Suzy & Mr MacDonald by Scotty

'Miss Green, is Suzy here yet?'
'Yes Mr MacDonald, will I show her in?'
'Yes please, and you can head off for an early lunch, take your time as well. I feel she needs to feel some proper discipline and it could get unpleasant.'
You walk in, and you look just stunning in the regulation St. Horny-Fuckers uniform, loose shirt, tie, tartan mini-skirt, black seamed stockings and knee boots. Your hair is tied in two pony-tails and your black bra is clearly visible, holding its sweet cargo. My cock's already throbbing.
'Sit down Suzy, I think you know why you're here.'
'No sir, I don't sir.'
'I've had a number of complaints from teaching staff about your attitude, you've become a real brazen hussy over the past year, a cock tease for want of a better phrase. It's a traditional uniform, to be worn with pride, not for getting my teaching staff so horny they couldn't even take plasticene class. From now on, you've to wear a longer skirt and blazer around school, but for my private lessons, you dress exactly as you are now. Is that clear?'
'Mmm......yes sir.'
'You see, I really think you would benefit from my personal tuition. You’re coming up for 18 years of age, and you need some hard lessons. Now stand up and bend over my desk, pull your skirt up. I'm afraid your insolence from earlier will have to be punished. This will hurt me more than it hurts you.'
I walk over to my cupboard to pick up my cane, my rigid cock is so obvious and your eyes follow my crotch round the room.
I lift your miniskirt to reveal black lacy panties....I grab both cheeks of your ass....I can't help myself.....they look so firm and fucking hell.....they are.
'I'm going to dispense with the cane, but you will have to receive something even stiffer.....'
I begin to rub my bulging cock up against your arse cheeks. I hear you moan as you move your backside against my crotch. That's all the encouragement I need to undress, locking the door as I throw my clothes to one side.
I rub my cock over your cheeks and begin to rub your clit through your panties.
'Open wide for teacher.....'
You spread your legs wide and I slip my fingers into your wet cunt. It feels so hot and tight. You moan in pleasure and you push your pussy down on my hand in time with my movement. I run my hand up your stockinged and booted leg, it feels so smooth. I'll want these wrapped round my neck later on.
'Take your panties off, time for 7 of the best'
I take them off for you, and slide my 7 inches into your cunt.
'Mmmmm.....sir.......fuck me hard......I'm a bad, bad girl'
That's exactly what you get, a hard, manic fucking, my full balls slapping against your ass.
'Take your shirt off now you dirrrrty cum slut bitch'
You remove your shirt to reveal a matching bra and suspender belt, you really know how to tease cock.
'Get down on your knees and suck teacher's cock'
You kneel down and give my shaft a slow wank before wrapping your lips and tongue round my helmet. I feel the back of your throat. You play with my balls as I fuck your mouth, slowly to begin with. I grab your pony tails and move your head in time with my thrusting. It looks and feels so fucking good. You get A+ for Oral Interpretation.
'Now sit back on the desk and show me your pussy. Get those legs wrapped round my neck like the bad girl you are.'
'Yes sir.......fuck my sweet cunt', you moan.
'Talking dirty will only get a bigger fucking.'
I slide my cock back in and fuck you senseless. You're lying back on my desk with your boots wrapped round my neck. Fucking hell, this feels so good. It's not long before I feel like I'm about to shoot my load and I slide my cock out.
'Wank my cock with your fuck me boots, I want to cum over them'
You play with my cock with your stiletto heels and begin to wank my shaft.
Aaaaggh......I cum over the tops of your boots and your nylons and you rub the excess into your pussy. You grab hold of my cock again and suck me dry and hard again.
'Time for teacher to make Suzy cum'
I take your bra off and suck your tits as I slide my cock back in to your hot cunt. You'll cum alright, don't you worry about that.
I rub your clit as I fuck you and after a few minutes of that, you scream out.....
Your pussy tightens round my cock and you arch your back in pleasure, groaning, screaming.
I want to cum again so I climb on the desk and fuck your tits till my cum explodes on to your chin and mouth. Ecstasy.
We're both knackered but I can't resist sucking your beautiful tits before you leave.
'Ok Suzy, I hope I've made myself clear. You’re headmaster's bitch and my bitch only. Now run along and lick my cum off your face. I'll see you for detention at 3.30, understand?'
'Oh yes sir.'
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2 years ago
Great story..very fucking cool.
3 years ago
Hmmm! Is this a 'story'....or a fantasy? :)
3 years ago
Glad you chose that one, had a ball writing it x
3 years ago
Continues to fuel my fantasies of what i would love to do to you Suzy!!!!! What i would do to have your slender thighs around my neck!!!!!!!!!!!!
3 years ago
Love the sexy story Suzy, one of my favourite fantasies as well.

Would love to see you in that outfit.
3 years ago
loved that Suzy-so hot-perfectly dressed,absolutely perfect!
3 years ago
Excellent, the proper use of a young cunt, train her well before you farm her out for general use.
3 years ago
very good