Master & Maid Use Suzy

Suzy sat in the drawing room her petticoats in ice blue and chiffon white lace underneath Beautiful black stockings and sling backs in shiny black leather ooohhh the fragrance and beautiful design showing her reinf***ed heel and peep toes showing the blackness of her toes..He wanted her the moment he laid eyes on his dungeon slut...Black silk gloves held her champagne the maid Sonia had provided as Suzy licked her lips as a beautiful insatiable slut seeing the two of them her Master and his chauffeur and man servant enter the drawing room. Master spoke to Evans to entertain his Lady while he changed into his black leathers while holding Suzy's hand to his lips and seductively kissed her hand and knelt before her...caressing her gorgeous petticoats...ooohhh the material ..Master loved to touch her nylon satin and leather just the touch would make his cock he was spoiled in sexual lust by a handmaiden maid as he was growing up and she would dressed up for him and let him fuck her, and suckle her as she would sneak into his room in excitement to let him play with her almost every night.
Kneeling before her masters eyes were full of love, passion and desire...Suzy smiled again as she knew what these two gentleman wanted..Evans was behind her as master kissed her lips and sucked her delicious hot tongue ..tasting her as Evans placed his hands to her top and rubbed her breasts under her 50's petticoat dress..Master stroked her stocking legs the gorgeous blackness of her silks...stroking her and getting closer to her new slingback shoes...Master you seem to like my new shoes ..YOU are blushing wanting to remove my shoe and sniff and see my stockinged feet in black and reinf***ed toes.Master removed her shoe as Evans kissed her beautiful neck and told her how wonderful it was to see her again...She stroked Evans face with her satin black gloves and caressed him as he placed her breasts outside of her gorgeous black bra her...... dress lowered enough now to see Suzy's tits..he suckled her neck as she moaned and liked Masters instructed manservant in service now for her as he was excellent at heating her up for her MASTER...
Master quickly showered and prepared his leathers on the bed...trousers and shirt in black smelling of beautiful of leather fragrance and his black boots Evans had just polished that morning...Master knew Evans would keep his slut warm downstairs and took 10 minutes in silence, passion and delicious erotic scent and fondled the slingback shoe that he had taken from Suzy in black and rose to his nose.. her foot fragrance ...the sweetness and the delicious knowledge that she knew his secret passion..He rubbed his cock with her leather...probing the openings front and back and slipping his cock inside, to think of his dungeon slut putting those slingbacks on and dressing to visit...master could never resist in m*****ing them, loving their scent and sniffing them Master pumped her leather shoe and was so hard in filthy ness of mind to get back downstairs and share her with his manservant and tonight also his maid...The chauffeur Evans had released his throbbing cock and Suzy was stroking him...hands still in her black gloves as Master reentered the room...sniffing her shoe to his nose and licking the leather with his tongue... My lady I see you and Evans shall continue your lusting as he loves to keep you hot for me..see how hard his cock is as I know he masturbates and sniffs the clothes you have left from previous visits and so do I...When i miss you I go to the wardrobe here in the house for you and smell your gorgeous fragrance from your lingerie and jerk myself off...such a beautiful beautiful feeling to miss someone so beautifully and that much and then release in erotic passion...
Evans drew his cock closer to Suzy's mouth while Master watched...squeezing his huge balls and suckling his cock head he then disappeared under her petticoats..
The fragrances under Suzy's dress and petticoats is indescribable...such sweetness, softness..the silks and chiffon and satin devouring master's mind ...floating in the darkness of lust and her allowance to adore her as he crept closer to her stocking tops kissing them and stroking her black silk legs...mmmMM She sucked Evan's cock so ...mmmm the softness of her glove bringing his breathing higher into lust breathing as Master spread her gorgeous legs to see her panty's...mmmmmmMmM so silky and fragrant and satin and getting moist and wet...ooohhhh fuck to hear her lips suckling the servant's cock ...her moaning as masters breath was hot and on top of her panty's ooohhhh Master could feel her pussy swelling into beautiful lust as he kissed her black satins..MMmMM they were getting really wet. She starting to drip as she let Evans cummmmm in streams ....pulsing and spurting on her gloved hand ...mmmm Evans have you been saving your cummmmm for me ...such a lot and such spurting, maybe my Master and I have spoiled you...your balls so full and thinking of me and jerking off when I am not here...MmMMm You dirty manservant i love being filthy in my absence and cummming for me and sniffing my clothes and stockings Master rubbed her pussy through her delicious black satin panty's and fondled her black silk suspender belt ...He loved her stocking clasps mMMms o erotic ...if he could slide his cock in that little clasp hole, from her under garments as he spread her even wider and ripped her nude pantyhose to expose her wet pussy and delicious hot ass....Master licked her and bit her ass cheeks ,...delirious in Suzy's scents of lingerie She loved to be taken, handled and shared.ooohhh YES Master she moaned as he slid in a beautiful ass plug filling her darkness hole sliding in and out until she allowed the full lengh to enter and slide into her she loved it ...her ass full and pussy starting to drip in excitement of her master lips so close ,hot and his beautiful Master tongue about to touch her clit ..Evans withdrew from the room to shower after cummmming but his balls were filling again by the second....... watching his master moving under her dress and gorgeous white lace chifon petticoats and Suzy gasping in fucking lust ...her ass full with delicious vibrating rubber and master making her wait in excitement and anticipation of his lips ....finally in hotness ....nibbling her hot steaming pussy oooohhhhh fuck!!!!! he moaned as he placed her hood in his mouth and sucked...mmmmm what a good sucker he was...A Master pussy sucker ...a filthy man...a horny man....ooohh she loved his filthy mind and his sharing of her with the house staff With his fingers he spread her pussy wide and licked and sucked and entered two fingers...MmMmmM her cunt was opening for his taking and her pussy lips swelling on his tongue and mouth...he fucked her with his fingers as Sonia the maid entered the room with Master's bondage suitcase and smiled so erotically at Suzy and drew near to her....Pulsing her dark bottom with the dildo and fingering her and sucking her pussy..Sonia had been instructed to show Master's Lady how happy Sonia was to see her visiting...She drew closer and opened the bondage case and placed Suzy's neck collar and leading chain around her neck...kissed her and nipple clamped her but not before sucking her MmMmMM The staff was going to share her tonight Master , Evans again and now Sonia the maid ...ooooohhhhh She was dripping now into Master waiting hot mouth...mmMmMm her jizz so thick HOT and WET ooohhh he could suck her pussy for hours as she was so excited of being home she had her first beautiful cummmmm and he drank all of her lusts.... her pussy steaming in lusts to cummmmm and filled his mouth with her He could not suckle and eat fast enough as she came and came ....nipples clamped and now french kissing with Sonia's hot sucking tongue in her mouth and playing with Sonia's breasts..his fingers plunging her pussy to the complete end of her first cummmm while Suzy fingered and rubbed Sonia's pussy mmmm She was getting so wet also Sonia tied her beautiful lesbian lover ..her Lady her Queen with the ropes from the dungeon case...TIED HER BEAUTIFULLY IN RESTRICTION and slapped her ass cheeks ...feet ...thighs and hands now all tied..Suzy moaning...not in pain ....but in LUST as She ooohhhed and awwwwwed with every slap of Sonia's bondage hand...mmmMm My Lady...I have missed you and my pussy drips in thoughts of you when you are not here... we masturbate and cummmm for you in your absence.
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3 years ago
kinky. i like it. ;)
3 years ago
Mmmm and I masturbate as I read your hot words
3 years ago
very hot sexy. totally awesome
3 years ago
Outstanding. Author Author
4 years ago
4 years ago
Very sexy lover...We must masturbate together. Please. xxxxx