The end ,or the begining?

With my breast in each of his hands,he took i thin piece of cotton and looped it between the rings ,thread then fell between and down to my pussy ring which was in my enlarged clit.He then threaded the cotton into this.I awaited the shear pleasure that was to ensue.He looked into my eyes which by now smiled with utter pleasure for him,he kissed my lips and traced his finger around my mouth,pushing his finger into mu open mouth,i sucked it as if i had had his cock in my mouth ,his mouth bit my neck,gently at first then woith more pressure as his bite got more vigarous he held on to the cooten which dangled from my breast and started to tug ,all the pressure points felt like electricity going through my body,i yelped with pleasure and pain i so wanted him,i wanted him to fuck my so hard,
He touched my nipples,kissed my nipples,then bit my nipples,his hand went down to my wet throbbing pussy,pushe two fingers in me and started to fuck me with them,i lie on my back legs up and open wide,then the fourth finge went in and the knuckles ,he was fisting me,my pussy gushed with pleasure,i could hear the wetness squirt from me ,he continue to fist me,hard and harder. I held my legs open waiting for his cock,i could see it hard and waiting to be sucked.
I wanted him so bad i wanted his body next to mine,i wanted to feel his skin moving on my body.........
He beckoned my up and he lie on his back ,"sit on me baby",i straddled him ,but he whispered "no" ,up here on my face ,i want to taste you baby.
I smiled as i lowered myself on to his open mouth,his tongue licked my wet pussy the he let it slip into my gushing pussy,fucking my with his tongue i let out a low moan as i came in his mouth.His fingers reached up and he rubbed my clit into a gushing flow of wetness...."baby",he said "suck my cock".....i turned my body so my pussy was still near his mouth and i lie on his body and took his hard pulsating cock into my mouth,i sucked it in deeply until it reached my throat,i did not gag i wanted all of him,My tongue licked his balls and ran down by his arse,flicking my tongue to make him moan with pleasure,my mouth moved faster and i sucked him in as deep as i could,up and down my mouth went,he started to move himself,simulating fucking into my mouth he slapped my arse and as i yelped he erupted in my mouth cumming so much it dribbled from my mouth and on to him.He told me to lick it all and not to stop until it was gone ,this i did with pleasure.......

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3 years ago
yet again my cock nearly blew apart when i are just one horny, dirty whore...can't get enough of you. xxxx
3 years ago
Oooooh! I can feel it now.