Silk Blouse

It wasnt white ,it was a kind of ivory colour....i was starting my new job and really wanted to make the effort for my first day in the office.Black pencil skirt ,stockings and no panties....i hated wearing them.
I hadnt had a job for two years so was a little nervous,it would be ok my boyfriend told me as he pecked me on the cheek.Yes it would be fine,they would treat me well i would think being the new girl.
I looked up as i approached the offices it was atleast thirty stories high and i hated lifts! Maybe taking the stairs wouldnt be too bad,mind you i didnt want to get too hot and leave a lingering smell on my first day .Right here goes floor 28 it said in my acceptance letter so in i stepped,i pressed the button to keep the doors open as atleast fiver other people rushed to the door. In we all were,floor by floor it stopped,luckily it soon started to empty,no one talked they were all in their own little worlds all rushing to start on the 9am starting bell....
Just three of us left now ,myself an two men ,one unshaven about my height and the other slightly taller ,smelt wonderful,smells are so important i think .
I glanced at my watch ,i was going to be late on my first day if this lift didnt speed up a little,i didnt want to be in trouble.
I could hear the lift making a sudden noise which didnt sound too good. I looked asround for a reaction from the men but nothing,maybe this always happened?I tried not to show fear as suddenly the lift ground to a sharp halt..we all fell to the ground,i banged my head on the side of the hand rail.
Everything went dark,didnt know at first if i had knocked myself out or the light had gone off ,i lay there silent waiting for someone to come to me and see if i was ok,i felt a hand on my head,"are you ok?" it was the tall man,"yes" i said ,i was ok ."What are we going to do?".It was an old lift we both got up together and i adjusted my skirt,not that it mattered no one could see me in the darkness.We felt around for the control panel as the second man suggested we press the emergency button,we had to search with our hands we couldnt see anything is was just total darkness.My breathing started to become erratic as i realised we could be here for sometime,what if no one knew the lift had stopped and we were trapped in here.There was no buzzer .why not? i thought,i felt and there was a little bow like attached to the wall,i opened it blind and felt inside ,thank god there was a phone ,i piked it up and started to shout into it ,nothing no sound on the line.
I slid down the side of the wall and sat ,we would have to wait this out,it became hotter by the minuite.I introduced mysel to the two men,atleast i wasnt alone,they seemed very friendly,the lighting returned suddenly and i breathed a sigh of relief,we would be moving soon...but nothing no motor sounded up .I think we would have to wait this one out.I put my head up looking to the small ceiling ,i was getting hotter and started to undo my first few buttond and the men removed their suit jackets.My white bra could be seen ,the lace protruded through the open buttons,and my skirt had rode up my thighs a little when i had slid down the wall earlier,i didnt care im sure they would understand that i wasnt being cheap,i was only hot.
I closed my eyes trying to count numbers as to take my mind off the fact that we could be stuck here for sometime.Nothing helped,without ant notice i could feel a hand gently brushing my hair away from my face,i didnt open my eyes i just layed back and pretended that i was asl**p.His hand touched my forhead and he could feel i was very hot,he whispered into my ear,im going to undo your blouse,is that ok?I didnt answer i thought i would just lie here atleast he cared.I could feel his fingers touching my blouse and a sharp intake of breath from him as he started to exspose my round pert breasts.I felt another hand run up my leg,it was the other man,he didnt speak at all.H hand slightly shook as he became closer to my upper thigh.he opened my legs slightly as the other man pulled my remainder of my blouse out of my skirt.Opening the rest of my silk blouse he got both hands on my breast,i breathed deeper as he held them and squeezed until i purred like a cat.
Meanwhile the other mans hand had reached the lace of my panties pushing one finger into my pussy ,i stirred and open my eyes,it was so stirring my inner muscles of my pussy that wetness started to soak through the material.
He had lifted out my breats fron the lace of my bra and his fingers squeezed each nipple independantly and the put his tongue on the errect nipples.i satrted to moan hands touching my body from every angle ,,,i moand and started to move about the lift they stood me up ,one man behind me and one infront,i said nothing i just let them discover my body,my zip released from my skirt and was pulled down to my ankles,my blouse opened wide with my breast waiting to be devoured by the gentlemans mouth.Hands moved over my body from every direction,he knelt before me and took my skirt from my feet,threw it to oneside,his hands running gentlyup the outside of my legs ,i looked down as he took each leg and opened my wide,his fingers touched my lips of my now wet pussy and he opend me to his tongue,he flicked my clit with his tongue lapping up my wetness,pushing his face into my pussy,The man behind me had both my breast in his hands,i could feep his hard cock pushing into the cheeks of my bottom...he was very hard i started to push my bottom out as to showw him i was eager to feel more.I felt him pull my panties right down my legs and the man infront take them from me,i was getting very wet,infact the jucies were starting to run down my inner thighshis hands touched my pussy and he opened me up and f***ed two fingers deep into muy pussy as the man pushe his fingers up my arse each one simultaineously fucking my arse and then my pussy,i moaned louder i wanted more,i wanted to cum.The man behind lie on the floor and beckoned me to sit on his hard throbbing cock,i didnt hesitate i wanted him ,and i started to ride him,my hips moving faster.a hand ran down my spine as i felt him over the back of me,he pushed my back forward and beckond me to lean forward over the man infront ,he then mounted my arse each man fucking me in both holes ,i yelped with shear pleasure and my pussy errupted with wetness with each stroke.they both fucked me harder,as i couldnt stop cumming ,he bit my nipples hard and i screamed with pleasure as each man came to a shudder as each cock errupted spunk into me at more or less the same time.our bodies sweaty and hot i lay still as each man softend and removed themselves from me.We caught our breaths,and started to dress as a sudden whirling noise started,the the lift started to judder as it moved ...we looked at each other and smiled,nothing was said as the lift reached its destination......
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6 months ago
I could see you being stripped, the dampness of your pussy and hear the lustful moans. Would be great to see you do that Suzie xx
1 year ago
Great story.......the lucky sods!!! X
2 years ago
stunning story
2 years ago
wonderful story, could feel each caress.. mmmmmm
3 years ago
Great one. Loved it. Thanks
3 years ago poor heart, my poor cock...they both need you so much whore. xxxxxxx
3 years ago
Going up,going down,in and out and round and round....Nice one sexy SuzieKay
3 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
first no panties and than you had one :D lol