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Truth about anal

My pussy loved to be licked and fucked,nothing better............or so I thought.
Of course during rampant sex there's been the odd slip,I'm so wet and horny his cock would jab into my arse! Omg ,it fucking hurt! Bringing tears to my eyes and this over coming feeling that I would faint.i would have to catch my breath.
Because I gush during intercourse I have a method of madness really,I have to plan my few days before a visit to the swingers club at least three days in advance,meaning I would only eat very small amounts.when I gush my whole body stiffens and all my inner build up to gush has the unfortunate possibility of gushing and emptying my arse .
So by not taking part in a few days.
The idea of having sex ,devoured my inner being.he had a way of making me gush without a word.the same regime applying with anal sex,know your all shaven and perfectly clean,........all men asked me if I loved to have them fuck my arse?
Because of my first experience of anal was a awful one the idea of allowing near me with his stiff rampant cock again ,just made me wince.
One particular day he demanded I let him have my arse. ....bath time.....shaving was a matter of a definate thing for me ,I hated hair ,and I would have to make it smooth.he made me very wet,my pussy still dripping on my .playing befor he got here to come back ,
I was dressed and ready.
He took his time this time,playing excite me and make my pussy ache,he suddenly jabbed his cock right into my pussy.i gasped aloud and there was no stopping him,instead of pain my wetness became uncontrollable ,my body shock with each stroke.he pushed me on to all fours and opened me up,he watched the markets.,so verbally our encounters were hit and miss ,but now

Posted by suziekay 2 years ago
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1 year ago
great experience!!!
1 year ago
loving it hun maybe i one day will experience the gushing x
2 years ago
Hot! Xxx
2 years ago
good girl suzie
now slowly give it him , he can take it as well
2 years ago
Sweet, a great way to go about it
2 years ago
Like the story very good. X
2 years ago
Truth about anal, indeed! :)
2 years ago
Hot story Suzie, love it :) Xx