guitar man

I wondered the street ,strowling down the alleyways of this dark city,not knowing where to go.It was all new to me having left my master at the hotel asl**p i though it would be good to cool down and find the magic of this unknown city.
I heard distant laughing,distant footsteps along the cobbles,i should have worn a better shoe,heals werent made for wet cobbles,It wasnt raining but the dark moonless night just made the damp cling to the stones,I had considered turning back,step quietly back into our bed but something drew me up a smaller alleyway.
I wrapped my shawl over my bare shoulders and hid my hands beneath,drew in a deep breath smelling the wonders of this foreign city,i wasnt scared ,eventhough i didnt know quiet where this road would take me,stopping halfway i took my glod lighter from my purse and lit my first cigarette of the day ,drawing it in deeply and displacing it through my nose,i loved a cigarette especialy after hot steamy sex.....i was still wet below,still my pussy twitched each time i recalled him spanking my bare bottom as i lay across his knee,he was sl**ping now so he wouldnt miss me just yet.I closed my eyes as a melody played not too far away~i serched the opened windows above couldnt see where the beautiful sound was coming from,just this haunting tune.
I say on a step and rested my feet gently rubbing my toes as the music became louder and the rythum couldnt be far away,i always wanted someone to play a song for me .silly but i would love it.
As i started to get back up the sound was drawing closer...i listend and hoped it would pass my way.i got up adjusted my silk dress and hung the shawl back over my shoulders it was a magical sound which pulled me in ,i had to see who was playing with such intensity,
Iturned a slight corner and there in the distance i could see his sillouet
the midnight temperature meant his breath was visible as he drew in the air.I stood still looking ,hoping i wasnt spotted,affraid that he would stop playing ,i leant against the stone cold wall and closed my eyes,imagining what the beautiful tune meant to me.
I kept my eyes closed eventhough the music had stopped,for somereason i didnt want to open them ,then i felt this light hand upon my naked shoulder,my eyes opened wide ...ohh he said"i hope i didnt startle you?"."are you lost?"
i told him i was fine and i was sorry that he had stopped playing ,i went to leave and he gently held me back,he placed his guitar against the cold wall and beckoned me deeper into the closed doorway.His eyes shined in the darkness as the street light orange in colour tried to light the small street.
He looked deep into my eyes,not saying a word he put his finger gently on my lips,as if to tell me no sound.My breathing became deeper as his hands touched my neck,slowly pushing my hair over my shoulders and down my back.he kissed my lips tenderly,then with passion deeper his tongue delved deeper into my mouth,i could hear my heart beat faster as his other hand traced up my back,he pulled my shawl away and exsposed my shoulders and kissed me along my neck and down my my arm.I Stood with my feet apart as his hand reached down to my bare thighs,he lifted the silk of my dress and traced aline up to my inner thigh.
I shook as his fingers traced my pussy through my lace panties,he push my panties against my pussy lips and the wetness just flowed through to his hand ,i squirmed to adjust myself,he stopped me and lifted my dess higher as he turned me around,without a word his hands came around my body and he released my breast from my bra,my nipples hitting the chilly night air just stood to attention waiting to be squeezed,as he did so i let out a small yelp as his hand shot to my mouth beckoning me to be quiet,i couldnt his squeezing became harder as with his knee he f***ed my legs wide apart.
Leaving my bare breast to the cold damp stone he lifted the back of my dress,leaning down he pulled my panties slowly down my legs to my knees....holding my hips he f***ed me to bend ,showing him the skin of my bare smooth bottom,his hand just drew circles on each cheek and suddenly he pulled away and landed his hand hared upon one cheek and then another,i yelped louder this time i couldnt hold back,it stung as he kissed both cheeks and traced his tongue down to my wet open pussy.His tongue burried deeper and my wetness flowed on to his tongue.he pushed tow fingers deep into me slowly i couldnt stand still i just squirmed with pleasure,whimpering as he pushed into me deeper.I just want to feel his manhood in me he wouldnt let me have it just yet though,he whispered in to my ear"pee for me",i was taken a back in some ways and excitement just flowed through my body as i took in what he had said,i wasnt sure i could pee i hadnt been asked to do this before.His hand held the small of my back against the wall and he opened my legs wider ,so as to get a better view,i could feel within me that maybe yes i could pee,then i felt this very warm tricle release down my leg,i was peeing ,it turned me on to know he was watching, "go on,good girl ,pee for daddy" was awesome feeling my pee flowing down my leg.When i could pee no more he turned me suddenly,and pushed me to my knees,i looked up as he undid his trousers,letting out this sigh as he released his hard throbbing cock infront of my face,i could see the end glisten in the street light as he pulled my head towards his throbbing wet cock."open" he said as he held my head tightening his fingers into my hair he f***ed his cock deep into my throat,i didnt gag at first as it was slow,then he tighted his grip and f***ed his cock deep into my throat pushing my mouth deeper and fucking mr face as hard as he could.......fasted and much harder he fucked my,i gaged an tried to pull my mouth away ,he became ridgid and removed his cock and made me turn around on all fours"right you bitch,daddy wants your ass".without hesitation his hard throbbing cock eneterd me,i gasped in deep waiting for the pain but nothing all that happened wasme gushing my juices against the wet cobbles,you could hear it gushing down my thighs with each throbbing stroke of his cock.
He spanked me harder with each thrust.......banking me as deep as he could,i could not now control my moans,i didnt care who could hear me now this was just awesome........his body juddered as he let out a cry of utter pleasure he had thrust his hot cum in me as deep as he could.we gasped for waht seemed ages as his cock slowly slipped out.i turned to look at him exspecting atleast a look of pleasure,his eyes just slowly avioded mine as he redressed himself,picked up his guitar and walked away.,,,,,,

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3 years ago
so hot...just about to die of exhaustion with my bollocks so empty and my cock so fucking sore. xxxx
3 years ago
wonderful sensual
3 years ago
Like I said...I'm with you every step of the way.

Very hot - very sexy - very you xx
3 years ago
That was a hot tale of strangers. Love how you set the tone with the strange essence it's like three strange lovers or maybe four counting the guitar with it's mystical power on her. It's as if the city and the tune worked as a team to entice and the strange man took kit home. I feel that that set up really created a stage that was on fire once the action started...really nice. Would like to read more of your stuff.