Self Bondage on Saturday Night

Did some self-bondage this past Saturday. ? I decided to change things up a little bit this time.

I wore a blue, skirt that went halfway down my thighs. White blouse, long sleeved, buttoned all the way up, knee-high socks, loafers, and yes, my old school tie (dark blue). I wore a simple, white head band. Went for the schoolgirl look. But, no panties.

Took a chair, a set of recording headphones and my laptop to the hallway, ten feet away form the door…and, yes, I unlocked it. I set my laptop and clicked on a bondage movie compilation that I made with my new editing software. It was about thirty minutes long and stuff from ZFX/Shockwave, Juliette’s a*****ions, old Harmony stuff, some stuff from, you get the idea. I made it just for this. I started the movie, put it on repeat.

Before tying myself up, I put on a butterfly vibe, making sure the cord went behind me so I could get to it. Ran a length of rope under the chair. Tied my ankles tightly. Pulled the other end so that my feet were brought under the chair, heels pulled way up. I tied off the rope on the back of the chair. The back of the chair has seven poles going up down inside of the frame.

I knotted a white scarf and cleave-gagged myself. Very tight, the know inside of my mouth, past my teeth. I took another white scarf and made an over-the-mouth-gag. Mad the knots tight so that it pushed against my face, causing my cheeks to be squeezed.

I then cuffed one wrist and placed the headphones in my lap. I took one last, white scarf and blindfolded myself. Then I placed the headphones on. The volume was loud enough that I couldn’t hear anything else.

The back of the chair isn’t high, I was able to move my arms so that they over the back of the chair. It took me a couple of tires, but I was able to work the cuffs between the chair poles. Finally cuffed. The position f***ed my chest to be thrust out some. Lastly, I groped for and found the butterfly’s control and turned it on to the max setting, causing me to stiffen up and moan a little.

I sat there, listening to the sounds of gagged women moaning and whimpering. Being spanked. Harsh words from men and women, punishing their slaves, having sex with them. Listening to pleading and begs, of girls like me asking to be let go right before the gag is inserted, harsh slaps, whips, loud hums, orgasms…

I pretended that I had been k**napped, f***ed to listen, completely gagged, no vision, the only sound of the pleasures and pain of girls, pretending that my captor wanted me to hear this while bound, gagged and blindfolded…to know what would be in store for me. To make me anticipate what might happen. That my captor would unlock the door, for anyone to find me, to use me…in the ways that my imagination told me as I listened to the movie.

I found myself squirming and resisting hard. I was begging into the gag, but I had no idea how loud I was. I yelled for help. I moaned, listening to the girls moan in my ear…whimpered when a strong voice called me a slut in my ears. Getting very wet, the butterfly working me over.

My tiny hands would clench and unclench with each feelings of pleasure. I moved my ass around, twisting my chest. Whipping my head back and forth. No real words. Just noises…moans, whimpers, grunts, deep breathing…

Would it be the tall guy across the hall? The big black guy on the other end? The cute, latina lesbian next door? Would they hear me? Would they open my door? Would they take advantage of me?

I wouldn’t know until it happened. Couldn’t see or hear. Imagining the feel of hands on my blouse, ripping it off. Breasts being groped. Mouth and teeth on my nipples. f***e a hand between my legs, pulling off the butterfly, using their own fingers. Undoing my legs so that I could be licked, bitten, eaten. Or to be fucked mercilessly in the chair… Would I resist? Would I even try? Or would I beg them through the gag…please do me, pleasepleasepleasedomedomedome!

I came very hard. Then I just sat there. Wondering if I was loud enough. Would someone get the hint and come in? No such luck. Or was it good luck? Don’t know.

I was very tired when I was done. It took me a little while to get undone. Cleaned up and locked the door. I could tell it was over 30 minutes, the movie had repeated.

Perhaps I should just have the door wide open next time. ;)
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4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
sexy story..
should try this myself
maybe put a note on your clothes for who finds you
4 years ago
Your neighbours are perhaps shy, so an open door seems the logical next step in the conquest of your happiness. Wish I would have a hot neighbour like that ;)P
4 years ago
gr8 storie wish i was there ;D
4 years ago
You babe need an evening with me! I would do everything you would like, take control of you and make you orgasm, have just finished a long bike ride which releases endorphins which is good for sex just like the spanking I will give you girl!