In My Dreams

It was 6am when my alarm woke me,i lay there wondering why i had to get up.I remember i had to get a coach at 7am to London.I didnt drive so the only way i could me Mr x was to travel the 5 hours or so by coach.I had layed out my clothes the night before,not sure wether to wear non crease trousers and change when i get there or wear the knee length skirt i had written about in my stories.
The weather was perfect not a cloud in the sky,my butterflies s**ttered about in that part of your tummy which fluttered when you got excited or nervous,i didnt get nervous too often and meeting my Mr x was just something ive thought about every night and day .I didnt have time to finishe my coffee when a call from the taxi firm request i go to the door as my taxi was ready to pick me up,,oh my god it was really happening!
We hadnt even spoke on the phone,we had text and spoke online but i just knew we would just jell just like our stories did,we knew eachother better than my next door neighbour did.
The couch was on time,not many at this stage of the journey,but i was sure we soon would be full the closer we got to our destination.I t wasnt too early so i thought i would give Mr x a fingers kept missing the correct buttons and even at one point sending a blank text to him !This time i would do it slower"good morning my darling " i wrote....and waited for my reply it was on 7.50am maybe he was still asl**p?or maybe he had changed his mind about meeting me?.......i put my phone down on the small table infront of me and tried no to be to would be ok he would be waiting for me ...
I stared out the window as i left Plymouth behind me,i tried to recall alll our stories ,what he liked ,what he wanted,how would he see me in the flesh,would i be a disappointment? I wasnt worried about meeting him,i could already visualize how he looked,his contours of his naked body and his aroma,i could smell that already ,i breathed in deeply and my inner body shuddered as i thought about his first touch,would he kiss me first or will i kiss him?
Then the vibration shuddered over the table as my phone came to life,i wasnt sure if i should look affraid if he changed his mind,"goodmorning my darling "it said,"i am having a shower now and waiting for my beauty to arrive","hurry baby",it said.Wow now im shaking ,hes as excited as i am................TO BE CONTINUED...

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3 years ago
oh god..need to finish this story so i can finish my wank..that's so cruel leaving me like this. xx