Girls Weekend

I hoped the girls days at the beach would be memorable, and that it was. Beach bar and grill, awesome music, sea breeze and plenty of liquor for everyone and I had a dinner date! We’d talked about the sex we were going to have on the beach and I had been anticipating it all week. The girls all knew it and teased me unmercifully. I was way past ready for some rough action. He was suppose to be there by 7, so by 9 o’clock I knew he wasn’t coming. I sat there getting madder and madder about him standing me up. My drinking increased and I was already feeling a bit tipsy.
The night picked up a lot after dinner. A lot more people coming in and hanging out. A table full of guys kept whistling and saying things and for the most part we ignored them. Eventually one came over and made some small talk and began flirting with us all. It was pretty obvious he was interested in the youngest one of us there. After about an hour we decided to move on to the sports bar. So I told him to meet us there if he wanted to.
We left and parked the truck at the motel. No sense d***k driving when we had a room there. By the time we got to the bar he was there with a buddy. It really surprised me that he zoomed in on me at the new bar. His friend immediately started chatting with the other three girls while Jamie kept trying to pull me out to the dance floor. A slow song started playing so I finally gave in and went and danced with him. Right off the bat he pulled me close enough to be a second skin and let his hands roam. He was just a bit taller than my 6’, athletically built and firm in all the right areas. I hadn’t danced in years so I was a bit nervous considering I was already half d***k.
I put a halt to some of his play, But for the most part it just felt good. He started kissing me and I was getting light headed. I pushed him away and went to the table for a break and another drink. He came over and sat for awhile, then went to ask others to dance. I just sat laughing, because he may have looked great but he couldn’t dance worth a shit. Sadly he didn’t seem to care either. When I was about halfway done with my beer he came back to the table, Leaned in close and started running hand along my thigh. He knew he was getting to me and just kept smiling. The girls were all laughing at his horseplay and I found it kind of cute. His buddy Adam sat next to my chair and Jamie sat on my other side. When Jamie went to get drinks for us I chatted with Adam. It turned out that they were both a part of a group of NISA agents there for training. Adam was the main focus with several of the single girls in the group. They were throwing off vibes that he chose to ignore. Jamie came back and once again wanted to dance. At this point, I knew I was going to fuck Jamie, He was just what my ego and body needed. I asked Adam what he was doing there since he didn’t seem to be even remotely interested in being there. He explained that he was happily married and was there as Jamie’s wing man. I took Jamies hand, stood up and leaned over to Adam and said :Go home, I got him covered” then went dancing again.
He seemed to prefer dirty dancing, After being married for 25 yrs I was more than a bit rusty at that. We got the rhythm going though. As it became more obvious that I wasn’t refusing his advances he started kissing and whispering things. Very nice teasing kisses that finally had me grabbing his head for more. Fucker knew just what he was doing to. While I was demanding more his hands were everywhere. He began whispering things like “ you know it would only be for tonight “ I replied that I was good with that ! I wasn’t looking for anything more than him at that point. In between kisses he kept telling me he liked it rough. and I finally just told him to shut up and prove it. He had my skin on fire and my bl**d sizzling. I was more than ready and damn near let him take me right there.
I was backing up off the dance floor when he pushed me against the wall and started kissing more. His hands on my waist, skimming my chest and finally settling on my ass where he tried to pull my mini skirt up. I knew right then that we had to go. I grabbed his hand and walked to the table. I threw my room key to the girls and told them not to wait up.
His motel was right next to mine so we walked there. While we were walking he kept calling me Tammy…not my name btw. I finally stopped him and told him that if he called me by another name while we were fucking that I would get off him and leave. So he finally started repeating my name like a mantra. It was really cute ! He finally stopped and asked me what my ex called me while we were fucking. I just looked at him and asked if he really wanted to go there right then. Apparently he did not because he dropped it.
We barely got through his door before it got steamy again. He didn’t lie he liked it rough, and I was happy to take everything he dished out and then some. Every new position, every new request was met with enthusiasm, I held nothing back and gave in to every request except one. He wanted to cum in my mouth. Not something I normally do, however I told him that he could, if he could make me scream. It was definitely marathon sex! Every which way and no holes barred. He had me close to screaming several times before I finally decided to just take what I needed and straddled him. My hands digging into his chest, his hands grabbing my ass, I rode him rough. I was close to coming several times and then he’d start talking about what else he wanted. I finally leaned down, my chest almost in his face and put my hand across his mouth and told him to shut the fuck up. His eyes literally bugged out but he just laid there getting harder and harder.
After I came hard from riding him, he literally threw me down on the bed and pounded me hard and finished by painting my belly with his cum.
He finally moved first and went to the bathroom. While he was cleaning up I wrote a note saying … When you want to know who you fucked last night and tucked it into the wallet with his badge. He came out of the bathroom and I went in. After I came out and started dressing he suddenly talking about me staying the night that he’d wake me up at 5 when he left. I smiled, gave him a kiss and told him I was good. I put my shoes on and was gathering my things when he started talking about how often he’s back there. I was secretly laughing in my head about the comment earlier regarding it only being tonight…lol I got home the next day and found out I had a new website member who has a totally bogus name. I believe it’s him. Just as I believe we will meet up again. I can’t believe a man like him would easily accept loosing a challenge.

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2 years ago
Great story, thanks, Suzie