The touch

It wasnt long and the taxi stopped,we couldnt keep our hands off eachother in the cab,his finger penetrated my pussy and he f***ed his fingers up hard,im really surprised the driver didnt just drop us off!Or maybe he enjoyed seeing what he could in the rear view mirror?
He grabed my hand and took my travel bag in his other hand,he hand a wild horny smile on his face as he ushered me to his doorstep,i should be hungry but i wasnt ,it was just too exciting to meet the man i had dreamt of,hunger would hold off.
Opening his front door i could smell he had been busy before my arrival,the flat was sparce but soft in appearance,nicely capturing the sunset peeking through his partially open blinds in the living room.I hear the click of the kettle in the background"coffee"! he shouted i said i would love one,i dont know he seemed to go shy once we were in his place,mind you a freshen up after that journey would be great.I will brooch the subject in a while,after all that fingering it would be nice to freshen up again..
We drank our coffee mainly in silence,didnt think it would turn akward but it had,or was it just me?i was very tiered..The silence was broken ,he got up whilst i had been day dreaming and i could hear him call that he had run a bath for me,he appoligised and had forgotten to be the gentleman..iI muttered it didnt matter as he ushered me to the cool bathroom,he left as i had entered....ill make some supper baby,he said.mmmm i uttered lovely.
In my impatience i had forgotten to pack a dressing gown,i called out my silliness to him and he arrived with a soft warm dressing gown and place it on the towle rail,have to go he said or ill burn the toast..i sighed as he left and sunk deeper into the relaxing aromatic bath.,,,,,,,,to be continued

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3 years ago
Let me soap your back.......and front
3 years ago
I came and told him he had to attend to
an emergency at home. He didn't want to leave at first. But I was very persuasive you see. After he
left,I ordered a bottle of fine wine and came into
the bath room with you. You gazed up with a smile
on your beautiful face and asked me who I was. I
told you that I would be attending to all of your
needs and wants tonight. To be continued if you