Jewels letters

i want you my elegant doll.

take pics that indicate to my total princess how she will be on a leash. You are to imagine sitting at a café with me. You are leashed even though we are out in public and it is drawing attention from people. It doesn’t matter. You are mine. I am in this dress you see in the pics and there are a lot of men at the café, older men, and I make eye contact with them and then slowly uncross my legs, open them, spread them, just long enough to reveal I have no panties and am totally shaven. I wait for a man to approach and of course it doesn’t take long. He comes for me but I offer him you. I say without beating around the bush – I have this slut here and you can have her if you want. She’ll suck your cock in the bathroom and then you bring her back on her leash. He asks “how much”. I say, “oh just have her. She is totally loose. She does it just for me, not for money”. He is intrigued and leads you to the bathroom. I wait there awhile and soon he is leading you back by your leash to me. He tells me “god she really is a hungry slut. I shot a huge load on her face and she refused to wipe it off. She wanted to show her mistress.” Indeed you have a lot of sperm very visible on your face. Everyone can see what you’ve just done. And it makes me proud, it is very thick and white. I think the man is proud of it too. He thanks me and leaves. We repeat this process a few more times. Then I take you home to my owner with a good report and maybe you’ll be allowed to masturbate yourself for relief.

i caress your nylons



my dear your vid is superb and you may post it if you wish. but it is good that you asked permission because anything i give you is for your eyes only unless stated otherwise. but you have given me an idea with this vid of yours. its super pretty but it leaves one longing for more, like it is just an advertisement. i want full body. you can exclude your face if you want by wearing a mask or having the camera only under your face. but i want to see your body because i want you completely dressed, from head to toe, for your mistress jewels. dress in the way i want you when i take you to whore. starting from the top,i will lead you on a leash (see pics) for which you will need to have a collar. please by a collar for yourself, or a thick choker, something i can attach a leash to. then, a corset, preferably one that doesn't cover your breasts but displays them, you know, holds them there so men and women can come grab them and squeeze and test them like fruits in a market. long gloves, likes those you wear in the vid you sent, panties, stockings, garters, and very very high but elegant heels. when you begin your video please also be wearing a very short skirt and perhaps jacket because i intend to walk you on your leash IN PUBLIC, into the hotel, and i don't want to get arrested. this is how i think of you dressed as i lead you to a penthouse at the top of a fancy hotel where you will be fed to waiting clients. when we arrive the room is full of both men and women, fancily dressed. i walk you to a small stage where there is a piano for small private recitals. you of course aren't expected to play. you stand facing your audience and i slowly remove your jacket, revealing your beautiful heavy breasts. i stand behind you so you feel alone and exposed. i then slowly remove your skirt. i take these items with me and leave the stage, sitting on a sofa in the back of the room. your job now is to masturbate yourself, in these pretty gloves, dancing slowly, eventually removing your panties in a provocative way and showing everyone your puss. i want a good look at it close up in the vid you make. show me how you dance for your customers and how you bring yourself to orgasm all for your mistress jewels. after you are totally soaked i'll lead you by your leash again, lay you across the piano bench and then men will come, put their cocks in and on you, two or three at a time. of course i don't expect you to put THAT in your vid unless you feel especially daring. but show me how you'd masturbate all dressed up for a crowd of admirers. that would be lovely.

my dear, if i recall correctly you have an assignment to do. meanwhile, since you have not been prompt, you have earned yourself a punishment. if only i was there to whip you... you are happy i am not. take this pic i have attached. print it out. go to your bedroom and bend yourself over teh bed with the pic in your line of vision. stand, bent over, and masturbate, from time to time kissing the pic in your favorite place on my body (tell me, which place you chose?) and asking me please please please may i come mistress jewels? get very very close to orgasm.

but mistress jewels says no. only when you are VERY close, stop yourself. go get a belt like the pink belt you see around my waist. leather is preferable. if i was there i would belt your white ass. since i am not you must do it for me. you can whip yourself rather well by holding the belt in your right hand and swinging it in front of you so it ends up hitting your left ass cheek with a good thwack. give yourself three lashes on the left cheek and each time say "thank you mistress jewels". you must say the whole phrase each time. no cheating. then repeat on the right side. once you have thoroughly marked each butt cheek (a minimum of three lashes) you must take a picture of yourself bent over the bed with the belt and the red ass. it will be very pretty i am sure. of course your ass should be bare for this, and so should the rest of you. please where only very slutty heels.

now that your ass is red you may go back to masturbating and kissing my body. please think that i am standing behind you with the belt ready to whip again and so you must whisper "please mistress jewels please mistress jewels" to be allowed to continue. when you are finally in orgasm you MUST say "thank you mistress jewels" while you are coming.

do this and write to me a detailed report with pictures of the process and perhaps you can continue to serve me. but so far it seems you are being a bit lackadaisical.

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Ohhh yes I HAVE xxxxxx
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Have you behaved, Suzy?