Real Self Bondage at Work!

Ok, so yesterday, I did pretend bondage in the workplace. Today was different. Hose, heels, black skirt this time, and a white blouse, sleeves rolled up. I went to the restroom around 1:30pm to do my little thing.

Originally, I was only going to bring one pair of quick-release cuffs and some packaging for my mouth, but I also brought with me a pair of soft ankle cuffs. It was easy, have a big purse. First thing I did after sitting down was to cuff my ankles, soft and tight on my ankles, feet were only two inches away from each other.

Next, I had some unrolled gauze. I have a small mouth so it’s easy to pack. Pushed it past my teeth. Couldn’t close my mouth. I wanted to use something to cover my mouth, but was too nervous to use tape or a bandana (mebbe next time). Plus was worried about marks.

I unrolled my sleeves and buttoned the cuffs. Slapped one cuff on my left wrist, made as tight as possible over the shirt cuffs (trying to avoid marks). Then put my wrists behind me and cuffed my other wrist. Then someone came in, I wasn’t worried, I was at the far end, plus I wasn’t moving around or making noise yet. Still, it was a little bit of a thrill!

After she left, I started squirming on the toilet seat. I pulled at my cuffs and whimpered softly. I tried pulling my legs apart, no luck. I leaned forward, struggling. I was pretending that I had been k**napped, placed in the stall, waiting for the door to open by someone who wanted to do me…

I stood up and leaned against one side of the stall and tried to bring my hands to my side. And forgetting where I was for a moment, I pulled real hard on the wrist cuffs, straining and looking up and muffled, “Help!” through the gauze. I writhed against the door for a little while, ummphhing and whimpering.

After a little while, the gauze was getting nasty. I undid my cuffs and spat the gauze into the toilet. Mouth felt like it was dried out and had a nasty taste. But after cleaning up, I still had to wait a couple of minutes; I was really flushed and very wet. All told it was about ten minutes from beginning to end. Had a smile for the rest of the day!
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2 years ago
very nice story
4 years ago
love to hear more about your self bondage in the workplace