length of the hall. It didn’t hurt, but each step made each movement over the knot like a small flick. I was very relieved to be on the elevator and to stop walking for a minute.

I walked through the lobby and caught myself on the security TV at the front desk; I was walking a bit funny. So, I pretended to check my mailbox, giving myself practice walking normally. It was very hard to not reach down and move the rope off and to the side of my panties. Finally, I walked outside and down the block to the Circulator bus stop.

Once I got on, I immediately sat down. Within three stops the bus was full. The karada, when sitting down, gets tighter. I had to breathe a little bit shallower, and the rope was just tighter everywhere. Every time I shifted, a sharp tendril of pleasure occurred. I made a noise that I tried to play off, but the lady next to me heard me. I got very red in the face. I wasn’t embarrassed that someone figured out what I was doing. Really, it was because I really thought I was going to give myself away.

When I stood up, the pressure was reduced and I was relieved. I got off at Pratt Street and walked towards the Inner Harbor Harborplace mall. I felt very snug. Almost comfortable, but still the crotch rope was very distracting. I was able to get to a point where, if I walked more slowly and took my time, it wasn’t so bad. But then I was getting in the way. So I breathed quickly through my nose, trying to control myself. I was moving more easily over the knots, mainly because I was so wet.

I went to Victoria’s Secret on the second level. I took my time walking around the store. I wanted to build the pressure. I bought some black lace lingerie and a pair of tan stockings (as requested by someone for another reason and day). My face was flushed and I could barely concentrate. I went further up to Ann Taylor and picked a skirt and a blouse at random and got a dressing room. I was getting pretty worked up.

I let my clothes fall on the floor and I looked at myself in the mirror. The rope looked good and snug, I liked the pattern. My breasts were somewhat being supported by the rope. My nipples were very hard. The rope was WAY up in me, pushing my panties in and getting them wet.

I leaned back against the wall, still looking at myself. My hands were on the wall as were my shoulders, the rest of me at an angle away from it. That put pressure on everything. I moved my hips back and forth, slowly, moving myself over the knots. I was staring at my breasts in the mirror and I let my hands up, caressing them, then kneading then pinching my nipples.

Knowing I would make noise, I covered my mouth with my hand. Still moving slowly, tweaking my nipples, looking at myself, I then started pulling on the rope. Tighter and very much in my pussy, rubbing over my clit. I stopped only after a minute. I was a little bit shaky. Bending over and putting on my clothes made things tighter and I squirmed even more. I didn’t even think about being discovered. I still wasn’t. And I kind of wanted to be found. I wanted to be seen. Yeah, yeah, stupid and crazy, I know.

The walk back to the Circulator and the ride home was very hard. I was very swollen and wet. My nipples were chafing against my shirt. The rope was feeling very restrictive to me and was starting to rub a little. Every movement seemed to be pleasurable and to hurt at the same time. I closed my eyes for most of the way until I got to my building. By the time I was down the hallway, I was in some pain. I was feeling very raw.

The first thing I did after getting in was going straight to my bed, letting my skirt drop. I very quickly grabbed the first gag, a ballgag and slapped it in. I grabbed the crotch rope with both hands and pulled. I rubbed, moving my hips as quickly as possible. I was on my side, humping and yelling into my gag, not sure what I said. Less than a minute and I came hard.

After laying there for a few minutes, I finished undressing. I knelt on the bed and started to undo the knot over my waist, it was the main knot that held the karada firm. Once I undid it and pulled it out from between my lips and off my clit, the pressure everywhere simply vanished. It was lovely, wonderful and I came a little. It took a few minutes to be completely free of the ropes and the gag. And then I took a very long nap.

I have to admit, I thought I would be more scared. Or ashamed. I was nervous and I did get embarrassed, but I quickly got over it. I think part of it was that the karada made me feel safe in a way. My own little secret that only I knew about. It was a little empowering. The other part of it was that I think I was concentrating more on the physical aspect of it all. I was concentrating pretty hard. The dressing room felt very naughty, and I really enjoyed being that way. I think that’s why I had the insane thought of wanting to be caught…then I would have to be punished.

I have, right now, rope marks over my breast still. My shoulders have matching rope bruises. And I am still throbbing a little. The whole thing made me feel sexy and bad. I feel very relaxed, languid.

I have to post this now (its 12:28am). Sweet dreams everybody!

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2 years ago
thanks nice story
3 years ago
Good descriptions of your arousal, thanks for letting us share your experience.
4 years ago
thank you for sharing this beautiful bite of writting with us