I could feel his breath on my body,as his fingers delved into my open wet pussy,i could hear my juices slopping as his hand moved faster ,he f***ed my legs open wider,with my back still against the opening of the cold fridge.He moved my wetness all over my pussy then started to slap my pussy and as he did so my juices flicked all over his hand and arm,even on one occasion as i gushed juices flicked up to my face....."ohhh,," he said slapping my pussy faster.
He grabbed my wrist and beckoned me to the floor,the ligh from the refidgerator made my body look soft and warm,the coldness didnt bother me as the hot body infront of me was shown to me for the first time as he took my blindfold from my eyes.He held my face in his hands and kissed me tenderly at first on my open lips ,his tongue traced my lips and he let his tongue delve into my mouth ,kissing me harder and breathing in deeper,im sure i could hear my heart beat,i wanted him so badly.
He lay me back on the wooden floor,telling me to close my eyes,i did i trusted him i knew whatever was about to happen would be done with care and tenderness,i was so horny i would let him do anything to me.He held my knees and bought them up till my feet were flat on the floor,then opend my knees until they touched the floor ,opening my pussy wide ,i didnt feel vunerable i was excited,wondering what he was going to do with me next,he moved stealthly ,taking something from the fridge,no sound could be heard except the low purring from the motor.........Without any warning i could feel his fingers gently opening my lips of my pussy,then a sudden coldness from something large and cold,i whispered "what is it?""you like cucumber,dont you?" i smiled,i knew he would be looking at my face,watching for any reaction.
Slowly at first he took the tip of the cucumber and pushed it into me i wriggled so as to help him get it in deeper he then started to twist it in me,i moaned with pure pleasure moving my bottom off the floor with each small thrust,he kept taking it out and rubbing it onto my clit ,this just made my pussy gush more and more.He made me open my eyes...he said"i have many pleasures for you.................To be continued

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3 years ago
Great story you had me hooked with every word x
3 years ago
Wow how horny do I feel now. X
3 years ago
still you tease us, lol..loving every second. xx
3 years ago
Await the next installment with anticipation and cock in hand.xxx
3 years ago
Sexy SuzieKay...What a tale! Fabulous!