Self Punishment at Work

Finally! I was able to get some time at work to take some punishment. Usual outfit: white blouse, tan skirt, and wore black panties and short heels. And…I snuck a wooden spoon in. It was to get it into work, not so easy to take it with me to the ladies room (held it in folded arms).

I went into a stall, there were still a couple of women there. So, I sat down, kept my legs pressed together, put the handle of the spoon in mouth, then put my hands behind my back and crossed them at my wrists. I was sitting very straight. It seemed like it took forever for them to leave. It was very hard not to drool…

I was able to stand up after they left. The spoon was still in my mouth when I started to pull up my skirt. I took the spoon out and gently kissed it. I leaned a little bit forward. Rubbed my left cheek with it, giving myself goosebumps.

The smack was very loud to me. Even louder was the “oh!” coming out of my mouth. It stung, very sharp pain. It seemed to flow out. After each smack, I moaned a little, clenched my free hand, laid my head on my forearm, against the wall of the stall. By the tenth smack, I was biting my lip and it was really hurting.

Then I went to work on my right cheek, switching hands. This time, I was a little more vocal. “Thank you.” “May I have another?” “I’m a bad girl, punish me.” All things that made me a little more horny and wet. By the tenth smack, I was sucking on my fingers, moaning.

I put the spoon back in my mouth, crossed my wrists behind my back and stood facing the stall door. Almost drooled over myself again. Once the stinging went to a spreading warmth, I pushed my skirt back down. My pantied have been wet every since.

I am writing this at 6:40pm. I punished myself at 4:30pm. I’m very, very, very distracted at the moment. 
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4 years ago
very sexy little story, please expand on it.
4 years ago
you are a naughty girl.