Pretend Self-Bondage (not a story, what I did toda

Today, while at work, had a strong desire to be bound and gagged. I was sitting at my desk, and the urge to be tied to my chair was pretty overwhelming, not even sure what caused it. Ok, because I know some of you will ask, here’s what I was wearing today: short-sleeved white blouse, knee length tan skirt, hose and heels (modest not stiletto).

Obviously, I couldn’t just bind and gag myself in the office. I had to be more subtle. So, first, I hooked my feet under one of the extentions of the chair that that the rollers were on. I clasped my legs together tightly, as if bound at the ankles and knees, to the chair.

Next, I sat very straight in the chair, my back against the chair, as if my chest were bound to the back of the chair. I brought my wrists behind the back, and crossed them, again, as if bound behind the chair. This thrust my chest out some. Lastly, I clamped my lips shut and turned them inward, as if I were tape gagged.

I was like this for just a few minutes. I was excited because I could hear my coworkers outside of my desk-cubicle. While I could “free” myself at any moment, it was a little bit of a thrill, thinking “what if…”

I moved my shoulders some, as if trying to get free. It’s a little loud in my office so I got away with a couple of small mmmpphh’s. I did this for about five minutes, I think? Anyway, felt very warm and a little wet for the rest of the day.

So, I was thinking…how many of you would like me to take to work with me some simple cuffs and something to shove in my mouth like a hankerchief. Then I would go to the women’s room, get an empty stall and actually bind and gag myself for a few minutes.

Would you all like that?
73% (8/3)
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4 years ago
i like that
4 years ago
i like that
4 years ago
im with crzs, keep me informed
4 years ago
A perfect invitation for your next episode.
4 years ago
try it out and let us know how it turns out